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Back in the dark days before the Internet, a local movie theater in West Lawn, PA would host an evening where they’d show all of the summer’s movie trailers. It was amazing. We’d buy popcorn and soda and just sit there and marvel at the exciting summer we had in front of us.

This summer? I don’t think we’d marvel so much.

Fortunately, the TV world has picked up the slack. So, grab your own popcorn and soda and enjoy some of these top picks…

Note: Yeah, these aren’t all Summer TV shows, but they’re still worth your time.

GameofThrones Power
 1. –“Game of Thrones”: For as long as I write this column, I will suggest you watch “Game of Thrones.” I love it that much.
 2. – “Power”: “Power” has become the hottest show this summer. People are loving it.
TheSImpsons RayDonovan
  3. – “The Simpsons” – Wow, this list is really dramatic. How about every episode of “The Simpsons” ever as a palate cleanser? 
 4. – “Ray Donovan”Liev Schreiber’s Emmy nomination is very well deserved. He owns this enthralling drama.
OrphanBlack AnimalKingdom


  5. – “Orphan Black”: Four season of amazing, mind-bending twists and turns await you if you decide to jump into this BBC America hit.  6. – “Animal Kingdom”: Ellen Barkin is great in TNT’s breakout summer drama.

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