‘Big Brother’ Power Rankings – Frankie’s Grande Win Edition


'Big Brother' (CBS)

The Rules: Each week our two combatants will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the two players will earn. For example, if Nicole is voted out this week, Rachel will receive 7 points and Team XFINITY will receive 6 points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Big Brother” Power Rankings Challenge Champion!

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Last Week: Rachel has Jocasta in spot eleven. Special pinch hitter Brian Gianelli had her in spot ten. Rachel and Brian both had Hayden in spot two. So, the current score is Team Rachel 78, Team XFINITY 75.

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Quick Note: “Big Brother” is always going on. These Rankings were handed in Monday.

Rachel’s Score = 78

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Team XFINITY’s Score = 75

Any advice for Gordon? Drop him a line on Twitter: @gordonholmes

 1. Christine – As reigning HOH, Christine is in control of the house and stepping up her game… now if ONLY she would step up her social skills and realize that she is totally going to get bomb squad/detonator/ blown up if she doesn’t make a side alliance ASAP!
  1. Christine – Even without being the reigning HOH, Christine is probably the safest person in the house. But, she’s got to be thinking about end-game at this point. Who can she beat? Caleb? Probably. Derrick or Cody? Probably not. Victoria? Definitely. Might be smart to keep her around.
 2. Caleb – Even though Beast-Mode Cowboy threw the competition he won Battle of the Block and is safe… how much longer is he going to be safe especially when he is sitting out of competitions? We are all confused how he’s still in the game but when the house is run by Derrick and he is a loyal follower he will most likely be around longer.   2. Frankie – I’d never heard of Ariana Grande before I started watching this season. I don’t know any of her music. I’ve never seen any of her videos (do pop stars still make videos?). But because of her brother and his way of leeching off of her fame, I can’t stand her. I’m hoping she’s less the next Boyz II Men and more the next Shai.
 3. Frankie – Frankie won Battle of the Block so he is safe and he also won Battle of the Block alone so I give him a lot of credit! He just has a lot of game to catch up on…
  3. Caleb – Alright, Beast-Mode Cowboy. You were supposed to throw the challenge. By sitting out of the challenge, you kind of gave Frankie an advantage. You see, the chain pulling required delicate maneuvering. That’s something that’s easier for one brain to figure out, than for two brains to try to communicate. It was good drama, but it was a dumb move.

 4. Derrick – Derrick is BFF with Christine and for some reason she thinks he is so smart! We’re not sure if this friendship is real but Derrick is playing such a good game I want to align with him! Derrick is playing by far the best game, actually he is the only one playing a good game… and he’s running the game and no one cares!
  4. Cody – Cody is just kind of there. He doesn’t bother anybody. He doesn’t come up often in people’s plans. But, he’s in control of like 40 alliances. He’s got to be the favorite to win right now.
 5. Cody – Cody is caught in the middle…he’s friends with everyone but not making any moves and not winning anything and not really doing anything but as long as he takes his shirt off there’s no logical reason to vote him out. #eyecandy LET’S BE REAL!
  5. Derrick – As a first-time viewer of “Big Brother,” it looks like Derrick is playing the best game. But, other people have to be noticing that, right? Surely they’re setting him up for an end-of-the-game blindside.
 6. Victoria – Wait, is she still in the house? No one really knows…

  6. Nicole – The good news is; the ‘Froot Loop Dingus’ is finally playing. All it took was her boyfriend getting voted out of the house. The bad news is; she’s on Frankie’s bad side…and Christine’s…and she’s going to have friends on the jury. Might be time to send her packing.
 7. Nicole – Nicole may not be on the block but girl’s got attitude and hell hath NO fury like a woman scorned, especially when that woman is alone in the house. If she makes it this week she will continue to be a target but I have faith she’s going to ROCK IT OUT! Nicole is fierce! She is in this game to win and she will fight til’ the house evicts her. WATCH OUT HOUSE!
  7. Victoria – Here’s where “Survivor” differs from “Big Brother.” On “Survivor,” they’d pick off all of the threats and leave Victoria for last. On “Big Brother” the HOHs don’t want to get blood on their hands, so they constantly target the person who isn’t threatening. With Jocasta gone, Victoria is the last floater standing.
 8. Zach – Zach was totally the target last week and his outbursts put a HUGE target on him. However he is in the boys alliance and they don’t mind his outbursts now because it keeps the target off him. Plus, don’t we all love Zankie?
 8. Zach – Yeah, a lot of people are annoyed with you right now, but I don’t think you’re really a threat to win. The person everyone should be worried about going to the finals with is one spot below you.
 9. Donny –  Donny is not in a good spot he really has no alliance and while he kicks butt at vetos and has been able to save him self now 3 times he still doesn’t have the numbers and no one can win every competition. He’s a member of Team America so hopefully that will keep him safe, even though Derrick is trying to convince Frankie he’s not with them. 😦
  9. Donny – You’ve got to win POV, Donny. It’s your only hope.

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