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‘Survivor: Second Chance’ Episode 2 Recap: Gimme Shelter?

September 30, 2015

"Survivor: Second Chance" (CBS)

Quick Note: We’re going to be bringing you all kinds of “Survivor” fun this season including episode recaps, exit interviews, and Power Rankings with Jenn Brown and Max Dawson. Be sure to follow me on Twitter (@gordonholmes) for up-to-the-minute news and info.

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Last Week: Peih-Gee was accused of theft, Jeremy started an alliance based on heft, and poor Vytas only has a third chance left…

39 Days, 20 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog…

Let’s take a look at the tribes as they currently stand…

The Bayon Tribe (wearing pink)
Andrew – Pearl Islands
Ciera – Blood vs. Water
Jeremy – San Juan del Sur
Joe – Worlds Apart
Kass – Cagayan
Keith – San Juan del Sur
Kimmi – The Australian Outback
Monica – Samoa
Tasha – Cagayan
Stephen – Tocantins

The Ta Keo Tribe (wearing teal)
Abi – Philippines, 35
Jeff – The Australian Outback
Kelley W. – San Juan del Sur
Kelly W. – Borneo, 37
Peih-Gee – China
Shirin – Worlds Apart
Spencer – Cagayan
Terry – Panama
Woo – Cagayan

We kick things off over at Ta Keo where they’re finally getting fire. Kelly isn’t happy that Varner flipped on them. Who taught her the word “flipped”? They didn’t do that back then.

Meanwhile, Kelley is finally able to open the package she got at the challenge. Fortunately for her, it’s an idol. How funny would it have been if it was another clue? Or like a Pez dispenser?

Later, Varner asks Team Shirencer who to get rid of next. Spencer thinks it should be Terry, Kelly, or Woo. After that, Varner confesses to us that he made his move to lull Spencer and Shirin into a sense of false security.


Varner tells Terry that they need to wake up and play the game and get rid of the strategists. I was right! He is Keyser Soze!

In other news, Abi is proud of herself for not stabbing everyone dead when she got four votes at Tribal. Golf clap for Abi.

She interrupts Peih-Gee’s story about the chimney she built in China to make sure everyone doesn’t hate her. She then pulls a similar trick with Woo, Jeff, and Terry and Terry curses her out. Varner thinks she’s like their own Brazilian soap opera. “The Young and the Braceletless”?

Over at Bayon, Joe is trying to make himself as valuable as possible. Like those eyes aren’t valuable enough.

Andrew tells a story about how his wife is a model/law student. Yup, I hate him.

Oh wait, he cries when thinking about her. I take it back, you’re adorable, Andrew.

Kass agrees with me. Her heart grows three sizes and breaks the heart-measuring machine. She’s confused because she thought everyone was going to be at each others’ throats. That’s what happens when you have a tribe that wins, Kass.

Later, Jeremy wanders off to collect himself and lets us know that Val is pregnant. How many immunity idols does the baby have? I’m setting the over/under at six.

As Jeremy is away, Stephen accuses him of looking for the idol. Savage doesn’t believe it though, he thinks the power of his model/law student story drove him away. Stephen just can’t win.

Back at Ta Keo, Abi overhears Peih-Gee and Shirin talking about her. This erupts into a fight. Shirin quietly drifts away like Homer Simpson slinking into a shrub in an Internet meme.

Later, Abi overhears Shirin laughing about the incident and takes it very personally.

Terry sees how upset Abi is and approaches her. Somehow, they manage to bond over the incident and it looks like they’re a team now.

The next morning, Varner and Abi both agree to work with Terry and they want to target Shirin or Spencer. Whoa… They shake on it, but Jeff Kent isn’t around to let us know if it’s a four-finger handshake or not.

Immunity Challenge Time: The two teams will race up and down three A-frame structures. Then they’ll use a rope to pull a crate along a jagged course. Finally, they’ll use the pieces in the crate to build a vertical puzzle. First tribe to complete the puzzle wins immunity, a tool kit, and shelter materials.

Ciera will sit out for Bayon.

The challenge starts off and Bayon jumps off to an early lead because Varner is busy faceplanting in the Cambodian sand. Been there.

The teams even up at the crate portion. But Bayon is able to take the lead again based on their pulling strength.

Kass and Kimmi start the puzzle for Bayon. Eventually they’re joined by Kelley and Peih-Gee.

Kelley and Peih-Gee tag out to Spencer and Shirin, Kass and Kimmi tag out to Jeremy and Joe.

Team Shirencer think they have it, but the women on the puzzle need to be a mirror image.

Joe and Jeremy get it right and win immunity. One-man-show Joe.

Seriously, can somebody put Joe to work ending world poverty?

