‘Survivor: San Juan del Sur’ Episode 11/12 Recap: The Silent Assassin


'Survivor: San Juan del Sur' (CBS)

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Last Week:  Reed performed a split, Team Jacljon’s vote were split, and Wes just split.

39 Days, 18 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog

Let’s take a look at the tribe as it currently stands…

The #Huyopa Tribe (wearing blue)

Alec – 22, Student
Baylor – 20, Student
Jaclyn – 25, Media Buyer
Jon – 26, Financial Assistant
Keith – 53, Fire Captain
Missy – 47, Owner of Cheerleading Gym
Natalie – 28, Crossfit Coach
Reed – 31, Broadway Performer

Quick Note: We are flying without a DVR tonight. So, if I miss anything, I apologize.

Jon is a happy camper after last week’s crazytown Tribal. He claims he was going to play the idol, without Natalie’s pleading. Whatever dude, you owe Natalie a mega hug.

Later, he discusses things with Jaclyn and says that they should take as much credit as possible to look good in front of the jury. After he explains to her what a jury is, she thinks she deserves some of the credit for him playing the idol and they have a little spat over it. This is kind of a stupid thing to fight over. If my girlfriend wins a million dollars, I can still get the gold-plated back-scratcher I’ve had my eye on.

Later, some guy named Alec is really upset at Keith for giving away his alliance’s plan.

Reward Challenge Time: The players will answer questions about their tribemates. If they get it right, they’ll get to chop a tribemate’s rope. If a person loses three ropes, they’re out. Last person standing gets a horseback ride to a resort.

Round One: Natalie and Nadiya are twins. Who else has a twin? The correct answer is Jeremy. Everyone gets it right except for Keith.

Natalie cuts Reed, Jon cuts Reed, Alec cuts Natalie, and Missy eliminates Reed.

Jaclyn and Baylor both cut Alec. Reed cuts Missy.

Round Two: Who owns a tanning business? Everyone knows this was Julie.

Jon eliminates Alec.

Alec cuts Jon, Missy and Jaclyn cut Keith, Keith cuts Missy, and Baylor eliminates Keith.

Natalie discusses her swing with the rest of her alliance.

Probst interrupts them and asks if they’re wasting everyone’s time. They all agree that Missy will get the reward, so Probst cancels the rest of the challenge. What?! But the art department worked so hard!

Jon volunteers to go to Exile. Missy decides to take Baylor and Natalie on the reward.

Probst points out that the five-person alliance looks like a three-person alliance now.

Reed’s cool with it though, because he likes Jaclyn. Reed and Baylor get into it and he calls her a “brat.” Missy does not approve of this and flips right out.

Way to butter up those future jurors, Missy.

The trio heads off and Jaclyn is not happy. She feels like Jon sacrificed by going to Exile and she got nothing. And still no credit!

Jon is psyched to be back at Exile because two of the forty idols were played at the last Tribal. He takes about five minutes to look around…and finds another one.

At the resort, Natalie points out that it might have been a mistake not taking Jaclyn on the reward. I swear, her and Reed are the only players left.

Natalie also tells Missy that her and Baylor have an idol. Missy is very proud of her daughter for finding an idol.

NOTE: Baylor totally didn’t find that idol.

The trio agrees to take each other to the final three. There’s no way Natalie would lose.

Back at #Huyopa beach, Reed and Alec begin Operation Suck Up to Jaclyn. This is smart because Jaclyn is still mad about the reward snub.

When the trio gets back to camp, Missy tries to get back on Jaclyn’s good side. Because that worked so well with Julie.

Later, Jaclyn tries to figure out the Baylor/Alec relationship. He says he wouldn’t go on a date with her. He doesn’t say whether or not he still wants to fart on her.

Natalie believes there’s some flirting going on between Jaclyn and Alec. She doesn’t think the body language they’re showing to each other is appropriate. Could you imagine an affair during a “Blood vs. Water” season? The producers’ heads would explode with joy.

Immunity Challenge Time: Players will balance a paddle on a stand. They’ll roll a ball down the paddle and try to get the ball to stay in a hole. First person to fill their holes with balls wins  immunity. (I feel awful for having typed that last sentence.)

Not much to describe here except for ball rollin’ and paddle balancin’. Jon jumps out to a lead, but Keith manages to pass him and win immunity.

The howler monkeys greet the tribe as they return to camp. Or, so editing would have us believe.

Jaclyn is debating between voting for Missy or Reed. She approaches Jon with this news and he’s bummed because he just wanted to cuddle. They have yet another spat and she walks away from him.  She breaks down because she thinks what happened to her doesn’t matter to him because he has it all figured out.

Reed approaches them and Jon says that he still trusts Reed in spite of what happened at the last Tribal. Then Natalie comes over and Jon says he can’t trust Reed ever again.  Master strategist.

Next up, he admits to Missy that he found an idol. Jaclyn doesn’t like this because Jon asks his mom for advice in real life and now Missy is his new mom. OK, I need to make sure my girlfriend never goes on “Survivor.”

Jon tries to talk to Jaclyn, but she’s just not having it. Five hours later, she still not having it. This is kind of awesome.

Reed is very concerned that he might go home because of Jaclyn giving Jon the silent treatment.

That night at Tribal, Jon explains the tiff he and Jaclyn had. Oh man, Probst can’t wait to play relationship counselor.

