It’s Time for “Survivor: Worlds Apart” Finale BINGO!


finalebingoI don’t know if you guys know this…but they didn’t cancel “Survivor: Worlds Apart” immediately after “Survivor: Second Chance” was announced. Nope! We’ve still got a final five to whittle down into a Sole Survivor.

So, prepare your best Dan impersonation…

Brush up on your happy dance…

Think of new and creative ways to say, “Yeah, Baby!”…

Discover a method for making sandwiches from the ocean…

And do whatever it is that Sierra does…

Cause it’s BINGO time!

How to Play: Print out the BINGO game boards below. During the finale, fill in your spaces. The first person to complete a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal five-square line wins!

Also: Follow me on Twitter for a finale recap, Power Rankings with Josh Canfield and Reed Kelly, and exit interviews with the final five!

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Even More Whatnot…

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