As they head off, Varner spells it out saying Spencer and Shirin had a chance to save themselves, but failed.

Back at camp, Spencer is very happy to be in control of the game. Oh…there are those famous last words.

Varner breaks down the vote saying that Spencer is too smart and Shirin is too savvy. He doesn’t care which one goes first. Peih-Gee doesn’t seem to care either as long as she’s with the majority. Kelley’s into it too even though Shirencer was her original alliance.

Later, Shirin says she’s psyched that she has the numbers. Ah…this hurts my soul.

Shirin takes Abi aside to apologize, but Abi’s not having it. She tells Shirin that she’s now loyal to Terry because he had her back. She then spills the beans that everyone is targeting her and Spencer.

Shirin asks if they’re still together and Abi delivers the most evil smile I’ve ever seen and tells her that they’re done.

Spencer and Shirin try to sway Woo, telling him he’s too much of a physical threat. He doesn’t buy it. It doesn’t help that this is the first conversation Shirin and Woo have had.

In a sad bit, Spencer breaks down when he realizes he’s going to have to vote for Shirin. Sad lad.

That night at Tribal Council, Spencer says he remembers the game being awesome, but it’s really rough.

Shirin doesn’t remember it being awesome because of the fighting during her season. She knows she’s on the bottom and hopes she can fight her way back into the game.

Abi felt betrayed because Peih-Gee and Shirin were talking about her. She then credits Terry for rescuing her.

Probst points out that Mike rescued Shirin during her season. Well, Mike rescued Shirin from a face-to-face berating while Terry rescued Abi from a laugh. Kinda like comparing apples to trucks.

Shirin, however, appreciates the irony and wishes she had acted differently.

Spencer then comes out saying that he feels like a target because he talks about strategy too much.

Varner admits that one member of Team Shirencer is going home.

Spencer promises to be more of a team player and less of a strategist if he survives the vote.

Probst thinks it’s amazing that Spencer and Shirin are in the same situation they were in during their seasons.

Shirin thinks change is hard and she hopes to chip away at it. She admits to her mistakes and if she goes home she has nobody to blame but herself. She hopes for a third chance.

Voting Time: Shirin votes for Spencer, Spencer votes for Shirin, and the rest of the votes are sooper secret.

Probst does that thing where he tallies the votes, puts them in the most dramatic order, and returns.

We’ve got one vote for Spencer, three votes for Shirin, three votes for Spencer, one vote for Shirin, and the second person voted out of “Survivor: Second Chance” is…Shirin.

Verdict: I CALLED IT! When we were shocked that Varner turned against his pre-game alliance after the first Tribal, I asked Probst if Varner was trying to throw people off his scent…

Holmes: Any chance this is some kind of Keyser Soze move to throw people off of their scent and Varner will get back with Kelly and Terry?
Probst: (Laughs) I don’t know. Varner could be playing some kind of a long game and playing people. It’s a good question, but I don’t know.

Overall, another good episode. But, I can’t wait to see some of the others at Tribal.

Who’s Going to Win? Varner’s a cool customer. I’m sticking with my pick.

Power Rankings Results: Jenn had Shirin in spot seventeen, Max had her in spot thirteen, and I had her in spot fifteen. So, the current score is Team Jenn 17, Team Max 13, and Team Gordon 15.

Any Questions? Drop me a line on Twitter: @gordonholmes

‘Survivor’ Power Rankings Round 1: Wrist Watch Edition

September 29, 2015

"Survivor: Second Chance" (CBS)

Quick Note: We’re going to be bringing you all kinds of “Survivor” fun this season including episode recaps, exit interviews, and Power Rankings with Jenn Brown and Max Dawson. Be sure to follow me on Twitter (@gordonholmes) for up-to-the-minute news and info.

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The Rules: Each week our three combatants will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the three players will earn. For example, if Kass is voted out this week, Jenn and Max will each receive nineteen points and Gordon will receive eighteen points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Second Chance” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

Important Note: These rankings are not based on who is most likely to win the entire season. Players tend to rank the players based on their safety in the next episode.

