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Eliminated “Survivor” Castaway Pat: “I Don’t Have a Memory of it Happening…I Woke Up on the Heli”

September 27, 2018

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Gordon Holmes: What are you doing to me?! That was terrible! I was a wreck.
Pat Cusack: Oh man, trust me…I’d rather not be in this interview.
Holmes: And how are you feeling?
Cusack: I’m good, rehab is good. At this point I’m doing good. Obviously my emotional character is probably worse than my physical character, but that’s part of the game, I guess.

Holmes: This all happened off camera. They don’t film the transportation from the camps to the challenges. Fill in the blanks, what happened?
Cusack: We finished our challenge and we’re on the boat to head back to our camp and the seas were rough. There were probably 15-20 feet seas. And you’re in this little boat. Captain Travis…I think it was him…he told us, “We’re going to be in some rough seas so everyone scoot to the back of the boat. Just try to stay stable.” Well, when the water is that high you get waves from the north, south, east, and west. From what I gather from everything we took a big wave and that’s pretty much the extent of my memory of it until I woke up on the heli.
Holmes: When it was all said and done, what was the diagnosis?
Cusack: I have some spinal deterioration in my second and third vertebra.
Holmes: But you’re doing better now?
Cusack: I’m good, I’m better. I’m back 100%. It’s just one of those things where I guess it wasn’t in the cards for me.

Holmes: Who did you watch the show with last night?
Cusack: I was with my wife, my kids, and all my closest family and friends. There was about 400 of us at the premiere party.
Holmes: They’re all there, obviously you’re fine and in one piece but that still must’ve been quite a horrific shock. What happened at the screening?
Cusack: I knew when it was coming. Everybody was in great spirits. I was walking around and meeting everyone and having a good time. When that part came around I was sitting at the table with my wife and kids all around me. I was ready for it, but I wasn’t because I don’t have a memory of it happening. Everyone who saw it on national television is seeing it as I see it. My wife and my kids, they’re so happy and proud that I got a chance to do it. Their love and support drives me every day.

Holmes: If the David tribe had gone to Tribal last night. Who would’ve gone home?
Cusack: Not me. (Laughs) It definitely wasn’t me. In the days leading up to the challenge I’d gained relationships with Carl, Davie, and Jess. We had a strong alliance and we were going to bring in Christian and Bi. Nick was going to go home. That was the game plan. Obviously I don’t know for sure because it’s a game of deception, but I was pretty confident.
Holmes: The impression I got from Nick was he wasn’t helping around camp, he was playing fast, and it took him a while to make an emotional bond with people. Is that accurate?
Cusack: Yes. As soon as we arrived at camp, myself, Davie, Carl, we started making a shelter. You’ve got to have a roof over your head. Nick was walking around, cutting coconuts…not really putting an effort forth. We have to protect ourselves, we have to get out of the elements. And he wasn’t doing his part. It seems like he didn’t have the initiative to find something to do. He had to be led like a sheep to water. He was more worried about finding Tree Mail. Look dude, we’re not getting Tree Mail for a few days. We know we’re not going to a challenge today.

Holmes: Your name was tossed around a little bit. Was that surprising to you?
Cusack: It was. At the time I didn’t know. But, watching the show, I was a little surprised. In everyday life, I am a go getter. I take charge, especially with my construction background. I was kind of the GC on the job. I was making the effort to secure our bed and it came off a little stern or rough to people. Hey, it’s a game of social politics.

Holmes: Were people searching for idols? Did anyone find an idol?
Cusack: I was searching when I could, so I’m sure everyone else was. You see somebody dart off and your first instinct is “Where are they going? Why isn’t someone with them?” And if you see two people go off you think they’re working together. Your head is on a swivel.

Holmes: Alright word association time. Let’s start off with Carl.
Cusack: Awesome family man. He’s a cool cat.
Holmes: Elizabeth?
Cusack: She’s a mom, she’s from Kentucky. She’s eccentric. She’s out there.
Holmes: Gabby?
Cusack: She’s a nerd. (Laughs) She’s the “Ferd” as we called her, “Female Nerd.”
Holmes: (Laughs) Jessica?
Cusack: She’s a sweetheart. Same age as my daughter, so we took a liking right off of the jump.
Holmes: Bi?
Cusack: She’s kick ass. She’s a tough girl, she ran away from home at a young age and caught herself up in the MMA world. She’s a tough cat.
Holmes: Davie?
Cusack: He’s the comedian. He’s a clown. He’s the life of the island. He’s always having a good time.
Holmes: Lyrsa?
Cusack: The language barrier was a little difficult. She’s got different color hair, she’s always got that sassy language.
Holmes: Nick?
Cusack: He’s a good dude, don’t get me wrong about saying he’d be first out. He’s good, he’s all about family, he’s had a rough life.
Holmes: Let’s finish up with Christian.
Cusack: He’s my nerd. (Laughs) He’s my robot. He’s funny, he’s super cool. You look at him and you can tell he’s a nerd, but when he opens his mouth he’s a comedian. I tell him he needs to go to an open mic because the things that come out of his mouth are so darn funny.