Reed thinks it was frustrating because he didn’t get as much of a chance to scramble.

Jon laughs because they’re in the middle again. That just might be a sign that you’re wishy-washy.

Missy doesn’t think she should be a target because she’s not the leader. Also, they shouldn’t trust someone who just targeted Jon.

Missy then calls Alec out for flirting with Jaclyn.

Jon thinks it’s a little weird the way Alec and Jaclyn flirt. Seconded.

Jaclyn admits that she was hurt that she wasn’t chosen to go on the reward.

Missy says she knew choosing Natalie would be an issue. Then why not take Natalie and Jaclyn and leave Baylor?!

Voting Time: Missy votes for Reed, Reed votes for Missy, and the rest are secret.

JPro tallies and returns. We’ve got one vote for Reed, one vote for Missy, three votes for Reed, and the eleventh person to be eliminated from “Survivor: San Juan del Sur – Blood vs. Water” and the fourth member of the jury is…Reed.

Back at camp, Jon and Jaclyn kiss and makeup. Adorable.

Alec is upset because he doesn’t have anyone to talk to. Sad Meat Collector.

The next morning, Jon admits to Alec that he trusts his alliance and that Alec probably won’t find any cracks.

We’re hearing a lot from Alec. That can’t be good for his future.

Reward Challenge Time: Players will stand on a small block while stabilizing a ball against a post with a piece of wood. Last person standing will have a bed delivered to camp. They’ll also get to have all kinds of delicious food.

The challenge starts and there isn’t much to describe except for block standin’ and ball stabilizin’.

Alec’s out quickly. He’s followed by Missy, Keith, and Baylor.

We’re down to Jon, Natalie, and Jaclyn.

Jon struggles for a while, then drops out.

Natalie should consider throwing this. If she wins, who would she choose?

And just as I type that, Jaclyn fall out.

Natalie chooses Alec to go to Exile. She then picks Jon and Jaclyn to share her reward with. Smart.

Missy’s annoyed because she wasn’t picked. Missy, shut up. Do you understand how this show works? (Unless you’re acting up so JaclJon doesn’t think you have a final three alliance. In that case; well played.)

When the bed is delivered, Missy, Baylor, and Keith immediately head off to get water. Jon and Jaclyn don’t like that one bit, but Natalie tells them to chill out.

Natalie thinks that Keith is probably the next target, but she wants to get rid of Jon. Apparently she wants revenge for Jeremy.

Hmm…Baylor got rid of Nadiya. Where are your priorities Natalie?!

Jon proves that he doesn’t see Natalie’s wrath coming by admitting to her that he has an idol.

Natalie approaches Baylor with her idea, but she doesn’t want her to tell her mother. Oh man, too soon.

Baylor’s into this because she gets nervous around any man that her mother gets close to. Uh… This is like the deep relationship episode of “Survivor.”

Immunity Challenge Time: Players will hold a rope that’s attached to a wobbly table. They’ll have to gather blocks and stack them on the table. If the blocks fall, they have to drop the block they’re transporting, and put the blocks back up. First person to stack all of their blocks wins immunity.

The challenge starts and Keith gets an early lead, but Jaclyn and Jon both manage to pass him.

Eventually it comes down to Jon and Keith with Jon managing to pull off the win.

Politicking around camp centers around Keith vs. Alec. Jon wants to split the vote with the majority of the votes going toward Keith.

Natalie is bummed that she can’t get rid of Jon just yet. Dude, too soon.

Alec tries to sweet talk Baylor and she seems to like it. She tells him to be patient.

Keith gets in Natalie’s ear and tries to point her toward Jaclyn. She’s considering swaying the vote in Alec’s direction to keep Keith around. She thinks he’ll be loyal to her.

Natalie pitches this idea to Baylor and Baylor isn’t completely sold because she looooooves Alec.

That night at Tribal, Missy says she’s voting based on who’s strong in challenges. Jon agrees with her.

Keith admits that he’s good at challenges, but bad at other things…you know…like not blowing up your alliance’s secret strategies.

A rat runs across the Tribal set and everybody freaks out. Well, everyone except Alec. He says he’d eat it.

Ooo…a rat…symbolism? Just like “The Departed.”

Jon tells everyone that the wine at the reward reminded him of his dad who is dying of brain cancer.

Probst asks Keith if Jon’s tragedy could work against him. Keith thinks all’s fair in “Survivor.”

Natalie is confident that there won’t be any surprises in her alliance tonight.

Voting Time: Alec votes for Keith, Keith votes for Alec, and the rest of the votes aren’t for our eyes. No, they’re only for those who stick around through the credits.

Probst tallies and returns. We’ve got one vote for Keith, one vote for Alec, one vote for Keith, one vote for Alec, one vote for Keith, one vote for Alec, and the twelfth person to be eliminated from “Survivor: San Juan del Sur – Blood vs. Water” and the fifth member of the jury is…Alec.

Oh…Jon and Missy are not amused.

Verdict: Wow, two hours of “Survivor” and the best moment was in the last minute.

Who’s Going to Win? If Natalie can get to the end with Baylor and Missy, she’s gonna take it. Buuuuut…Jon’s got a hell of a resume. Should be interesting.

Power Rankings Results: Spencer had Reed in seventh and Alec in sixth. I had Reed in eighth and Alec in sixth. So, the current score is Team Farm Guy 92, Team Corinsanity 109.

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