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WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella on the Divas Revolution, Cena’s Broken Nose

August 18, 2015

WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella (WWE)

WWE SummerSlam is right around the corner and the Divas Revolution is heating up. With the infusion of new talent such as Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks, some would say that the Divas division hasn’t been this competitive since Lita and Trish Stratus main evented “WWE Raw.”

I spoke to Nikki Bella in the days leading up to SummerSlam and asked her about the three-team, nine-woman elimination tag match, her new competition, and the possibility of being the longest-reigning Divas Champion ever.

Gordon Holmes: I have a bone to pick with you.
Nikki Bella: Uh oh.
Holmes: I was on searching for some kind of application to join Team Bella and I couldn’t find one.
Bella: You know what? I need to discuss this with Team Bella.
Holmes: I could be a huge asset to Team Bella. I can write press releases. I can do a ton of things. Please take it under consideration.
Bella: I will. I can’t believe I haven’t even thought of that. Because technically, Team Bella should be bigger than any other team…and stronger. It should be an army.
Holmes: Exactly, I’m glad we’re on the same page.
Bella: (Laughs) I love it.

Holmes: Alright, we’ve got this Divas Revolution going on with all of these talented youngsters coming up from NXT. You’ve got Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and the NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks. Now, I feel like you’ve made some big strides over the past few years to become a very talented in-ring performer. However, these Divas from NXT get all this time and they’re in main events, do they have an unfair advantage?
Bella: They’re fortunate. And by the way, thank you for the compliment.
Holmes: Well deserved.
Bella: They’re fortunate because not only do they get to be at this amazing facility at NXT, it’s like being at a division one college. They get TV on an amazing network, and then they have all this time. And let me tell you, over the years I have learned so much and I have grown in the ring. And the one thing I’ve realized is; some of my best performances are because I have time. I have so much time to tell a story that I can bring the people in. I can make them cheer and I can make them boo.  I think that’s been the one unfortunate thing for main roster girls is we have a lot of talented girls on the roster, but you never get to see it. When you get out there and they’re like, “Three minutes.” How do I get the crowd involved in three minutes and do a finish and have you buy it and believe it? You just can’t. And sometimes I’m working with girls that I’ve never even touched in the ring. I’ve known you for two years, but what do you do in the ring? These NXT girls get to practice together every day and that helps you become good. So, I hate to use the words, “unfair advantage, “ I just think they’re very fortunate. But, if that makes the Divas division better, then I am so for it, because I am having a blast with this Divas Revolution. It’s so fun to have the crowd so involved and to work with girls who are really good.

Holmes: If you had to rank the three newbies, what order would you put them in?
Bella: That’s so tough.
Holmes:  I’m not here to go easy on you, Nikki.
Bella: I know! When you look at Sasha, she’s the total package from looks, in-ring work, gear, personality, she’s the NXT Champion. Then you look at Charlotte; maybe she’s my number two because her dad is legendary, she has Flair running through her blood. She looks like her dad. She has his aura. When Charlotte comes out, she’s very much like Ric. She’s fancy in the ring. This is tough for me, because Becky is…I think, one of the best in-ring workers. Out of all of them, Becky…I think out of all three of the underdogs, I think they’d like to push Charlotte and Sasha. Not that she’s been left out, but she’s kind of a third wheel. But, she’s very good in that ring. And she’s one of the sweetest girls you’ll ever meet in your life. When I broke my leg and was coming back, she was the one girl that would bump for me and work really hard with me. In the end, she’ll probably be the one that shines. Because you know the one that’s not making that much noise in the beginning, watch in the end, she’ll be making a ton. I don’t want to rank them!
Holmes: Mwahahaha.
Bella: But I’d go Sasha, Charlotte, Becky. It makes me feel bad saying that because I like them all a lot.

Holmes: This kind of got brushed under the rug; but during the Wrestlemania pre-game show, Lita made a comment about a potential Bellas vs. Besties match at the next Wrestlemania. Would you and Brie be up for taking on Lita and Trish Stratus?
Bella: That would be a dream. I loved it because Lita was rocking a Brie Mode shirt on “Tough Enough” a few episodes ago. I would love for that to happen. If Brie and I took on Lita and Trish, that right there…if you’re a basketball fan, it’d be like getting on the court with Michael Jordan. Or getting on the field with Babe Ruth or Derek Jeter. For us, that would be legendary. I would love it. I hope it happens. I think it’d be an amazing match. So, cross your fingers.

Holmes: All ten are crossed. I have a beautiful fiancée who I love and adore. I’ve never had to sit by and watch as her nose is smashed in on national TV.
Bella: (Laughs)
Holmes: What is that like exactly?
Bella: It’s horrible!
Holmes: (Laughs)
Bella: I was like a mom freaking out when her kid gets hurt. I ran up to Gorilla and was like, “John’s nose is on the side of his face, why is he still wrestling?!” But, you know him. He’s so strong. I was with him in the hospital that night. He had emergency surgery. And, I was with him all week before I left for the wrestling shows. But, I’ve just never known anyone who heals like him. He’s 100%, and it’s crazy. He’s not lying. He’s fully healed. It was just really hard to watch. And then being at work and watching the replays, I was just like, “OK, I’ve had enough!”

Holmes: At SummerSlam you’ll be participating in a three-team, nine-woman elimination tag team match. What can we expect from Team Bella?
Bella: Um…victory.
Holmes:  (Laughs)
Bella: (Laughs) Right? Dominance, aggressiveness. The one thing about Team Bella compared to the other girls is that Brie and I have been here for almost nine years. Alicia Fox has been here for almost ten years. We have years on our side. Not only that, we have years together. The other teams have some new ones, you have some old ones. And, you’re looking at three very aggressive women. Fox is so athletic and so aggressive. And my sister has fire like I’ve never seen. So, I think we’re going to be very dominant in that match.

Holmes: Who do you like in the Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker match?
Bella: It’s so tough, because I will admit, and I know people will say, “No, Nikki!”, but I like Brock Lesnar.
Holmes: No, Nikki!
Bella: I know! He’s an amazing athlete and he broke the streak. But, Taker is legendary. Everything about him is amazing. I do hope Undertaker gets his revenge on Brock, but I’m a big Brock Lesnar fan.

Holmes: You have held the Divas Championship forever. You’re quickly approaching the record held by AJ Lee. What does it mean to you to be so close to eclipsing that record?
Bella: It’s been 262 days, but who’s counting, right?
Holmes: Precisely.
Bella: (Laughs) To me, it would be the feeling of what an Olympic athlete feels like when they win the gold. To set a record that makes you go down in history as the top of the top? It’d truly be an honor. It’d be a dream come true. It’s funny because there are a few things on my vision board that I look at every day and that’s one of them. That one, I put to be the top Diva. I put it on my vision board four years ago.  What can I do to get to that? And I get a lot of hate for it, and a lot of love for it. In that moment I don’t care what anyone thinks. All that hard work pays off, all those years of missing every family event pays off. All the blood, sweat, and tears pays off. I just would be so honored. I try not to think about it too much. I don’t want to get my hopes up and then I drop the title a week before it. But when it happens I’m going to pop a bottle of champagne and just reminisce about the last ten years.

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