TV Tapas: Meghan Trainor Wipes Out, Show Cancel-mageddon, and More

Singer Meghan Trainor Wipes Out During Performance ("Tonight Show")

Singer Meghan Trainor Wipes Out During Performance (“Tonight Show”)

Random Thoughts…

  • Wow, yesterday was a bloodbath with 12 different shows getting the axe. And just when I was getting into “Nashville.”
  • Which eliminated show was your fave? Let me know on Twitter: @gordonholmes
  • Fortunately for both of you “Galavant” fans, it looks like the show is going to become a stage production.
  • How about that kiss on “Grey’s Anatomy”? Didn’t see that one coming.

Breaking News…







Trending Videos…

JimmyKimmel1. ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ – It seems like Elmo has some harsh words to say during “This Week in Unnecessary Censorship.”
Scandal2. ‘Scandal’ – Liv’s big secret is finally out.
LateShow3. ‘The Late Show’ – I’m OK if Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe just make buddy films forever.

What to Watch Tonight…

AmazingRace‘The Amazing Race’ (CBS: 8pm ET) – My money is on Tyler and Korey, but this is the show where you only need to come in first once.
HawaiiFive0‘Hawaii Five-0’ (CBS: 9pm ET) – Two hours of sun-filled cop action for the season finale? Sign me up. The weather is still crappy here in Philadelphia.
Fridaythe13th‘Friday the 13th’ Marathon (Spike: All Day) – Spike TV is hosting a “Friday the 13th” marathon today. Chi-chi-chi-chi…ha-ha-ha-ha…

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