Holmes: You mentioned that your evacuation has been worse mentally. You went out in a terrible way, but there must be some solace in how well you did. Your tribemates seemed fond of you, you built an incredible shelter, you were begging to stay in the game. Nobody would ever accuse you of quitting.
Cusack: The positive things I can take away are I got to play the greatest game in the world. Unfortunately the cards didn’t fall the way I wanted them to. You’ve got to wake up every day and move on. Sitting in the hospital, knowing that the dream I worked so hard for was taken away…it was ripped from my grasp. All of the sudden now I’m in a helicopter? It’s very emotionally and mentally draining. I was in a very dark place for two or three days until I got the call from Jeff. That kinda settled me. Knowing that I did leave my mark on the game as short as it was. I built relationships with the people I was there with. Even today we’re so close, we’re like a family. Everybody who plays this game has a story, and season 37 is the prequel to my sequel.
Holmes: There you go! Hope to see you again.

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“Survivor: David vs. Goliath” Premiere Recap: Rain-Soaked Episode Has a Scary Ending

September 26, 2018

“Survivor: David vs. Goliath” (CBS)

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Getting to Know You…

First we meet up with the David tribe as they jet along the Fijian coast in a boat…not a jet. Probst lets us know that Davids are always the underdog.

Fun Fact: Alternate titles included; “Survivor: Rocky vs. Apollo,” “Survivor: LaRusso vs. Lawrence,” “Survivor: Little Giants vs. Pee-Wee Cowboys.”

Anywho, here’s what we learn about these folks…

  • Christian thinks people might view him as a nerd, but he totally understands why they would do that. Agreed.
  • Elizabeth could throw a bale of hay higher than anyone when she was twelve. But what about now? Who has eclipsed her?!
  • Pat never judges a book by its cover. He doesn’t clarify how he judges books.

Next up, we meet the Goliaths who have spent their lives capitalizing on their advantages to succeed.

  • Natalie says that everything she touches turns to gold and she’s a natural leader and people will “literally” take bullets for her. Literally?
  • Angelina breaks down her impressive collegiate resume and claims to have led a fairy tale life. You probably shouldn’t lead with that at Tribal.

The two boats arrive at JPro’s mega boat where he says something along the lines of…

39 Days, 20 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog

Let’s take a look at these tribes as they currently stand…

The David Tribe (wearing orange)
Bi, 28 – MMA Fighter
Carl, 41 – Truck Driver
Christian, 32 – Robotics Scientist
Davie, 30 – Social Media Manager
Elizabeth, 31 – Kitchen Staff
Gabby, 25 – Technical Writer
Jessica, 19 – Waitress
Lyrsa, 35 – Flight Attendant
Nick, 27 – Public Defender
Pat, 40 – Maintenance Manager

The Goliath Tribe (wearing purple)
Alec, 24 – Bartender
Alison, 28 – Physician
Angelina, 28 – Financial Consultant
Dan, 27 – S.W.A.T. Officer
Jeremy, 40 – Attorney
John, 38 – Pro Wrestler
Kara, 30 – Realtor
Mike, 47 – Filmmaker
Natalia, 25 – Industrial Engineer
Natalie, 56 – Publishing CEO

Aboard the Mega Boat

Jeff immediately lays out the season’s theme, even unveiling a banner that reads “David vs. Goliath” in George Bush “Mission Accomplished” style.

Quick Aside: I wonder if it’s “David vs. Goliath” because there’s no such thing as an “overdog.”

Other things…

  • David grew up in a trailer and is the first person in his family to go to college. He also makes the point that David became the King.
  • John agrees that he’s always been a Goliath. He also busts out a few of his wrestling nicknames including “The Mayor of Slamtown” and the “Friday Night Delight.” C’mon dude, don’t leave out “Shaman of Sexy!”
  • Dan thinks Goliaths set a high bar of excellence and go after it.
  • Alison admits that she comes from a family that is very supportive, but she’s worked for everything she’s received.

