TV Tapas: Chris Evans Gives Jimmy Fallon an Icy Surprise



Jimmy Fallon Really Hates Chris Evans' New Game ('Tonight Show'

Jimmy Fallon Really Hates Chris Evans’ New Game (‘Tonight Show’)


Random Thoughts…

  • Wow…so it looks like this Trump reality show got renewed through the fall. Fascinating.
  • Last night’s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” has me psyched and ready for “Captain America: Civil War” this weekend. Can…not…wait!
  • What does my mother want for Mother’s Day? For me to use my TV editor power to get them to reboot “Murder She Wrote.” Please, if I had those powers “Community” would’ve never gone off the air.
  • “New Girl” deserves more credit for really turning things around after a weak season or two.

Breaking News…







Trending Videos…

JimmyKimmel1. ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ – Jimmy Kimmel has the perfect Mother’s Day gift for fans of “Game of Thrones”
TheLateLateShow2. ‘Late Late Show’ – Susan Sarandon proves that she’s a ping-pong wizard. We all have our gifts. I’m pretty good at air hockey.
DanceMoms3. ‘Dance Moms’ – Just like Donna Summer sang, it’s the “Last Dance” of the season this long-running reality hit.

What to Watch Tonight…

Empire‘Empire’ (FOX: 9pm ET) – I can’t imagine anything other than hugs and good times when Lucious’ mother finally returns.
CriminalMinds‘Criminal Minds’ (CBS: 9pm ET) – Season 11 comes to an end with Hotch being taken captive by a SWAT team.
LittleWomenNY‘Little Women: NY’ (Lifetime: 10pm ET) – Season 2 of this series set in the Big Apple kicks off tonight.

Celebs on Twitter: “Survivor” Host Jeff Probst


That’s all the TV Tapas for today. Be sure to check back tomorrow for a second helping. If you have any questions, please drop me a line on Twitter:[twitter_follow username=”gordonholmes” count=”false” language=”en” size=”large”]

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