‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ Episode 13 Recap – With All the Trixin’s


"Survivor: Worlds Apart" (CBS)

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A Second Quick Note: Check out my twenty votes for “Survivor: Second Chance.”

Last Week: Someone had a case of the birthday blues, Mike played his idol despite Rodney’s ruse, and Carolyn made sure Tyler got some bad news…

39 Days, 18 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog…

Let’s take a look at the tribe as it currently stands…

The Merica Tribe (wearing purple)
Carolyn – Corporate Executive, 52
Dan – Postal Worker, 47
Mike – Oil Driller, 38
Rodney – General Contractor, 24
Sierra – Barrel Racer, 27
Will – YouTube Sensation, 41

We kick things off after Tribal where Mike tells us that he needs to find an idol or win the rest of the challenges. How hard can that be? Fabio did one of those things.

Dan’s not impressed though, as the idol only saved Mike for one more cycle. He goes on to say “To hell with Mike.” Well, that’s the best possible Season 31 endorsement Mike could get.

Carolyn, meanwhile, wants Dan to go because of his advantage. She approaches Mike and spills the beans that the advantage is an extra vote.

Reward Challenge Time: The tribe will be divided into two teams of three. The teams will run down a net, then climb over some obstacles. From there they’ll use a hatchet to release blocks with letters on them. The first tribe to unscramble the six-word phrase will win a chopper tour of Nicaragua and enjoy a surf and turf dinner.

On one side we have Rodney, Dan, and Sierra. On the other is Mike, Will, and Carolyn.

Before the challenge starts, Rodney hopes someone will be nice enough to give him their reward. Mike thinks it’s tough to watch Rodney suffer, but if he just wins he’ll be guaranteed to go.

The challenge starts and Team Rodney has a slight lead up until the word puzzle. But..then…it…slows…down…

An hour goes by and they still can’t get it. Seriously, this is not one of those trademark Holmes exaggerations you’ve grown to love.

Probst gives them like a billion clues. Finally, Carolyn figures out that it’s “A Reward With All the Fixins.”

Probst asks Carolyn if she wants to give her reward to Rodney…and she keeps it. Is there merit in feeding Rodney so he can beat Mike in a physical challenge? I know Carolyn has done well in endurance challenges, but what if the next one involves power lifting or impersonations?

On the reward, Mike pitches Will and Carolyn as a final three. Carolyn’s into it because they represent all the collars. Well, that would make Lindsey’s day-one prediction of a blue collar winning come true.

Back at camp, Dan finds some mystery fruit. They cut it open and find six immunity idols. Just kidding, but they do have a nice little feast. This puts Rodney in a much better mood.

Before we head off to the challenge, Mike  tells Sierra that Dan can only beat Will and Rodney at final Tribal. Just thinking of that made me throw up in my mouth.

Immunity Challenge Time: Players will use grappling hooks to retrieve three bags of balls. Then they’ll use one of those balls to complete a table maze. First person to complete the maze wins immunity.

The first person to grapple all three bags is Mike. Dan is right behind him. Sierra and Will eventually join the party.

We watch Mike’s ball roll around the final hole for about a half an hour (there’s that Holmes-trademark exaggeration) before it drops in. Mike wins immunity.


Back at camp, Dan tells us that he wants to get rid of Carolyn next.  Rodney, Sierra, and Will agree. And, Sierra tells Dan that the others are targeting him.

However, Rodney, Will, and Carolyn ask Mike if they should get rid of Dan.

Mike takes this news and goes right to Dan. But, Dan doesn’t buy it.

Later on, Mike points out to Carolyn and Sierra that Dan and Rodney are sleeping together and thus working together. He thinks they’re going to target Carolyn.

Wait…don’t get the wrong idea. They were sleeping in the shelter together. Get your minds out of the gutter.

That night at Tribal, Rodney…can’t…put…a…thought…together. He says it’s because of limited food. Well, if SOMEBODY would give up a reward…

Eventually, Rodney admits that he’s sick of being around the same people for so long. But, he’s sticking with his alliance.

Carolyn knows her head is on the chopping block, so she’s nervous.

Dan believes that he’s in trouble too.

Will is also nervous…because? Why be nervous, dude? You’re the most secure finalist ever.

Dan thinks tonight would be a good time to use his advantage, but next Tribal could be better.

Voting Time: No votes are shown.

Probst goes to tally…and Dan stops him so he can play his advantage.

Dan’s Special Voting Time: The vote isn’t shown.

OK, now Probst tallies.

And before he can read them, Carolyn plays her idol. Stop interrupting the man!

We’ve got five votes for Carolyn, one vote for Dan, and the thirteenth person to be eliminated from “Survivor: Worlds Apart” and the sixth member of the jury is…Dan.

Hmmm…would Carolyn have played her idol if Dan didn’t spook her with his vote? They still would’ve won four to two.

Verdict: Dan was like “Blam!” And I was like “Wha?!” And Carolyn was all, “Not tonight, Mister.” And I was like, “Oh, snap!”  Then Probst was all, “Tribe has spoken, Dan.”

That was pretty cool. But, I’m worried that “Survivor” is starting to turn into Calvinball.

Who’s Going to Win? If Mike can get to the end, it’s all his. But, Carolyn’s got a solid shot.

Power Rankings Results: Josh and Reed had Dan in spot five while I had him in spot four. So, the current score is Team Josh: 84, Team Reed: 92, Team Gordon 92.

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