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“Survivor” Castaway John – “I Didn’t Trust Alec Because of the Way He Voted Out Natalia”

November 15, 2018

“Survivor: David vs. Goliath” (CBS)

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Gordon Holmes: Oh…Johnny Blindside!
John Hennigan: I was shocked. (Laughs) Sometimes the way that I deal with stuff is I laugh at things because it’s better to do that than to cry. I was just really emotional. I wasn’t upset, I was just so surprised. I was so confident that we were voting for Christian and in retrospect I was over confident, and when I see how things went down, I almost should have expected it. Sometimes when you’re hungry and tired your brain is kind of foggy and you get set in one way of thinking and then a different Brachacho is getting blindsided that the one you thought. It’s surprising. And it was really well played by Nick and Davie and Christian.

Holmes: It’s interesting that you mentioned laughing instead of crying, because it was the most jovial blindside I’ve ever seen. There was an outpouring of love for you almost immediately. It seems like you made some really good connections out there.
Hennigan: I connected and got along with everybody a lot more than I thought I would. I was expecting to have a good time. I was expecting to have a life-changing experience, but being unplugged like that, getting back to old-school human skills was actually refreshing. It was really nice. I feel like I’m constantly compelled to be tweeting and posting things on Facebook and Instagram because it’s a big part of what I’m doing in the wrestling business. I’m the current Impact Wrestling champion. We’re on Pop TV tonight at 10pm. I had to plug that.
Holmes: That’s alright. Plug away.
Hennigan: I have an awesome match with Matt Sydal tonight. But that stuff is constantly floating through my head. Especially when I’ve got my phone. It’s almost like a gift that you get to not be able to do that. I was completely present in this moment on this beautiful island with these people. It was really fun, I liked everybody. Maybe I should have been more strategic and talked a little more game. (Laughs) Then people wouldn’t have liked me as much and I’d still be there. But, it was very rewarding.
Holmes: That’s the problem guys like you and I are going to have…we’re just way too likable.
Hennigan: (Laughs) There’s worse problems. I appreciate that.

Holmes: Was there any talk amongst the Goliaths that you wouldn’t want to go to the end with a David because they’d have that built-in underdog story?
Hennigan: Big time. And it was nice last night that Mike broke the fourth wall when he said that he felt like Christian has the potential to win this game and everyone who’s watching at home is going to think, “Why didn’t they get Christian out?” And that thought process wasn’t just what the audience was thinking, but also the jury at the end. So, big time, everyone was thinking of that. That’s why I wanted to stay Goliath strong. And I probably held onto that thinking a little too long. Not probably…definitely.

Holmes: When I saw your name on the cast list my initial reaction was challenge superstar. You’re a professional athlete, you have a parkour background, I’ve seen you wiggle your way back into a Royal Rumble or two. And yet, here’s Alec taking the solo parts of all of these challenges? Was that strategy or is he that good?
Hennigan: I did not want to be perceived as a big challenge threat. I knew no matter what, being a pro wrestling and coming in in really good shape that that was going to be a perception anyway. I didn’t want to add to it. I didn’t want to put the idea in people’s heads that I was going to be good at individual immunity challenges. So, I specifically didn’t want to highlight myself like that. And, Alec was really good. I don’t know if I could have done better than him. If Alec had sucked, I’d have wanted to step up and play a part, but he didn’t.

Holmes: Speaking of Alec, he’s starting this Strike Force, he’s the one who told Nick about the Christian vote. Did you know at the time that he was making moves?
Hennigan: I did. I didn’t trust Alec because of the way he voted out Natalia. I didn’t know what happened, but when Vuku showed up and she was gone, it just made no sense to me. And I caught a look from him. And, there was a real quick conversation where I tried to figure out what was going on, and I just didn’t get good vibes. I think he knew that I didn’t trust him. And that Natalia blindside was just a dumb move. He didn’t really think through what that was going to do to his tribe. I knew he was going to pull the trigger and jump ship. I didn’t know he was going to hit the ground running as soon as the merge feast was over. The way I was thinking about the game was a little too slow-paced.

