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‘Survivor’ Castaways Share Their Watchathon Binge Watching Picks

April 4, 2014

'Survivor: Cagayan' (CBS)

NOTE: XFINITY TV is the place to be for all sorts of “Survivor: Cagayan” back-stabbin’, torch-snuffin’ fun. We’ll have Power Rankings with “Blood vs. Water” competitor Ciera Eastin, every Wednesday evening we’ll bring you a recap of the most recent episode, and every Thursday you’ll be able to watch the previous night’s episode and read an interview with the eliminated contestant. Be sure to follow me on Twitter (@gordonholmes) for immediate updates.

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The game of “Survivor” lasts 39 arduous days. And that’s not just for the people who make it all the way to the end. The people who are sent packing need to fill that time too. So, in the spirit of XFINITY Watchathon Week, I asked this season’s castaways which shows they would watch if they had a ton of time to kill…

Brice Johnston: I love “The Walking Dead.” I love “Game of Thrones.” I love “True Detective” on HBO. So, I’d definitely binge watch all of those shows.

Cliff Robinson: There’s one show that people keep telling me about and I haven’t had an opportunity to watch it is, “Banshee.” I like all the HBO shows, once I’m hooked on one I try to DVR it or catch it On Demand.

Alexis Maxwell: I’m like a TV connoisseur. “Girls,” I love “Girls.” It’s such a good show. It’s very realistic, like uncomfortably real. And it’s so funny because of it.

Sarah Lacina: If I had a week where I couldn’t do anything but sit at home, I’d probably watch…”Game of Thrones.”

Lindsey Ogle: I’m into “Once Upon a Time.” That’s my show right now. My daughter and I, we watch it together. Maybe it’s just a general feeling of something to look forward to, relaxing with her.

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