From there, Jeff runs a very…weird…experiment where he asks Alison and Pat to compare their upbringings. Alison describes a upper-middle class life where her father is a physician, while Pat tells us about how his family lived paycheck-to-paycheck and his mother being paralyzed.

So…are we talking privileged vs. non-privileged? Cause that doesn’t quite roll off of the tongue.

Reward Challenge

The Goliath tribe is asked to identify the two weakest members of the David tribe. They go with Christian and Lyrsa. Mike hilariously describes Christian as “Big Bang Theory.” I’m sure the higher ups at CBS were high-fiving over that bit of corporate synergy.

Then the Goliaths must choose the two strongest members of their own tribe. They decide on John and Alison.

The challenge will involve both tribes racing through an obstacle course with multiple paths and then completing a puzzle. The first tribe to reach the end will win a shelter-building kit.

However, the Davids will get to choose which path and puzzle the Goliaths must complete. The Davids smartly pick the most difficult path and puzzle for the Goliaths.

WHAT IS THE LESSON? That weak Davids can beat strong Goliaths if the Goliaths are forced to make bad decisions?

Result: The Davids win because Christian is good at slide puzzles.

With that, Jeff gives them their maps and sends them on their merry way.

At Goliath Beach

  • People recognize Mike as a Hollywood writer and a former contestant on “The Amazing Race.” However, this does not save him from scrutiny when he’s caught hunting for idols. Also, as a famous writer who goes on to play “Survivor,” he’s officially Reverse Cochran.
  • Dan and Kara immediately discuss starting a showmance. On day one, guys? Is this “Big Brother”?
  • Natalie isn’t doing much around camp, but is still barking out orders. Keep that up and people will “literally” vote you out.
  • John unveils some more of his wrestling nicknames, finally calling himself the “Shaman of Sexy.” He reveals a new one that I’ve never heard before, “The George Bushy of Tushy.” That’s gonna be my new fave.
  • Alison and Angelina want to find an idol because men have traditionally found more idols. That’s true.

At David Beach

  • Pat takes control of building the shelter, and true to “Survivor” form, immediately starts bossing people around and rubbing them the wrong way. His jokes about “Sweating like a pregnant nun in confession,” aren’t doing him any favors either.
  • Jessica is 19 years old, but she’s telling everyone that she’s 22. It seems like she’s bonding with Bi, Carl, and Elizabeth.
  • Other pairs seem to be Carl and Davie, Christian and Libby, and Lyrsa and Elizabeth.
  • Nick is actively avoiding work and playing too fast. It is not going unnoticed.

Idol Threat

The Goliath camp comes down with idol fever. Apparently everyone is hunting for it at the same time.

And the lucky winner is…Dan. He discovers a rock with a string tied around it and IMMEDIATELY tells Kara and Natalia about it. C’mon, dude. Do you watch this show?

Oh wait, he tells us that he’s stoked to have found the idol with the two most beautiful girls on the show. Well, at least your priorities are terrible.

Lawyer Changes Tactics

Nick picks up on the fact that he’s really taking the wrong tone with the crowd. Later that night, he decides to open up to everyone and tell them an emotional story about losing his mother to drugs.

Immunity Challenge Time

The two tribes will run through an obstacle course. Then one person from each tribe will dig under a log. The first person through will chop a rope to release their ladder. The other tribe will be penalized and will need to untie knots to release their ladder. From there, the teams will pole vault across a chasm and then complete a numbered puzzle. The first tribe to complete the puzzle will win immunity and flint.

Result: Alec smoked Carl in the digging portion and the Goliaths were able to maintain that lead and pick up the win.

A Freak Accident

Quick Aside: They sometimes make it seem like the contestants have to hike or row to the challenges and Tribal. In reality, the camps are so far away that it would take days for them to get there. So, they’re actually transported on motorboats.

When we come back from commercial, you can see the medical team carrying Pat from the boat to the beach on a stretcher.

This must be really bad.

Apparently, the boat hit a big wave on the rough sea and it may have caused some serious damage to his back.

Probst shows up to assess the situation and Pat says, “I’m scared.” Oh man…this is terrible.

The medical team is worried that the impact could have caused a fracture and insists on pulling Pat from the game.

Pat begs to stay, but there’s just no way. Pat’s doesn’t want to quit, but Probst assures him that he’s a strong guy and nobody will ever accuse him of quitting.

A helicopter is brought in and Pat is taken away.

