TV Tapas: Dangerous Act Leaves ‘America’s Got Talent’ Competitor Bloody


Dangerous Act Leaves Competitor Bloody ('America's Got Talent'

Dangerous Act Leaves Competitor Bloody (‘America’s Got Talent’

Random Thoughts…

  • Caught “Ghostbusters” last night. As a mega “Ghostbusters” fan, I don’t know if I can offer an unbiased opinion. But, I definitely enjoyed it.
  • “Mr. Robot” is finally back tonight!
  • FOX ordered a pilot for an “X-Men” series. Good, I was worried there weren’t enough superhero shows on TV.
  • While walking home from the train yesterday, I saw four different groups congregated together to play “Pokemon Go.” I’ve never felt so old.
  • Binge watching anything this weekend? If so, let me know in the comments below.

Breaking News…







Trending Videos…

TonightShow1. ‘The Tonight Show’ – Jennifer Lopez and Lin-Manuel Miranda perform a touching version of “Love Make the World Go Round.”
MayaandMarty2. ‘Maya and Marty’ – Maya Rudolph and Emma Stone did a duet of Robyn’s “Tell Your Girlfriend”…and it was magical.
LateShow3. ‘The Late Show’ – Is Stephen Colbert responsible for the Cubs losing streak?

What to Watch Tonight…

AGT‘America’s Got Talent’ (NBC: 8pm ET) – Reba McEntire is joining the judging panel?! I’m in.
suits‘Suits’ (USA: 10pm ET) – Mike makes the transition to prison life in the season 6 premiere.
Greenleaf‘Greenleaf’ (OWN: 10pm) – It’s tough to get everyone in our office to agree on a show, but everyone is into “Greenleaf.”

Celebs on Twitter: ‘America’s Got Talent’ Judge Heidi Klum

That’s all the TV Tapas for today. If you have any questions, please drop me a line on Twitter:[twitter_follow username=”gordonholmes” count=”false” language=”en” size=”large”]


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