‘Big Brother’ Power Rankings – Legitimately-Concerned-for-Jocasta Edition


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The Rules: Each week our two combatants will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the two players will earn. For example, if Donny is voted out this week, Rachel will receive 11 points and Gordon will receive 10 points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Big Brother” Power Rankings Challenge Champion!

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Last Week: Rachel and Gordon both had Daughter Devin in spot fourteen. So, the current score is Team Rachel 42, Team Gordon 41.

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Quick Note: “Big Brother” is always going on. These Rankings were handed in Monday.

Rachel’s Score = 42

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Gordon’s Score = 41

Any advice for Gordon? Drop him a line on Twitter: @gordonholmes

 1. Cody – As HOH this week Cody is safest, however if he doesn’t use his HOH to his advantage it could really hurt his game in the future since we are seeing Cody start to come out of his shell and really play the game. People could start to get scared quickly!
  1. Cody – Cody’s having an uneventful run as HOH, which is probably the best kind of run to have. His two nominees have no pull in the house, so it’s doubtful that any of the heat will come back to haunt him. But the question remains; if Victoria or Brittany win POV, does he try to take out Caleb?
 2. Frankie – Frankie is safe because in this “Big Brother” house the HOH pairs don’t go after each other. Well go figure at this point in the game and in the next few weeks they may want to start to go after their HOH partner. Spice it up a little and make the BOTB count!   2. Amber – The physical threat proved her prowess by walking in L shapes and flipping tiles. She’s like the Ozzy Lusth of “Big Brother.” 
 3. Amber – We are all confused how the boys view Amber as a bigger physical threat then Caleb, Hayden, or Zach… We note that she has saved herself every week with the Battle of the Block so good for her!
  3. Jocasta – What the what was going on during the Battle of the Block?! Was she speaking in tongues? Whatever it was, it didn’t look healthy. If she gets this worked up over a relaxing game of chess, imagine if she was playing something exciting like Scrabble.

 4. Jocasta – Jocasta didn’t make the best moves in the game of chess but she at least had to step up and play something. THAT’S WHY WE’RE OBSESSED WITH THIS TWIST!
  4. Frankie – Frankie’s teams keep dropping the Battle of the Block competitions, and I think that’s exactly how he likes it. Let the Calebs and Codys (Codies?) of the world deal with the backlash of sending someone to their doom.
 5. Derrick – Derrick is clearly BFF with Cody, he is in their Detonators alliance… (where do they think of these names?) and he isn’t in danger of the boys turning on him since he’s formed genuine friendships with them. The power hasn’t really shifted at all this season yet but once it does I think Derrick will have to play a better hand since he is feeling a bit too safe to be playing “Big Brother.”
  5. Derrick – Derrick’s backdoor elimination of Devin went off without a hitch. (Hey, look at me using terms like “Backdoor” like a real “Big Brother” expert!) Now he gets to sit back and let his Detonator buddies do some of the dirty work.
 6. Christine – Christine is safe because she’s the last one standing in the Detonators alliance. She’s totally the Brittney to their Brigade and I think she knows it at this point so she may be able to use this to her advantage to get her far. Right now she can’t win HOH because she has too many cards with too many groups of people in the house and is in almost every alliance! 
  6. Christine – I love how she magically finds herself in all of the dominant alliances. She just seems trustworthy. Hopefully she can keep that illusion going until she can find a way to flip the game.
 7. Nicole – Their cute lil’ blossoming showmance isn’t putting anyone in the house off since they are targeting Brittney, Amber, Jocasta, and Victoria over these two.
  7. Zach – Zach’s solidly in the Detonator alliance, but he certainly has a bit of a loose cannon vibe about him. He and Cody are close enough that I think he’s super safe this week, but if I were a Detonator I’d be keeping an eye on him.
 8. Hayden – Yes, we’re confused why the boys in an ALLIANCE aren’t targeting one of the only boys NOT in the alliance???? Nobody seems to think of these two as threats so they must be playing a good game.
 8. Nicole – You and Hayden are completely aboreable. Zzz…
 9. Caleb – Caleb is still on Cody’s radar but Cody isn’t sure if it’s the right time to get him out…which is smart because Caleb is still working with them. The “Big Brother” Love Triangle may start to make waves in the house however, and Caleb may get really upset that Amber is locking herself in the room with Cody. (What a vixen! Hehe…)  Caleb and Cody are so going head to head we just all wonder when!
  9. Hayden – See Nicole.
 10. Zach – Zach is friends with Cody but has a big mouth and thinks he’s an evil genius. His best move would be to just sit back and let the Detonators explode and showmance with Frankie but Zach is acting like he’s bored and wants some action. Then win an HOH, sir.  But calm down, you’re playing “Big Brother”! 
  10. Donny – If I’m in the house right now, Donny is my number one target. He’s just too likable. Give him too much time and he’ll be able to make something out of the non-Detonators. (Deto-no-tors?)
 11. Donny – Donny is down here because he’s not in the Detonators and he’s always mentioned as a BOTB player or as a replacement nom. I don’t think the house would vote Donny out, but you can only be a pawn so many times!  We don’t know what we would do if Donny went home. Would love to see Donny as HOH! He’s just so adorable!
 11. Caleb – Cody and Amber are going to hook up. They’re always cuddling up or touching each other. And yeah, you can say you’re over her, but nobody is buying it. If Victoria or Brittany manage to claim the POV medallion, Cody should send the “Beast Mode Cowboy” packing. It’s the best move for his game and his love life.
 12. Victoria – With bedgate and attitude, Victoria is rubbing some girls the wrong way. We actually didn’t know who she was until bedgate since she somehow has not been on the show at all for what feels like weeks. This can only mean that she’s not doing anything interesting. If she went I don’t think we would even notice?
 12. Victoria – OK, if I’m Cody, here’s what I’m thinking. I figure out which of the two nominees the Detonators want to vote for. Then, I go to the safe person and tell them they’re in danger, but I’m going to do what I can to keep them around. Victoria is harmless. She isn’t going to make any waves. That’s why I think Brittany is a goner.
 13. Brittany – WE LOVE HER but we also HATE that she told some of the boys she was over it. Recruit or not, you’re here to win $500k. I personally have had my ups and downs in “Big Brother,” but even when I said I was over it, I never was. And we are worried that she is actually over it.  We don’t know why everyone wants to target her but she’s become an easy target for the boys to go after and they try every week! We think she’s in HOT WATER this week if she doesn’t win veto. I imagine that “Big Brother” can’t be harder then raising three kids, Britt. So, put your bun up, get into fierce mode, and be in it to win it!
 13. Brittany – You can only be on the block so many times before you get a one-on-one interview with Julie Chen. It probably doesn’t help when you insult he sitting HOH.

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