Later, Jeff addresses the Davids and lets them know that they won’t be attending Tribal that night.

Verdict: Oof…what a terrible way to start a season. The theme doesn’t work for me, we lost an interesting player for a crappy reason, and with no Tribal, we didn’t get to see any lasting strategy.

Here’s hoping things pick up next week.

Winner’s Pick: This episode didn’t reveal much. We don’t even really know who’s really working together. But, and this is a hunch, I’m going to go with Elizabeth. That bale of hay thing is just really impressive.

  • Natalia – Natalia seemed to be in the middle of all the action at the Goliath camp. She’s one to watch.
  • Jessica – The first few days are for making friends, not waves. She’s going to go a long way.
  • Christian – Who doesn’t love this guy? He should write an idol-finding algorithm.
  • Carl – He didn’t look good in the immunity challenge, but he’s making some good connections.
  • Elizabeth – She seems like a vital component to her tribe. I don’t have a lot to base that on, but she seems well liked.
  • Lyrsa – It looks like she’s in on whatever is going on with the Davids.
  • Nick – You stumbled coming out of the blocks, but you were able to course correct.
  • Dan – Hooray! You have an idol. Boo! Everyone is going to know about it in short order.
  • Mike – Don’t feel too bad, Cochran made a lot of mistakes his first go-around too.
  • Kara – When showmances are split up, the women tend to go first. Tread lightly.
  • Natalie – Not working + telling people what to do = pre-jury trip.
  • John, Alec, Jeremy, Davie, Alison, Angelina, Bi, Gabby – I can’t give you full credit if you don’t show your work.

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“Survivor: Ghost Island” Fave Bradley Kleihege Accepts the “David vs. Goliath” Power Rankings Challenge

September 24, 2018

“Survivor: Ghost Island” Fave Bradley Kleihege (CBS)

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The XFINITY “Survivor” Power Rankings committee is pleased to announce that “Survivor: Ghost Island” star Bradley Kleihege has agreed to accept this season’s Power Rankings challenge. To kick things off, we’ve asked Bradley to rank the players based on how likely they are to win the game.

 “Survivor: David vs. Goliath,” Begins Wednesday September 26, 2018 at 8 p.m. ET.

