XFINITY TV Binge-Watching Guide: Finales Are Coming


How is it May already? How are shows already winding down? I’m not prepared. There are like a dozen titles I have to catch up and finales are right around the corner. Fortunately, we have full seasons of a lot of TV’s biggest hits.

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LittleBigShots NewGirl
 1. – “Little Big Shots”: You’re telling me there aren’t enough talented kids to keep this show on 52 weeks a year?! Finale Date: May 8
 2. – “New Girl”: Schmidt and CeCe’s wedding is right around the corner. Finale Date: May 10
Grandfathered TheGrinder
   3. – “Grandfathered”: Why hasn’t this show been renewed yet? Stamos and the rest of the cast is killing it. Finale Date: May 10
 4. – “The Grinder”: This funny show hasn’t been renewed yet either. Check it out while you still can. Finale Date: May 10
Quantico TheFamily
  5. – “Quantico”: Oh “Quantico”…I love you enough to look past some serious holes in logic. Finale Date: May 15  6. – “The Family”: You just know a rollercoaster shows like this is going to have a crazy-town finale. Can’t wait. Finale Date: May 15
LastManonEarth ChicagoMed
 7. – “Last Man on Earth”: I feel like this comedy stuttered a bit in it’s second season, but it seems to be picking up steam. Finale Date: May 15
 8. –  “Chicago Med”: The rookie season of this medical drama has definitely proven to be a worthy addition to the “Chicago” franchise. Finale Date: May 17
Empire Grimm
 9. – “Empire”: What do I even need to say about “Empire” at this point. It is insane and deserves your attention. Finale Date: May 18  10.“Grimm”: All of season five is just a click away…if you’re brave enough. Finale Date: May 20

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