‘Survivor: Kaôh Rōng’ Episode 7 Recap – Medical Strikes Again


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Last Week: Scot made the most of his free throw, Michele’s buoy trouble was a personal low, and a crossed-out vote meant Peter had to go…

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Let’s take a look at the tribes as they currently stand.

The Chanloh Tribe (wearing blue)
Cydney – 23, Body Builder
Debbie – 49, Chemist
Jason  – 31, Bounty Hunter
Michele – 24, Bartender
Neal – 38, Ice Cream Entrepreneur
Nick – 30, Personal Trainer

The Gondol Tribe (wearing yellow)
Aubry – 29, Social Media Marketer
Joseph – 72, Former FBI Agent
Julia – 19, Student
Scot – 40, Former NBA Champion
Tai – 51, Gardener

Fun Fact: I had sushi for my merge feast. I accidentally dropped a piece into the soy sauce from high up…and now everything smells like soy sauce. Good times.

The evening’s festivities pick up back at Gondol camp and Joe is trying to make sense out of what happened at Tribal. Scot tells Joe that they were trying to bring him on board, but he didn’t pick up the signs. Because of their indecisiveness, Scot decides that it’s time to go Brain hunting..

Scot also isn’t pleased that Aubry originally voted for Julia before changing her mind. Ah…c’mon, Scot. She came around eventually.

The next morning, Tai’s chicken is trying to get at his food. They battle it out…which is adorable. They probably weigh the same. #Fairfight

At Chanloh, Cydney realizes that Neal is walking around with a bulge in his pants.

AN IDOL! AN IDOL IN HIS PANTS! Get your mind out of the gutter.

As they’re sitting there, a boat drops off word that the merge is finally upon us. They gather their belongings and head over to Gondol beach.

The Gondolians freak right out when they see them. Scot carries Jason to the shore like a baby. No, seriously.

During the merge feast, Debbie has a little too much wine and starts flirting with Nick. Although, with her size I’d imagine a thimble-full is too much wine.

After the feast, Nick and Neal discuss a Beauty and Brain alliance. Then Nick starts making moves toward the Brawns. Swing away!

As Nick and Scot are talking, Scot tells Nick that Tai has an idol. Whoa…loose lips, buddy.

Also, the merged tribe’s name is “Dara.”

Things keep moving along with Debbie aggressively trying to pick up Tai. It has all the subtlety of Lucy hitting on Schroeder. He seems intimidated, but tells her he’s in and they shake on it.

Later, Jason tells us how beauties always go for jocks and how they’re gonna start stuffing nerds into lockers.  Has he never heard the Ballad of Lambda Lambda Lambda?

Michele thinks he’s too cocky and is considering going with the Brains. Just like Betty Childs!

Oy…now Aubry and Neal are wary of Nick. Too much strategy. Someone make a beach bowling alley or a super fishing pole.

Immunity Challenge Time: Players will stand on a beam while balancing a ball on a disc. As time goes on, they’ll add balls. Last person with their balls on their disc wins immunuity.

I swear, they only do these challenges for the innuendo.

Before the challenge there was a fun game of “Show Off Your Infections.” So gross. Grosser than soy sauce everywhere.

Joe’s out quickly. He’s followed by Debbie, then Jason.

After five minutes they add a second ball. Michele is out, then Neal, Scot, Cydney, and Aubry.

We’re down to Tai, Julia, and Nick.

They add a third ball and Julia is out quickly. Nick and Tai battle it out with Nick picking up the win and immunity.

Back at camp, Scot and Jason tell Nick that they’re going for Aubry.Then Neal and Joe approach Nick about working with them.

Meanwhile, Debbie and Aubry try to get Michele on board. They want to target Jason or Scot, but Michele is non-committal.

Nick and Michele discuss their options and finally agree to team with the Brawns.

Before we can head to Tribal, Jeff and a doctor arrive at camp to check out everyone’s infections. Tai’s are looking good. Well, healthy. They look gross.

Scot’s are OK. Aubry’s going to get antibiotics.

Neal’s infections are just foul. The one on his knee is bad. The one on his back is worse. The doctor says that an infection on a joint like your knee can get soooper bad in a just a few hours. He makes the call to pull Neal from the game.


However, Probst does tells him that he’ll be a member of the jury. He should have said they were having a reward challenge called “Worst Infection” and the winner gets a stay in a hospital.

Aubry is crushed that her biggest ally is out of the game. She’s also not pleased that he took his idol with him.

Verdict: That episode was like 90% strategy and it didn’t even have a Tribal Council pay-off? Ugh…

Add to that the fact that medical evacuations are such a downer and you have a bummer of an episode.

Who’s Going to Win? Cydney’s my girl. Team Cyd!

Power Rankings Results: Shirin and I both had Neal in spot six. The current score is Team Shirin 66, Team Gordon 64.


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