1. Lyrsa: Impressed with her. In pre-game she is coming across just quirky enough to everyone that she is not being thought of as a threat but rather someone they all want to get to know. If she actually is as socially-savvy as she claims to be then she should find herself in a great position. She also noted she could connect with Elizabeth because Elizabeth had a Bible and she used to go to church. This is a great insight and awareness. Threat to win. 2. Jeremy: His past growing up in the south should come in handy for him navigating through the personalities. I think that Jeremy is going to be really fun to watch on TV. Unfortunately that doesn’t always translate to surviving deep into the game. He could be a train-wreck or he could be a great player who is a threat to win. I’m guessing late-merge.
3. Elizabeth: Elizabeth has the attitude to win this season. Whether she has any chance of accomplishing that will depend on how well she gets along with the others. If she can hang and not annoy, she is a serious threat to win. If she is overbearing and not motherly in a selfless/do-more-chores-than-the-others kind of way, she could see herself headed on the rejects’ (pre-merge) trip. I’d bet late-merge — gets close but comes up short. 4. Carl: He could get in to trouble extolling his strong work ethic with younger tribemates. However, he is older and has a ton more life experience which is usually helpful in making a run at winning. As a truck-driver I would imagine he is good at interacting with a whole bunch of different types of people. I guess pre-merge or winner threat.
5. Kara: I’m leery of the chances of any contestant that states they will win because they “have what it takes mentally, physically, and socially.” Since that is about as creative as painting the walls in your house beige. But, Kara does seem to have some life experience and is a bit older, both of which I think are extremely helpful. Plus, in pre-game, her own tribe appears to be distracted by her looks which could allow her to fly under the radar (in a good way.) 6. Gabby: Gabby, much like Christian will need to have a strong first few days. In pre-game she is being pegged by her fellow contestants as nerdy and quiet. If she breaks out of that stereotype, people will not only be intrigued but I think she will last a long time. However, if she cannot break out of it she could be headed for a short stay in Fiji. I think she seems younger than she is which could result in her being underestimated, which is probably good for the first part of the game.
7. Alec: I am guessing the ego is bigger than his slicked up hair! I think he may struggle on a tribe full of accomplished people. His chances would be better if he were on the other tribe since he pegs me as more of a David than a Goliath, but maybe he can use that as an advantage at a swap or the merge. No reason to expect anything other than a standard surfer-bro placement for Alec, mid to late merge. 8. Dan: Dan comes across to me as someone who before the game even starts is already acting like a “Survivor” contestant whose season is airing— insufferably obsessed with their relevance and public persona. He does, however, come off as entertaining so I am cautiously optimistic about this one. But I wouldn’t bet on him winning because he isn’t a fan and it is possible he could lack some social awareness, which gets annoying real quick. (Further, the recent pandering he has been doing on the “Survivor” subreddit has been delightful. I can only hope the “Survivor” subreddit turns on him like a pack of hungry wolves.)
9. Natalia: She is coming in with little “Survivor” knowledge and admittedly no strategy. Not off to a great start there, Natalia. I am really skeptical of how anyone that doesn’t have a good base knowledge of the game is a winners threat in the era of idols and advantages. Possibly first boot or somewhere forgettable in the merge. Wouldn’t be shocked if her edit was the color of her buff. 10. AlisonSpeaks in her CBS bio as to why she will win, not that she could win. Mindset going in is important. Pre-game impressions of her seem to be positive. Her bio and interviews don’t stand out to me much so she may be able to fly under the radar. Alison seems inoffensive enough to make it to the end but does she have the charisma?
11. Mike: I thought my cast picture was squinty until I saw Mike’s. If it weren’t for his previously being on “The Amazing Race” and his work in Hollywood, I would plunk him down into the David Wright archetype and finish position. But he isn’t going to be able to play the underdog like David which may very well hurt his chances. 12. Nick: As someone that knows a bit about playing the game as a lawyer, a lot of Nick’s fate will be determined by how well he can adapt to “Survivor” where everyone is not a highly educated professional, but oftentimes closer to the opposite of that. He has a good chance of being able to adapt since he is a public defender. Nick says that his dream was to get on “Survivor,” notably he didn’t say to win “Survivor.” I didn’t believe it until I played but that difference in mindset is very often what separates the winners from the jurors. He will survive 20 days give or take 5.
13. John: I’m at a loss as to where I think he will finish. But I think that will be cleared up within the first episode. I need to see how he interacts with people in the game. He hits me as someone who is always playing up the persona he has created for himself in his professional life. In “Survivor,” will he be able to maintain that, will people find it phony, or will he shed that persona and come across genuine? I haven’t a clue at the moment, ask me in a week. 14. Angelina: She touts her social skills and how quickly she can connect to people but I am curious to see how well she does with less-educated people and people not working for a tip from her. I think she could be in trouble with the simple folk of season 37. Also worrisome for Angelina is how some contestants have picked up on the handlers at Ponderosa avoiding her, not good if people who haven’t been able to interact with her are picking up on this. I see her going premerge or early-merge, depending on whether or not those social skills are 10% as good as she thinks or 50% as good as she thinks they are.
15. Pat: Oh lord, are we about to get another “Survivor” growth narrative about the person who gets to see the world and experience only previously dreamt about things thanks to “Survivor”? Puke. He sticks out to people in pre-game which is not good if his demeanor in the game confirms the opinions already forming about him. Pat does have a blue-collar managerial position which is probably beneficial. However, I sense he may be about to get the full “Survivor” experience, including the pre-merge trip. 16. Davie: He wants to be a big character which could backfire for him depending on how well he can execute it. There is a fine line between your castmates finding your antics endearing and finding them as entertaining as having the swine flu. Is he self-aware enough to know how he is being perceived? He won’t be the first boot, since in pre-game he seems to be regarded highly enough by the others, but I would guess mid-premerge, maybe ala Patrick!
17. Jessica: Her standing in the game may come down to whether she can convincingly lie about her age. I don’t feel that she needs to lie about her age because to many of the older players 19 and 22 seem pretty similar— similarly young. Will the lie fly or will it come across as a poor veneer? Will she have the social skills and awareness to keep her superfandom to a minimum? That along with her age could put an early target on her back. Pre-merge or late-game finish as a goat is my guess. 18. Christian: Right now in the evolution of “Survivor” is not the time to be the nerdy superfan. It puts a target on your back. The first few days will be critical for Christian. Will he come across as a gamebot or will he be able to keep his chill about his game knowledge? Contestants in pre-game all seem to have sniffed out his superfan status. Not good. I’m betting pre-merge, but probably not first boot?
19. Natalie: I like what Natalie has to say and I like that she is admittedly argumentative, unfortunately I can tell you from experience that being argumentative isn’t the best trait to bring to “Survivor.” Although, she seems to understand that certain social and strategic skills have been handy in getting her to her current position of CEO, while also not listing them off as if she were bragging like some of her other Goliaths. This could go a couple of ways, she could be fantastic or she could be toast. I’m very sadly going to guess toast. I don’t see where she fits in on the Goliath tribe and “Survivor” generally boils down to a popularity contest, especially in the first couple Tribals. 20. Bi: Seems cool but just started watching the show. While it isn’t good to be the know-it-all superfan, it is also not good to be new to the game. Even more detrimental to Bi’s “Survivor” longevity is that others in pre-game are questioning her ability to hack it. It is not good to stand out in that way. The first boot is usually someone that people had already started singling out in pre-game.

