‘Survivor’ Castaway Reed: ‘I Let a 20 Year Old Get My Goat’


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Every “Survivor” fan dreams of going on the show, winning challenges, swinging votes, orchestrating a brilliant blindside, and walking away with a big, fat check.

Well, Reed will have to settle for four out of five.

I spoke to one half of the Broadway duo the morning after his elimination and asked about Keith’s blunder, Alec’s flirting, and Missy’s wrath…

Gordon Holmes: Why were you flirting with Jaclyn when her boyfriend was at Exile?
Reed Kelly: (Laughs)
Holmes: Wait, those are my questions for Alec.
Kelly: (Laughs)
Holmes:  I can salvage this…why was Alec flirting with Jaclyn?
Kelly: That’s just Alec. It’s who he is. How can you not love that face? He’s trying to work his game. I give him props.

Holmes: You’re a Broadway talent. On a scale from one-to-ten, how do you rate Jon’s Disney singing ability?
Kelly: I have to say, I was really impressed. His singing I’ll give him like a six, but his character work is definitely a nine or ten, Gordon.
Holmes: That’s been a popular opinion that his character stuff is scary good.
Kelly: Within the Broadway community we have a special appreciation for people like Jon. He’s passionate about his Disney movies.

Holmes: Are you going to be watching “Peter Pan Live!” tonight?
Kelly: Absolutely. All of my friends are on it. I’m so excited for them.

Holmes: It looked like you had Jon and his idol out of the game and then Keith…uh…he had his moment.
Kelly: Stick to the plan, Gordon!
Holmes: Have four words ever been more disastrous?
Kelly: What happened was, there were so many plates spinning to make it happen. And I told Wes and Keith, “We can make this happen, this is going to be epic. Just don’t get spooked. I’m going to have to come after you at Tribal and draw attention to the fact that you guys have an idol. Don’t let this throw you. The only reason I’m doing this is I have to make the majority alliance believe that I’m really with them. Don’t freak out.” But, apparently I’m too good of an actor because I really freaked them out.
Holmes: In their defense, you are a professional actor.
Kelly: (Laughs) It was one of those moments where he said, “We need to stick to the plan” and I wanted to step outside and light myself on fire.
Holmes: There are many convenient ways to do that at Tribal.
Kelly: I know, right? But it happened, and I adore Keith and Wes. It’s just interesting when you’re working with people who aren’t huge “Survivor” fans and they don’t behave in a predictable manner.
Holmes: When Josh wants to get your goat, does he say, “Stick to the plan?”
Kelly: (Laughs) There’s so many other ways that I can get back at him, that we kind of don’t do that. When you beat someone in a sumo challenge, that’s always good material.

Holmes: I like players who appreciate good moves, even if they’re against them. And it seemed like Jon had a positive attitude after you almost sent him home.
Kelly: I think Jon is just good-natured in general. Almost to a point where it gets frustrating because you get a lot of nice things with Jon and you say, “OK, you’re very sweet. But, I need you to stand up for something right now.”

Holmes:  Jon said he trusted you last night, then Natalie swung over and he was like, “You scoundrel, I can never trust you.” Did you have a chance to address that again after his fight with Jaclyn?
Kelly: No Gordon, that was it. I had to sneak off into the woods and circle around just to have that conversation with Jon and Jaclyn. Missy and Natalie were guarding Jon. They were watching him like a hawk. I feel like Jaclyn was down with the plan, but when you have two people who start fighting with each other for five-to-six hours, it doesn’t make for the best gameplay. I felt like Jon was open to the idea for a minute.
Holmes: Jon and Jaclyn always find themselves in the middle. Is this a larger strategy or do they just go where the wind takes them?
Kelly: Yes. (Laughs)
Holmes: (Laughs)
Kelly: They really were in the middle. It was because they were playing for opportunities which can be a strategy. But, it’s frustrating when you’re wondering where they’re going to be this time. I’m not sure if it was a strategy for them, or if it was just the circumstances they found themselves in.

Holmes: You and Missy had it out after you called Baylor a brat. I found this annoying because I’m thinking at this point you’re headed for the jury. Terrible jury management.
Kelly: Absolutely. And the moment if flew out of my mouth I thought, “Why did you do that?” You’re not only attacking Baylor, but you’re attacking her parenting style. I regretted it. But what you didn’t see is Baylor had been ragging on me all day. You’re starving, you’re exhausted. It is what it is. I knew there was no coming back from that. But, I tried to extend an olive branch after they returned from the reward. I kind of got this thing from Baylor where I’m apologizing and she said, “You know, Reed. You just really need to learn to tame your tongue.” And I was like “OK! I’m not going to go any further with this.” My mom raised me better. I’m a little frustrated that I let a 20 year old get my goat.

Holmes: Alright, let’s do some word association. We’ll start with Jon.
Kelly: Wine.
Holmes: Rocker?
Kelly: Big.
Holmes: Jaclyn?
Kelly: Pageant.
Holmes: Missy?
Kelly: She-wolf.
Holmes: Natalie?
Kelly: Hysterical.
Holmes: Baylor?
Kelly: No comment.
Holmes: Alec?
Kelly: Bro!
Holmes: Wes?
Kelly: Road house.
Holmes: Keith?
Kelly: Spit.
Holmes: Let’s finish with Josh.
Kelly: Aww…love.
Holmes: Adorable.

Holmes: So, nobody has given a positive answer for Baylor yet.
Kelly: Really? That’s unfortunate. I don’t dislike her as a human being, but it was rough out there with Missy and Baylor.

Holmes: You are a super fan. You got out there and made some major moves. What is your takeaway from the experience?
Kelly: I get really mushy about it. It really is a dream come true. You’re out there and you’re miserable, but for me I was so loving and hating it. Jeff Probst is like “Reed is doing this!” and “Reed is doing that!” and I’m thinking, “Jeff Probst is saying my name right now!” It’s so epic and beyond words and such a blessing because there are so many super fans who want to do the show. I hope we gave the super fans some hope.

Holmes: You and Josh are abstaining from sex until marriage.
Kelly: Yes, it is a daily commitment.
Holmes: Are there any plans for a marriage?
Kelly: I think at this point we would say we’re seriously dating with intent on marriage. It’s something we talk about quite frequently. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was on the very near horizon.

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