‘Big Brother’ Power Rankings – The Devin Made Me Do It Edition


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The Rules: Each week our two combatants will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the two players will earn. For example, if Donny is voted out this week, Rachel will receive 9 points and Gordon will receive 4 points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Big Brother” Power Rankings Challenge Champion!

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Last Week: Rachel and Gordon both had Joey in spot thirteen. So, the current score is Team Rachel 13, Team Gordon 13.

Before we get into this week’s action, let’s check in with our two competitors…

Gordon Holmes: Now that we have the first elimination under our belts, how are you feeling?
Rachel Reilly: I was confused at first with how the game would play out, but now I REALLY love all the twists and changes! I love that there are two HOHs and four nominees, it really forces people to game it up! I also love the Battle of the Block competition, it’s like having a second veto in play. If you don’t win HOH you almost want to be nominated so that you have two chances to save yourself and no chance to get back doored! I would love to play in a game like this because there is basically a game-related competition every day! It also is exciting as a viewer to watch!

Holmes: We have Battles of the Block, Powers of Vetoes, and now Team Americas. “Big Brother” is so confusing!
Reilly: At first I was confused too… but I just started to look at all the opportunities and all the new gaming that people have to do and got excited!
Holmes: Any tips for me so I can stay on top of it all?
Reilly: For a “Survivor” expert like yourself, I think to understand what’s going on you have use your “Survivor” knowledge and look at the first part like that… there’s two HoHs – kinda like two tribes…four people are nominated for eviction… then the four play to win the Battle of the Block (kinda like a “Survivor” challenge the losing team has to vote someone out of their tribe, in “Big Brother” the losing team has to stay on the block). BUT unlike “Survivor” the losing team gets to play for another chance to stay in the house called Power of Veto! POV is like having an immunity idol every week but even better because there’s a new chance to win one every week!
Holmes: That’s actually a pretty solid analogy. But, I don’t quite get Team America yet.
Reilly: I don’t think any of us really know what Team America means yet… but I think once we find out it will be very fun challenges and tasks, and that will come later!

Holmes: So, the last time we saw you was in the “Amazing Race” finale. What’ve you been up to since then?
Reilly: Currently I am hosting and producing a show called “Reality Relapse” on Bite Size TV! YAY I LOVE IT! We talk about all things reality TV (my fav. subject). We cover the hottest gossip, events, red carpets, premieres, and we interview your favorite reality celebs as well as interviewing producers, cast, and everyone involved with your favorite reality TV shows! I also just was cast in two indie movies filming later this year so I’m working on my actressing skills.

Quick Note: “Big Brother” is always going on. These Rankings were handed in Monday.

Rachel’s Score = 13

Any advice for Rachel? Drop her a line on Twitter: @RachelEReilly and follow her on Instagram: @RachelEReillyVillegas

Gordon’s Score = 13

Any advice for Gordon? Drop him a line on Twitter: @gordonholmes

 1. Devin – Reigning HOH and “I’m in charge-Power HUNGRY” mentality, Devin will be the most safe this week.  The bomb squad alliance is happy he’s in power, but they are all worried that they don’t know what he’s going to do. He lets the power get to him and gushes all his feelings in house meetings and basically throws his alliance under the bus and basically calls out his alliance to the house. Therefore he’s probably going to be a target next week…or the smart houseguests would keep a target in the house! WE WILL SEE!
  1. Devin – Let’s make this clear, Devin…you are only tops on the list because you have immunity. This week has been a train wreck for you. You seem like a bit of a Russell Hantz to me where your strategic logic is sound, but your social game is a disaster. You need to take it easy and show people your less intense side. You do have a less intense side, don’t you?
 2. Hayden – Since they won Battle of the Block this week, they can’t be voted out and can still play in the next HOH! Were not always sure what Hayden is talking about but we love him and this cute budding showmance! Plus they are always smiling and haven’t let being nominated or the house bring them down.    2. Nicole – Yeah, you’re safe, but the ghost thing is weird. You’re an adult. And you’re on a sound stage. Sigh…I dunno. Maybe Zingbot can bring you a proton pack.
 3. Nicole – See Hayden.
  3. Hayden – “Big Brother” may be confusing with its many twists and turns, but at least the top three names on the Power Rankings are pretty easy to figure out.