Don’t miss the 90-minute season premiere of “Survivor: David vs. Goliath,” Wednesday September 26, 2018 at 8 p.m. ET.

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Former WWE Champion, Star of “School of Rock” Join the Cast of “Survivor: David vs. Goliath”

September 5, 2018

“Survivor: David vs. Goliath” (CBS)

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The cast for the 37th season of the legendary reality show “Survivor” was revealed by CBS on Wednesday afternoon. This collection of 20 all-new players will be divided into two teams; the Davids (who have had to overcome some form of adversity) and the Goliaths (who have capitalized on the advantages they were given in life).

Name: Christian Hubicki

Age: 32

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Current Residence: Tallahassee, FL

Occupation: Robotics Scientist

Name: Nick Wilson

Age: 27

Hometown: Williamsburg, KY

Current Residence: London, KY

Occupation: Public Defender

Name: Davie Rickenbacker

Age: 30

Hometown: Orangeburg, SC

Current Residence: Atlanta, GA

Occupation: Social Media Manager

Name: Jessica Peet

Age: 19

Hometown: Lakeland, FL

Current Residence: Lakeland, FL

Occupation: Waitress

Name: Gabby Pascuzzi

Age: 25

Hometown: St. Augustine, FL

Current Residence: Denver, CO

Occupation: Technical Writer

Name: Lyrsa Torres

Age: 36

Hometown: Puerto Rico

Current Residence: Boston, MA

Occupation: Airline Agent

Name: Bi Nguyen

Age: 28

Hometown: Houston, TX

Current Residence: Houston, TX

Occupation: MMA Fighter

Name: Carl Boudreaux

Age: 41

Hometown: Beaumont, TX

Current Residence: Houston, TX

Occupation: Truck Driver

Name: Elizabeth Olsen

Age: 31

Hometown: Dallas, Ft. Worth, TX

Current Residence: Longview, TX

Occupation: Kitchen Staff

Name: Pat Cusack

Age: 40

Hometown: Cohoes, NY

Current Residence: Watervliet, NY

Occupation: Maintenance Manager

Name: John Hennigan

Age: 38

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Current Residence: Los Angeles, CA

Occupation: Pro Wrestler (Former WWE Intercontinental Champion)

Previous Reality TV Experience: Won the third season of WWE’s “Tough Enough”

Name: Natalia Azoqa

Age: 25

Hometown: Irvine, CA

Current Residence: Irvine, CA

Occupation: Industrial Engineer

Name: Alec Merlino

Age: 24

Hometown: San Clemente, CA

Current Residence: San Clemente, CA

Occupation: Bartender

Name: Angelina Keeley

Age: 28

Hometown: Sparks, NV

Current Residence: San Clemente, CA

Occupation: Financial Consultant

Name: Jeremy Crawford

Age: 40

Hometown: Clover, SC

Current Residence: New York

Occupation: Attorney

Name: Kara Kay

Age: 30

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Current Residence: San Diego, CA

Occupation: Realtor

Name: Dan Rengering

Age: 27

Hometown: Lake Butler, FL

Current Residence: Gainesville, FL

Occupation: S.W.A.T. Officer

Name: Alison Raybould

Age: 28

Hometown: Leawood, KS

Current Residence: Chapel Hill, NC

Occupation: Physician

Name: Mike White

Age: 47

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Current Residence: Los Angeles, CA

Occupation: Filmmaker/Actor (“School of Rock”)

Previous Reality TV Experience: Twice competed on “The Amazing Race”

Name: Natalie Cole

Age: 56

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Current Residence: Los Angeles, CA

Occupation: Publishing CEO

Don’t miss the 90-minute season premiere of “Survivor: David vs. Goliath,” Wednesday September 26, 2018 at 8 p.m. ET.

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