TV Tapas: Did This Reporter Just Say What We Think He Said?!

Did This Reporter Just Say What We Think He Said?! ("Late Late Show")

Did This Reporter Just Say What We Think He Said?! (“Late Late Show”)

Random Thoughts…

  • I’m not the most loyal fan of the “The Voice,” but I’ll tune into Miley Cyrus with a live mic every week.
  • “NCIS” with their “I’ve never been anybody’s everything before” was really touching. Well done.
  • Wow…the “Chicago Fire” ending…just…(head exploding noise).
  • “Survivor” finishes up its 32nd season tonight. Who’s your pick to win? My money is on Aubry.
  • Keeping these random thoughts spoiler free is tough sometimes.

Trending Videos…

DunkKing1. ‘The Dunk King’ – This is a competition to decide the best basketball dunker. Why has it taken so long for our civilization to create this show?
TonightShow2. ‘The Tonight Show – Who makes better funny faces; Jimmy Fallon or Miley Cyrus?
NCIS3. ‘NCIS’ – There wasn’t a dry eye in the house during Tony’s farewell.

What to Watch Tonight…

Survivor‘Survivor’ (CBS: 8pm ET) – Will Tai, Cydney, Michele, or Aubry take home the million-dollar check?
Empire‘Empire’ (FOX: 9pm ET) – Cookie tries to figure out the best way to protect her family in the season two finale.
Blackish‘Blackish’ (ABC: 9:30pm) – Dre falls asleep during a “Good Times” marathon and imagines his family as the iconic ’70s sitcom.

Celebs on Twitter: ‘Blindspot’ Star Jaimie Alexander

That’s all the TV Tapas for today. Be sure to check back tomorrow for a second helping. If you have any questions, please drop me a line on Twitter:[twitter_follow username=”gordonholmes” count=”false” language=”en” size=”large”]


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