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XFINITY TV Binge-Watching Guide: Finales Are Coming

May 6, 2016

How is it May already? How are shows already winding down? I’m not prepared. There are like a dozen titles I have to catch up and finales are right around the corner. Fortunately, we have full seasons of a lot of TV’s biggest hits.

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LittleBigShots NewGirl
 1. – “Little Big Shots”: You’re telling me there aren’t enough talented kids to keep this show on 52 weeks a year?! Finale Date: May 8
 2. – “New Girl”: Schmidt and CeCe’s wedding is right around the corner. Finale Date: May 10
Grandfathered TheGrinder
   3. – “Grandfathered”: Why hasn’t this show been renewed yet? Stamos and the rest of the cast is killing it. Finale Date: May 10
 4. – “The Grinder”: This funny show hasn’t been renewed yet either. Check it out while you still can. Finale Date: May 10
Quantico TheFamily
  5. – “Quantico”: Oh “Quantico”…I love you enough to look past some serious holes in logic. Finale Date: May 15  6. – “The Family”: You just know a rollercoaster shows like this is going to have a crazy-town finale. Can’t wait. Finale Date: May 15
LastManonEarth ChicagoMed
 7. – “Last Man on Earth”: I feel like this comedy stuttered a bit in it’s second season, but it seems to be picking up steam. Finale Date: May 15
 8. –  “Chicago Med”: The rookie season of this medical drama has definitely proven to be a worthy addition to the “Chicago” franchise. Finale Date: May 17
Empire Grimm
 9. – “Empire”: What do I even need to say about “Empire” at this point. It is insane and deserves your attention. Finale Date: May 18  10.“Grimm”: All of season five is just a click away…if you’re brave enough. Finale Date: May 20

XFINITY TV Weekend Binge-Watching Guide

March 25, 2016

A recent study conducted by the research firm Deloitte states that 70% of Americans now indulge in binge-watching sessions. As someone who fit a whole eight-episode season of “True Detective” into a single day, it’s nice to feel normal for once.

If you’re a binge-watcher like me, part of the trending 70%…rejoice! We’ve put together a list of ten awesome, binge-worthy options for your weekend. All you have to do is provide some snacks.

If you’re not part of the 30%…relax. It’s not too late for you. Join us…the couch is super comfy…

And if you have a binge experience that tops my “True Detective” fest, I want to hear about it. Drop me a note on Twitter. The most impressive feats may be used in our future “Great Moments in Binge-Watching” tribute.

 1. – “The People vs. O.J. Simpson”: This is my favorite show of the year. You’ll watch it and say, “Oh yeah…” to the stuff you remember and “What, the what?!” to the stuff you don’t. A perfectly acceptable use of your weekend time.
 2. – “Empire”: If the second half of season 2 is as crazy as the first, then we’re all in for a wild ride. Check out the entire first half before “Empire” returns this Wednesday.
  3. – “Shades of Blue”: C’mon…you knew J’Lo wasn’t going to return to TV for any old show right? This one has an insane amount of twists and turns. Now’s the perfect time to jump on board before this Thursday’s big finale.  4. – “Black Sails”: Why aren’t more people talking about “Black Sails?” This pirate epic is one of our faves. Do yourself a favor and get caught up before this Sunday’s finale.
  5. – “Hap and Leonard”: Here’s another under-the-radar find that is worth your time. Get caught up on season one right now.  6. – “Younger”: There is a moment in this week’s “Younger” that is one of the top shockers of the year. But, you need to know the context. So, dive into this hidden gem of a show.
 7. “Quantico”: This show started off with a bang (literally) and has not let up since. Sure, there are some minor holes in the plot, but they’re a small price to pay for the mind-bending twists.  8. “The Walking Dead”: If you’ve written off this hit as “just a zombie show” you are missing out. This season has been amazing with morality questions, surprise romance, and epic battles. And next Sunday’s finale looks like it’s going to be insane.
 9. “60 Days In”: I would never agree to spend 60 days in prison. But, I’m glad these innocent civilians have. This inside look at life behind bars is fascinating. Watch one and you’re hooked.  10. “Game of Thrones”: Truthfully, you shouldn’t need a reason to binge this show. It’s that good. But if you need one; we’re less than a month away from the Season 6 premiere and you don’t want to be the person at the water cooler who doesn’t fit in.

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