How I Jinxed the St. Louis Cardinals


I was discussing the Busch Stadium squirrel (some call him Stan the Squirrel, however I prefer the nickname “Buschy”) with a Phillies fan on Thursday. He let it be known that the Phillies’ experience with Buschy had left him hating the adorable woodland creatures. I laughed and told him he’d better hope the Cards don’t defeat the Brewers in the NLCS or there’s bound to be all manner of Squirrel Series talk.

When we finished our conversation, I hopped on Photoshop and started making my own Squirrel Series logo. I was about halfway through when I realized what I’d done.

I’d jinxed my beloved Cardinals.

I quickly deleted the logo, hoping the Gods of Baseball wouldn’t feel slighted. But, I knew we were screwed. Sure enough, the Cardinals dropped that evening’s game.

Quick Aside: I know what you’re thinking, Gods of Baseball? Cardinals fans believe in a deity they will punish fans who say things like, “My new office is cool because I’ll be able to watch the Phillies’ World Championship parades from my window.”

Fortunately for me though, the GOBs showed some mercy and allowed the Cards to advance to the World Series. But you can rest assured I waited until the final out was recorded before starting work on the new logo…

Cardinals Squirrel'd Series

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