Quick Question…

So, last Monday night at 11:59 pm ET I was in my local GameStop waiting to purchase a copy of “Dead Rising 2” for the XBox 360. GameStop holds these late-night release events for losers like me who can’t wait until the following morning to get their grubby hands on the latest release titles.

As I was in line waiting to get my copy of zombie-smashing goodness I saw a father enter with his eleven-year-old son. That struck me as peculiar, seeing as it was late on a school night. Also, the father was clearly buying the game for the tyke. If you’ll look at the graphic at the top of this post, you’ll notice “Dead Rising 2” is an “M” rated game and boasts all manner of horror and sexual themes. (Which, to be honest, is probably why I was buying it.)

So my question is this; is that guy the worst dad of all time or the coolest dad of all time?


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2 Responses to “Quick Question…”

  1. Sophie Brown Says:

    The answer to that question depends upon the age of the person answering. If they are under 18, he’s probably the coolest dad of all time, over 18 and I reckon those responses would start to shift towards worst.

  2. lisadh Says:

    Um, yeah…not so good there, Pops. But, what does that mean from me who says “yes” to City of Heroes and “no” to Halo? We all gotta find our fine line.

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