Holmes: Alright, word association time. Let’s start with…Jeremy.
Hennigan: Hilarious.
Holmes: Natalia?
Hennigan: Motivated.
Holmes: Gabby?
Hennigan: Articulate.
Holmes: Mike?
Hennigan: Also hilarious.
Holmes: Carl?
Hennigan: Worldly.
Holmes: Kara?
Hennigan: Best smile ever.
Holmes: Alison?
Hennigan: A really good person.
Holmes: Dan?
Hennigan: Loyal.
Holmes: Davie?
Hennigan: Adventurous.
Holmes: Elizabeth?
Hennigan: Stubborn…in the best of all ways.
Holmes: Angelina?
Hennigan: Ambitious.
Holmes: Nick?
Hennigan: Intelligent.
Holmes: Natalie?
Hennigan: Opinionated.
Holmes: Alec?
Hennigan: Living the good life.
Holmes: Let’s finish with the Comptroller of Slamtown, Christian.
Hennigan: Quirky, funny, intelligent.

Holmes: There was a weird controversy this season where Jeremy accused Angelina of voting him out because he had made a joke about you and her being in a showmance. What was your take on the situation?
Hennigan: First of all, there was no showmance. What Jeremy did in my opinion was feeling the anxiety of the first Tribal, he threw out that there was a Dan and Kara showmance, Alec and Natalia, and John and Angelina. We were playing the game together, we had an alliance, we were talking strategy. He tried to get side conversations to stop. That’s because nobody was having side conversations with Jeremy. It’s kind of a bummer the way he lashed out.

Holmes: My wife is a new “Survivor” fan and she was bummed to see you go. My response was that you’re funny, good-looking, good TV…the kind of guy I’d invite back. So, if you get that call, what’s the answer?
Hennigan: I really love the show, so probably yes. But to do the show, there’s a really tight window because of wrestling.
Holmes: Yes, and I hear you’re facing Matt Sydal on Impact Wrestling tonight at 10pm on Pop TV.

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‘WWE Extreme Rules’ Results

May 2, 2011

Hope you’re ready for some Wrestlemania leftovers! We are live and in high definition from Tampa, Florida. Our hosts for the evening are Josh Matthews, Jerry Lawler, and Booker T.

Last Man Standing Match: CM Punk wasn’t able to answer the ten count after Randy Orton and his five o’clock shadow gave him an RKO off of the top rope.

Wait, is Orton’s five o’clock shadow ripping off Kurt Angle? Uh oh…

Before the match, the anonymous Raw General Manager banned the New (and not terribly improved) Nexus from ringside, thus robbing Randy of the opportunity to single-handedly wipe them all out again. Kendo sticks were the flavor of the match with both guys taking some violent shots. Other highlights included Punk side-Russian leg sweeping Orton onto a steel chair, Orton RKOing Punk onto the announcer’s table (which didn’t break), and Punk giving Orton the GTS onto the steel ring steps. Overall a decent match, but the crowd didn’t seem that into it.

Afterward, Teddy Long, (Holla!) told Sheamus that he’d be defending (and I assume losing) his U.S. championship against Kofi Kingston in a table match. Sheamus isn’t cool with this as he doesn’t think Kofi is from the United States. He wants to see Kofi’s birth certificate. Well, Sheamus’s hair is as ridiculous as Donald Trump’s.

Table Match for the United States Championship: Kofi won the United States championship after putting Sheamus through a table with a boom drop off of the top rope. It felt something was off with the color on my TV as I’m not used to seeing Sheamus wearing red, white, and blue, and Kofi looked like a pack of Hubba Bubba with his hot pink/florescent green attire.

Wait, are Sheamus’s USA colors ripping off Kurt Angle? Uh oh…

Some cool stuff included Kofi doing a double foot stomp onto Sheamus’s chest, Kofi managing to keep himself from going through a table by straddling it, and the final boom drop off of the top rope to the floor was pretty awesome. But again, a decent match with a silent crowd. Weird.

After the match, R-Truth visited Todd Grisham to let him (and us) know how he feels about being pushed out of the main event. As you’d imagine, he’s not happy about it. He thinks it’s a conspiracy. He tries to spell conspiracy, but only gets halfway through before deciding to move on.

