TV Tapas: News Anchor’s Story Is Too Good to Be True

News Anchor's Story Is Too Good to Be Tr)ue ("The Tonight Show"

News Anchor’s Story Is Too Good to Be Tr)ue (“The Tonight Show”

Random Thoughts…

  • Here was how I watched TV on Sunday night. I tuned into WWE’s “Money in the Bank” Pay Per View from 8p-9p. Then I switched over and watched “Game of Thrones” until 10p. From there I switched over to ABC to catch the end of the NBA Championship. After that I watched the rest of the WWE Pay Per View. Finally, I watched “Silicon Valley” and “Veep.” It was a big night.
  • Speaking of “Game of Thrones,” (Spoiler Alert): How weird was it to see a villain get actual comeuppance from a person they wronged?
  • Sorry “ELeague,” I’m not ready to watch video games on TV yet.
  • The wife and I caught “Finding Dory” this weekend. I swear Pixar just exists to make me cry.

Breaking News…







Trending Videos…

GameofThrones1. ‘Game of Thrones’ – “The Battle of the Bastards” lived up to expectations.
LateShow2. ‘The Late Show’ – Stephen Colbert’s newest writer is adorable.

TonightShow3. ‘The Tonight Show’
 – Every possible dad stereotype has been crammed into this “Father’s Day Rap.”

What to Watch Tonight…

TheBachelorette‘The Bachelorette’ (ABC: 8pm ET) – Remember when this show was about finding love?
SpartanTeamChallenge‘Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge’ (NBC: 10pm ET) – Can a team of farmers complete this grueling challenge?
oddmomout‘Odd Mom Out’ (Bravo: 10pm) – This hilarious comedy is back for its second season.

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