TV Tapas: Cute Kid Has Harsh Words for Donald Trump, ‘Survivor’ Finale, and More

Cute Kid Has Harsh Words for Donald Trump ("The Late Show")

Cute Kid Has Harsh Words for Donald Trump (“The Late Show”)

Random Thoughts…

  • Checked out the Turner Upfronts yesterday and the William-Shakespeare-as-a-young-man drama “Will” looks like a good time despite the unoriginal name.
  • A lot of people upset with last night’s “Survivor” winner.  But it doesn’t have to be about who made bigger moves, a good social game can go a long way.
  • A marriage and a death on “Empire” last night. Gotta love finale season!
  • I still say ‘Blackish’ is the best comedy on TV today. Last night’s ’70s was another awesome feather in their cap.

Breaking News…







Trending Videos…

TonightShow1. ‘The Tonight Show’ – Jimmy Fallon cracks open the ol’ suggestion box.
Survivor2. ‘Survivor – Pop star Sia crashed the stage during the finale. Yes, seriously.
JimmyKimmel3. ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ – Jimmy Kimmel releases his personal finances in his bid for the Vice Presidential nod.

What to Watch Tonight…

Blacklist‘Blacklist’ (NBC: 9pm ET) – The season wraps up with (hopefully) the reveal of the person who’s been causing so much trouble.
GreyAnatomy‘Grey’s Anatomy’ (ABC: 8pm ET) – The season twelve finale is upon us in what should be considered ‘Grey’s’ return to prominence.
60DaysIn’60 Days In’ (A&E: 10pm) – Only three volunteers remain in prison. I still think this is the best new reality show this year.

Celebs on Twitter: ‘Last Week Tonight’ Host John Oliver

That’s all the TV Tapas for today. Be sure to check back tomorrow for a second helping. If you have any questions, please drop me a line on Twitter:[twitter_follow username=”gordonholmes” count=”false” language=”en” size=”large”]


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