 4. Amber – Amber is safe this week since Devin is her BFF and she lets him make all her HOH moves. She’s competitive and we all love a competitive woman, but then allows the boys to control her HOH thinking she’s in an alliance with them! She even says she just wanted to see a pic of her family. Trust us…we get it, girl…but ya came to win “Big Brother” not just win pictures of your family, RIGHT? I hope she doesn’t turn out to be the Brittney of the ‘BRO-gade’ Bomb Squad!
  4. Donny – I love me some Donny. And I’m pretty sure Devin’s group meeting will keep him from putting Donny up for eviction if Paola or Brittany manage to win their way off of the block.
 5. Caleb – Caleb is seen with the HOH all week either being used as his puppy or just in every meeting that Devin has. Question we all want to know is; is Caleb sitting in on the meetings because he wants to know what’s going down or because he feels like he needs to keep an eye on Devin?
  5. Caleb – Caleb and Amber sitting in a tree…T-A-L-K-I-N-G. First comes awkwardness, then comes a polite yet firm denial of affection. Then comes Caleb continuing to think of ways to introduce Amber to his parents. (OK, that didn’t come close to rhyming.) What does this mean for Caleb’s game? Who knows? But I believe “Survivor’s” Malcolm Freberg put it best when he warned against getting “Booty blinded.”
 6. Derrick – Derrick is also part of the bomb squad and in pretty good with Devin, we even see Devin going to Derrick for help and advice, meaning he trusts him. 
  6. Amber – Devin would be crazy to put Amber up after a veto. First, because she’s a solid Bomb Squad member and stuck to the plan. And second, because Caleb would kill him dead.
 7. Christine – Christine is now an honorary member of the bomb squad and also is BFF with most of the houseguests and in an alliance with Hayden and Nicole.
  7. Derrick – Good to see Derrick sticking to his guns (no pun intended) when the idea of putting a Bomb Squader on the block was floated. Dude’s in a great position with Devin and Caleb getting all of the attention.
 8. Frankie – Frankie is in the bomb squad and also not making any crazy waves with anyone in the house. 
 8. Frankie – Much better this week, Frankie. You’re a main member of the Bomb Squad, but you can hang back and be nice to everyone while Devin and Caleb take all the bullets. My only concern for you is this weird thing with Zach. What’s his angle?
 9. Donny – Donny is not in the bomb squad but Devin feels badly that he wanted him out of the house and Donny is just so darn likeable that no one wants to target him!   9. Christine – Learn from Joey, Christine. Don’t let anyone in the Bomb Squad know about the side misfit alliance you have going on. If you play your cards right, you can keep Nicole and Hayden safe long enough to make some noise.
 10. Cody – Cody is part of the bomb squad and also BFF with all the boys! He’s becoming close friends with Brittany and Devin is into him so it’s unlikely he would be considered as a veto replacement.
  10. Zach – Zach seems pretty harmless at this point, but the faux showmance (fauxmance?) with Frankie might raise some flags. If he’s not interested in Frankie as a partner, then what’s his angle? And worse, what if Frankie’s feelings get hurt?
 11. Zach – Zach is part of the bomb squad and also BFF with Frankie who is in with Devin. However, if Zach steps on the wrong toes and Devin makes a move to get out a bomb squad member Zach would be the first to go.
 11. Cody – I feel like Cody is playing the kind of game I’d be playing out there (minus the muscles). Stay socially strong while the alpha males make all the moves. My only worry for Cody? Devin and Caleb might figure out what he’s doing.
 12. Jocasta – She should be pretty safe this week but we don’t really see her at all in the episodes. Most likely because she is not making moves, waves and is not being considered for eviction! This is the thing with Jocasta and 15 houseguests, she’s laying low but that’s all she really needs to do! There’s STILL 15 people in the house and she has NO reason to ruffle feathers this early on! Devin wouldn’t consider her to go up and that means she’s playing a pretty good social game!
 12. Victoria – Uh…you’re still on this show.
 13. Victoria – We don’t really see her a lot this week in the episodes, which means she doesn’t have a lot going on. However due to her not being in the bomb squad and the fact that her alliance is herself and maybe she talks to a few houseguests… She has been rubbing some of the people the wrong way, so there’s a chance when asked that Victoria’s name as a nominee replacement, if one is played, would come up.
 13. Jocasta – If Brittany or Paola manage to win their way off of the block, there aren’t a ton of targets left for the Bomb Squad. That’s the problem with having 40 people in your alliance.
 14. Brittany – Brittany is on my list to make it far in the game! If she can make the house her puppet she will stay this week. She just needs to convince a few people to vote for her. I wouldn’t count this hot mom out for a minute! She’s tough, she’s fighting for a cause and she’s very composed under pressure! She’s one tough cookie and grows on this former houseguest every week! I kinda love her! Being nominated twice in the first 2 weeks and being on slop hasn’t brought her down, in fact it’s starting to make her more outspoken! GET IT, GIRL! If she can make it through this week I think she will continue to go far in the game. Plus she’s using her place on the block to make new friends and create alliances.
 14. Paola – What an interesting role Paola finds herself in. She’s terrible at challenges and not terribly offensive. She’s the perfect person to pair with the person you want to send packing.
 15. Paola – Pow Pow has to be careful since she is on the block AGAIN! One wrong move and she may just piss some people in the house off and go home. She agreed to Devin’s deal to throw the competition but she did it in a way that seems very obvious that she’s throwing the competition. Which could out her deal with Devin and actually make her a target in the house. Pow’s best move this week would be to get Devin use the veto on her OR to nominate a person that she knows will 100% go home and not a gamble like Brittney… Try to turn Devin on the boys that would be an EPIC MOVE!
 15. Brittany – The bad news? You’re one of two people on the block. The worse news? You’re not Paola. If you lose the Power of the Veto competition, you’re heading home. And, that’ll make Devin happy. And, that will make me sad.

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