Watch Full Episodes of “Survivor: Second Chance”

Jenn’s Score = 0

Any questions for Jenn? Drop her a line on Twitter: @jenncantdance

Max’s Score = 0

Any questions for Max? Drop him a line on Twitter: @fymaxwell

Gordon’s Score = 0

Any questions for Gordon? Drop him a line on Twitter: @gordonholmes

 1. Terry: Still #1. Even though his alliance didn’t win last episode. I don’t care. He’s not going to be voted out anytime soon. And he looks like Mitt Romney. And that’s great.   1. Joe: Joe makes fire! Joe does yoga! Joe catalyzes the sexual awakening of a fellow contestant’s daughters! I’m starting to wonder if this whole season isn’t just a ploy to get Joe more Instagram followers.
 1. Kelley: In a season that’s bound to have big moves and and big twists, the immunity idol is more valuable than ever. Kelley was clearly the star of the episode by keeping her head off of the chopping block and an idol in the pocket of her shorts. Sneaky sneaky!
  2. Kelley: She has an idol now. I was so stoked when she finally grabbed that thing. Totally double rooting for her now. She’s not on the chopping block for next week either, that’s definitely going to be Shirin or Spencer or Varner. Or maybe Abi. Probably not Abi though. Whatever. She’ll be fine.
 2. Jeff: For someone who first played way back in season 2, Varner might be the most New-School player out there. Following Ta Keo’s immunity challenge loss he abandoned his pre-game Conference Call Alliance in favor of a partnership with the Beach People. And previews for this week suggest he’s already prepared to flip back. Varner’s balls are to the wall. His ass cheeks are between the pinchers of a crab. And he’s playing his heart out. But does he have a plan? I’m not sure. All I know is that I can’t wait to see what he does next.
 2. Ciera: Vytas’s early trip home was bad news for the Baskauskas family’s “Survivor” legacy, but good news for Ciera. Having him on the other side was always going to put a target on her back. A “Let’s get rid of Rachel to get to Tyson” target. Now she’s truly free to play any game she wants.
  3. Andrew: I think the Savage/Fishbach tree vs stick montage was one of the best and funniest things I’ve seen in ages on “Survivor.” It’s nice to see funny (expletive deleted) instead of constant STRATEGY STRATEGY STRATEGY being thrown down our throats. I like Andrew so far. He seems strong and smart and in a good position currently.   3. Kelley: Drew Christy was right: Kelley Wentworth is dangerous. Now I can’t help but wonder what else Drew was right about. I feel like we need to go back and review the San Juan Del Sur tapes for other nuggets of badass wisdom that we might have ignored at the time.
 3. Peih-Gee: Normally the first boot will show you where alliance lines break, but I don’t buy it. I think we’ve got Terry/Kelly, Spencer/Shirin, Peih-Gee/Kelley, and Jeff, Woo, and Abi as floaters. Of those, Peih-Gee and Kelley seem the safest and most likely to be swing votes.
  4. KEITH NALE: Keith is still doing just dandy. His tribe isn’t losing anytime soon. They just voted out a strong player. Why did they do that? Who knows? Should’ve been Abi. She was already showing her crazy.
  4. Jeremy: Unlike some of his fellow castaways, Jeremy doesn’t need to reinvent his game. Instead, he’s making subtle modifications to the strategy he employed in San Juan Del Sur. The key to his new gameplan is ripped directly from the playbook of “Survivor’s” most recent champion, Mike Holloway: use Joey Amazing as a shield. It worked for Mike. I can’t see why it won’t work for Jeremy.
 4. Keith: Keith and Jeremy putting their pasts behind them is the best thing for both of their games. Now let me be the millionth person to say, “Keith, stick with the plan.”
 5. Jeremy: Again. Jeremy is awesome, sweet dude, and I haven’t even seen anything “alliance-y” going on on this tribe so it leads me to believe they aren’t going anywhere near Tribal anytime soon. I mean really? There was no strategy even being shown on this tribe last episode. Its like they want us to know they aren’t going to lose.
 5. Keith: 99% of Americans prefer having a cup of coffee and going to work over doing Joega. You know what else 99% of Americans prefer? Keith Nale.
 5. Woo: There’s no reason to boot Woo at this point. He’s a floater who’s good at challenges. Now is the time to lock him down on your side.
 6. Ciera: Literally everyone from rankings #6-12 are in the “nothing is happening here” boat.
 6. Andrew: You might be Old School if… Your children told you whom to align with before you went out on the island.
 6. Monica: Ugh…nothing’s worse than ranking a team with no clear dominant alliance and no clue who has their idol. Is Monica in with the bro-liance? Too early to tell. I don’t see a reason to boot her early though.
 7. Monica: See above.   7. Spencer: Spencer’s learned an important lesson: strong social bonds can trump even the most brilliant strategic gambit. But did anyone else feel that Spencer came off as a little smarmy in his interactions with Terry?
 7. Tasha: If Tasha was bugging everyone in the pre-game, it certainly didn’t take long for some of them to get over it. She’s the least likely target in the bro-liance and she’s having a grand old time doing morning beach Joe-ga.
