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‘The Captive Butler’

October 11, 2011

My computer was down for about a week, so my art kick ground to a screeching halt. However, thanks to my local tech support (ie, my girlfriend) everything is back up and running.

So, here’s my nod to Jack Vettriano’s ‘The Singing Butler’…

The Captive Butler

The Tagi Stratagem

September 9, 2011

The art renaissance continues with a piece I did that depicts my favorite moment in “Survivor” history.

In it, Richard Hatch realizes that winning the final challenge will ultimately cost him the game. If he takes Rudy Boesch to the finals, the former Navy SEAL will clobber him. If he takes Kelly Wiglesworth, the jury will turn on him for stabbing his friend in the back. So, he quit. It ultimately won him a million dollars and turned me into a “Survivor” fan for life.

Survivor Borneo

Wrestling Posters

August 31, 2011

I snagged a Wacom for my birthday and I’ve been obsessed with it. As in, I sit down on the couch with it when I get home after work, then crawl up to bed seven hours later. So, here are some of my early efforts…

CM Punk Promo Poster Wrestlemania X-Seven Poster Wrestle War '89 Poster

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