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Gordon Holmes: I gave your fiancé the comparison that he’s basically the trusting Sultan and you’re like Jasmine who knows that Jafar is up to no good.
Jaclyn Schultz: Totally. Jon’s a trusting guy, and I have a hard time trusting anybody. I’m always thinking, “What’s your ulterior motive?”
Holmes: Well, they say that the best couples have alternate strengths and weaknesses.
Schultz: We notice that a lot. He’s a more social player, he can make friendships with lots of people. And I’m more reserved off the bat. We definitely fill the voids.

Holmes: So, Natalie’s move at final five to save you bleeeew my mind.
Schultz: (Laughs) Me too.
Holmes: When she approached you with that, did you believe it could really happen?
Schultz: I knew I was at the bottom. I packed my stuff to go home. I talked to her and said, “Whatever you want to do, I’m down. Use my vote.” So, she came up to me ten minutes before Tribal and she was like, “Put Baylor’s name down.” And I said, “Why?! Are you and Keith voting for Baylor?” And she would not tell me. I had no idea she had an idol. But when that happened I was like, “Dang!”

Holmes: What’s it like for Probst to come out with an urn that you’re sure is filled with votes with your name and you get to go back to camp afterward?
Schultz: It was awesome. At that point it’s like, “One more day!” Because I can win the final immunity challenge. I have a shot now.

Holmes: At final four you got rid of Keith, which made sense because he had the underdog story and he had friends on the jury. But, Natalie’s resume of big, bold moves was really impressive. Walk me through that decision.
Schultz: Well, when I was in the game I didn’t realize Natalie was playing as hard as she was. Watching the edit I’m like, “Wow, girl. You totally got us.” I knew Keith would have the guys’ vote because they were all in his alliance and everybody loves Keith. So, I knew he was a shoo-in. Thinking of every option, I thought Natalie was a threat too, but I thought Natalie was my best shot. I didn’t think I had a huge shot at winning.

Holmes: I talked to Alec about the situation where Jon was at Exile. He said that he’s not a sexist person, but he’s not going to sit around and be quiet if someone isn’t pulling their weight. Were you doing enough around camp?
Schultz: That was the first time I’d heard anything. I did pull my weight. Nobody complained or anything. So, when he said that it totally threw me off guard. I was doing as much as Natalie. I’m up doing stuff. I’m getting firewood, I’m getting water. It threw me for a loop.

Holmes: So what happened on the final challenge with the fireman’s pole. It looked like it really hurt.
Schultz: Oh my gosh. It was wood. So when you slide down I was getting splinters and my reaction was to let go. Which, unfortunately means you fall.
Holmes: How unfair is it that there’s a fireman’s pole in a challenge with a fireman?
Schultz: (Laughs) I know!

Holmes: When Missy blindsided Jon, it was hard to get a feel about how you felt about her afterward.
Schultz: I was totally blindsided. Missy and Jon connected on like a religious, spiritual level. Talking about God all the time and she called him “Jon Jon” and he called her “Mom.” So, I was like, “OK, this is totally unshakable.” And I even said to Missy, “I know players in the past have used family as leverage or religion or God. But that isn’t gameplay to me, that’s real.” So, I was really hurt. And when I got back to camp that night it was a brawl and they were bashing Jon, saying, “Him praying before every challenge? That’s bullcrap. He’s the fakest person ever.” And I went in to defense mode. I don’t care about the million dollars. This is the man I’m spending the rest of my life with. This isn’t gameplay, it’s his character. So, that was…”OK, screw these girls. I don’t care if I’m voted out.”
Holmes: Jon seems like the real deal. Even when people were trying to vote him off, he seemed to appreciate the gamesmanship of it all.
Schultz: Yeah. People suck in this world and he’s just a good guy. It hurt. I think I take things a little more personally than Jon. Like when Reed tried to blindside Jon I was so mad and Jon was laughing.

Holmes: There was no chance for Jon to pass you the idol after he was blindsided?
Schultz: He slid it to me, but then production took it. He would’ve had to have given it to me before the votes were read.

Holmes: I’ve been a victim of the silent treatment a few times, but never with the stakes as high as a million dollars.
Schultz: (Laughs)
Holmes: And it’s easy to sit on my couch and be like, “Girl, you need to chill.” What was it like to watch that back?
Schultz: I was like “You didn’t even say anything. Why was I so mad?” But in the moment it was the cherry on top. The whole game, me battling for my voice to be heard. I’m making decisions on my own. And Jon saying, “I already knew that. “ And I was like, “What the hell! You’re saying this now too?” And I just lost it. Under the circumstances it was totally magnified.
Holmes: I’m always looking for ways to better understand the experience. So , I’d like to know what it’s like to get the silent treatment from a “Survivor” finalist.
Schultz: (Laughs) So, you don’t want me to talk.
Holmes: Right, starting now.
Holmes: Wow, that’s harsh. Coldblooded.
Schultz: I can go for like five hours. (Laughs)

Holmes: Alright, let’s do some word association. We’ll start with Alec.
Schultz: College bro.
Holmes: Reed?
Schultz: Great guy.
Holmes: Josh?
Schultz: Great guy.
Holmes: I’m sensing a theme. Jeremy?
Schultz: (Laughs) Um…a really good friend. I went to Boston and spoke at a children’s hospital and had dinner with Val and Jeremy. They’re just great people.
Holmes: Wes?
Schultz: Good ol’ boy.
Holmes: Keith?
Schultz: Reminds me of my dad.
Holmes: Natalie?
Schultz: Hilarious.
Holmes: Missy?
Schultz: Fake.
Holmes: Baylor?
Schultz: Spolied.
Holmes: Let’s finish with Jon.
Schultz: Marriage material.

Holmes: Reed’s speech…
Schultz: Oh my gosh, it was awesome.
Holmes: So you were ready to give high fives afterwards.
Schultz: Yeah, that was an incredible performance. During the game I didn’t see how she was treating people who weren’t in her alliance. So, it was almost out of left field. But after talking to Jeremy and Josh and Wes about all that, I was like, “Woooow.”

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