Tag Team Country Whipping Match:
Michael Cole and Jack Swagger won after Cole was able to schoolboy Jim Ross. Michael Cole wore bubble wrap at the beginning of the match in an obvious nod to The Cat. (Yes, I’m aware that that joke dates me.) That didn’t last long though as Jerry Lawler quickly ripped it off of him. The story of the match revolved around Lawler and Ross trying to get their hands on Cole, but Swagger kept cutting them off. When Ross was eventually able to get ahold of Cole, what followed was pretty brutal.

Oh, that’s brutal as in sloppy, not as in violent.

This whole match was a bit of a trainwreck, and with Cole winning, sadly I think we’re in for more of this feud.

Note: WWE has a history of making matches with non-wrestlers entertaining, this just isn’t one of those times.

Next up Jonathan Cena had some interview time. He let us know that his long 10-month title drought ends tonight.

Falls Count Anywhere Match: Rey Mysterio defeated Cody Rhodes with a  springboard splash after a 619. Before the match, Cody Rhodes had his representatives hand out paper bags to the uglier members of the audience. This bout went everywhere like an old-school Hardcore match. At one point they even ended up in a concession stand. Cool moments included Rey dropping the dime off of the rampway, Cody wheelbarrowing Mysterio onto the steel steps, and Mysterio spraying Cody with a Great Muta-esque mist. Pretty good match and the crowd seemed into it. One odd thing though, what’s the point of a falls-count-anywhere match where the fall takes place in the ring?

Afterward, Layla apologized to the other Divas for being rude to them. The Divas forgave her because for as much as they don’t like Layla, they like Michelle McCool much less.

Loser Leaves WWE Match:
Lay-Cool explodes, brother! Why isn’t this the main event? It was the main event when Shawn Michaels retired!

Anywho, Layla won the match after reversing a pin out of the Faith Breaker. Not much to call attention to here. I guess the best thing I can say about it is it was way better than any match involving Michael Cole and Jim Ross.

When it was over, Kharma (who for those of you who are unfamiliar with the former Awesome Kong should know is HUGE) destroyed McCool with a double-underhook face breaker.

Next up, Alberto Del Rio is giving his personal ring announcer some tips on how to announce him as the new champion.

Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight Championship:
Christian claimed his first World title after Edge drove into the arena in a jeep and distracted Alberto Del Rio. At one point it looked like Christian was on his way to victory, but Brodus Clay snuck in and swiped the ladder out from under him. Big moments included Christian being pushed off of the top rope, landing on a standing ladder on the outside and hitting Del Rio with a crossbody, Del Rio hitting an armbreaker off of a tiny Hornswoggle-esque ladder, Christian hitting a spear in honor of his buddy Edge, and Del Rio nearly killing himself by missing a legdrop off of the top rope and through a ladder. Really good match, and the crowd really heated up toward the end.

After that we meet up with The Miz and Alex Riley. Alex is annoyed that the numbers are against The Miz in his Triple Threat Cage Match. The Miz isn’t interested in what Riley has to say. That makes two of us.

Lumberjack Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship: Kane and the Big Show defeated Wade Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson after Wade Barrett tagged himself into the match and ate a Show chokeslam. Not much to call home about here in this very short match, but it was impressive to see Ezekiel Jackson bodyslam the Big Show.

Triple Threat Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship: John Cena won his 53rd World Championship by pinning The Miz after an Attitude Adjustment off of the top rope. At one point R-Truth interjected himself into the match, keeping John Morrison from escaping the cage. He also hit Cena with an axe kick. Memorable moments included Morrison and Cena (Johnx2) suplexing Miz off of the cage, Morrison hitting a C4 on Cena, and Morrison hitting a Starship Pain from off of the top of the cage. Decent match here, but I’m sorry if seeing Cena with the belt for the 10th time doesn’t inspire much interest from me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Cena hater, but after he lost it the last time, he didn’t seem that concerned. So, why should I care when he gets it back?

Final Thoughts: The show boasted some really solid matches that may have been held back by a quiet crowd. And, what was bad was relatively short. Worth checking it out on a replay if you get the chance.

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