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Requiem for a Macho Man

May 21, 2011

“That’s back when wrestling was real? Right?” – Bob Trate

My buddy Bob likes his nerdy stuff, I like mine. While he’s watching sci-fi epics, I’m watching guys in spandex pretend to beat each other up.

But what got me started? Why does anyone decide to watch pro wrestling? Some will say it’s the pageantry, others will say it’s the larger-than-life personas, some think it’s the death-defying stunts. I disagree. I think everybody who tunes in was originally hooked by a great storyline.

This was mine…



The Top 36 Characters in NBC’s Thursday Night Line-up

May 20, 2011

UPDATE: Every Oscar’s “Recently Deceased” montage has a ridiculous exclusion.  I have made a similar error. Ron Swanson from “Parks and Recreation” is that exclusion. I apologize.

It’s often said when somebody prominent leaves their field that, “Everyone else moves up a spot.” If that’s true, then everybody in NBC’s Thursday comedy line-up was bumped up a spot a few weeks ago when Steve Carell left “The Office.”

So, who’s the new number one? Keep reading to find out…

Note: I had originally considered doing a “20 Least Funny Characters on ’30 Rock'” list, but Tina Fey has contacts in the Philadelphia area and I didn’t want her coming after me.

Another Note: As with any list I make, this is based on my tastes today. This could very well change within the next few minutes. So, if you think Creed Bratton was robbed, don’t worry. This is all one a–hole’s opinion anyway.

Yet Another Note: If you’re a fan of Rob Cesternino’s “Rob Has a Podcast,” you may recall that he and I discussed this list a few weeks ago. We’re bouncing around a similar (and in my opinion better) idea for an upcoming podcast. And if you’re not a fan of Rob’s podcast, you should be.


A Salute to Snopes

May 9, 2011

The Internet has been a part of my life for seventeen years. It’s amazing the impact it has had in that time. It’s helped me reconnect with childhood friends. It’s provided me with the first glimpses of my niece and nephew. It’s given me the ability to pursue my dream career. Go Internet.

The Internet also amazes me with the ways it has changed over the years. Scoops used to be my first stop every day for wrestling news. I used to live on my Friendster page. I must’ve checked Cardinals Diaspora every five minutes during the Cards 2006 World Series run. But now? Tastes have evolved, trends have evolved. Some sites went out of business, some are now obsolete.

Except for


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