Disney Owning ‘Star Wars’ Is Probably a Good Thing


Yesterday’s big announcement that Disney was acquiring LucasFilm has thrown all of nerddom into a bit of a tizzy. Personally, I can take or leave “Star Wars.” I enjoy the movies and culture for what they are, but have never bought into the hysteria that follows when they stamp the franchise’s logo onto a new random product.

However, some of my friends are still super huge hardcore fans. These people love “Star Wars” to the point that they have children named Luke, Leia, and Dengar. Now, child-abuse aside, some of them have greeted yesterday’s announcement with enthusiasm, while others have shown some apprehension. I thought I’d do my best to put those concerned fanboys and girls at ease with my take on why this acquisition is a good thing…

‘Star Wars’ Won’t Become More Family Friendly
One of the most prominent concerns I’ve seen is the belief that the “Star Wars” universe will become too kid friendly. I doubt that will happen. Now, you’re probably wondering how I can know this without the benefit of a plot synopsis for the upcoming movie, but trust me when I say the “Star Wars” franchise cannot get any more family friendly. From Jar Jar Binks to Lil’ Anakin to the Ewoks… that desert skiff has sailed.

The problem with the most recent “Star Wars” movies hasn’t been that they’re “too kiddy.” The problem is that they have done a terrible job of making us care about their kiddy creations. A slinky dog and a cowboy doll appeal to children, but master storytellers can make us care about them.

Which leads us to…

The Franchise Needs New Eyes
Whether you love George Lucas or you hate him, you have to admit that someone else getting a crack at one of the world’s most beloved universes is an exciting possibility. Take a poll of all of the directors working in Hollywood, and you’ll probably see that the majority of them grew up being inspired by the original trilogy. It’ll be fascinating to see which names line up to take a shot at directing this next film.  People who’ve dreamed their whole lives of bringing lightsabers and X-Wings to the big screen will finally get their shot.

And not to get into Lucas-bashing, but the franchise’s most beloved entry, “The Empire Strikes Back” is the only one that Lucas didn’t direct. (EDIT: That is incorrect, Lucas also didn’t direct “Return of the Jedi.” Thanks for the fact check, Bob Trate from Mania.com)

And finally, the most important reason to support Disney’s acquisition…

A Han Solo Action Figure Can Appear in ‘Toy Story 4’
Is anybody against this one? Didn’t think so.

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2 Responses to “Disney Owning ‘Star Wars’ Is Probably a Good Thing”

  1. Bob Says:

    He didn’t direct Jedi either…

  2. Sarah Says:

    Actually, I’m against a Toy Story 4. I’m entirely pro a Han Solo action figure being CGI’ed into one of the earlier films… so long as he shoots first.

    Valid points. I do think one of the best things about this is that a third trilogy can be made, since I know the fandom is there for it, and without Lucas, I think it stands an excellent chance of being good. (It also stands an excellent chance of being bad, but it’s not my fandom, so I can afford to be optimistic.)

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