 8. Tasha: I have nothing to say here. Nothing happened. She’s not going home next.
  8. Terry: See “Andrew Savage.”
 8. Jeremy: Kudos to Jeremy for being a man with a plan and making it happen. He wanted big targets around him, and now he’s got them. He’d better not get complacent though; Joe, Tasha, and Savage are all capable of chicanery.
  9. Kimmi: I didn’t even see her in the episode.
  9. Tasha: It’s kind of a shame that Tasha’s most memorable moment from the first episode was her comment about Joe’s body.
 9. Kelly: Yeah, you blew the gate thing, but Joe’s been practicing for it his whole life. And I believe it was Vytas’s idea for you to do it in the first place. Now’s the time to pick up the pieces and figure things out. You’ve got plenty of time.
  10. Stephen: He’s searching for the idol and is pushing himself as the “nerd” so hard it’s upsetting me to watch. Try to blend in. Your tribe isn’t losing anytime soon. Just don’t stand out too much. Or run a whole thing with the ladies to get out the giant challenge men. Do something. Do nothing. Do less. Do more. I don’t know. I don’t think he’s going home this week.
  10. Monica: Monica got a courtesy confessional in episode one. She’s off everyone’s radar. And that’s a great place for her to be.
  10. Jeff: Varner…you were delivered onto a tribe with all of your pre-season buddies! What went wrong? Were you worried about a tie? Luckily for you, I don’t think that bridge was completely burned. Going immediately to Tribal freaked you out! You weren’t going to pick rocks! Something bit your behind!
 11. Joe: Coming on too strong, my boy. You’re making the same mistakes you did last time. Don’t make fire for everyone! Don’t lead the tribe in group yoga! DON’T DO THAT. YOU ARE A TARGET. START BEING BAD AT THINGS OR YOU ARE GOING HOME.
 11. Ciera: No, really. I wasn’t joking. She voted out her mom.
  11. Andrew: Oh, “Macho Man” Andrew Savage…those leader speeches are going to get you in trouble. Not this week, but someday.
 12. Peih-Gee: She was at the wrath of Abi’s insane bracelet hunt. That’s about all that happened with her.
 12. Kelly: Sometimes I think Kelly would have been happier on a Discovery Channel show.
 12. Terry: Ya got, Varner Bombed! That Tribal was a tough one. Your pre-game alliance just sent the brother of your former rival, now bestie home. Fortunately, you have a very fractured tribe. Gotta try to get Peih-Gee to target Abi.
  13. Abi-Maria: Man, Abi get your (expletive deleted) together. It’s day one. No one stole your (expletive deleted) bracelet. You know how mixed up things can get one day one with stuff and things. Jesus. You’re showing your crazy right off the bat and almost went home for it. You probably should have gone home for it. I would’ve voted for you. Come on. Reel it in. I like you. Reel it in and stick around. You made it past the first vote so that means you have some people on your side so you might be able to turn this around.   13. Shirin: Shirin wanted a scalp, and boy did she get one. But did her aggressive gameplay rub her tribe mates the wrong way? When Spencer described his fellow Ta Keos as “crazy” it was Shirin’s image that appeared on screen. And in the preview for this week Varner vents about how much he despises the Shirin-led Beach People. Shirin’s saving grace might just be the Brazilian Dragon. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. #TeamShirin forever.
 13. Kimmi: Why’s Kimmi this low? I dunno. She seemed to be bugging people in the pre-game. But when I was at camp, she was a hard worker and seemed to be getting along with everyone.
  14. Woo: He seemed blindsided last Tribal. It’s night three. Don’t be blindsided at the first Tribal. That doesn’t look good.
  14. Stephen: If you loved Cochran, you’ll tolerate Stephen Fishbach! No doubt about it, Rob Cesternino’s better half had a rough start to his second chance. Still, the parallels between Stephen’s first three days in Cambodia and Cochran’s first three days in Caramoan are enough for me to hold out hope that Fishy (or “Fish,” as Andrew inexplicably calls him) will turn things around. If not, maybe we can at least look forward to a secret scene in which he talks about pooping in his pants.
 14. Spencer: Shirencer won the day, but there’s a big fight ahead. If Jeff feels bullied and wants to go back to his original crew, the target is going to be on you and your buddy…
  15. Kelly: She let down her team but they don’t seem to care. I would care. And then her voting didn’t work. That also sucks.
  15. Woo: Is Woo’s cluelessness a put on, or is he really that out of touch with what’s going on in his tribe? In a cast that’s stocked with cerebral players, it almost doesn’t matter. Woo is canon fodder.
 15. Shirin: …and if challenge strength comes into play, Spencer has a reputation for performing well.
  16. Spencer: See Varner. He’s getting too technical and “strategy and everything ‘Survivor’…we must play now!!!” on day three. Chill out, man. That is not going to help you at all with these old-school players who want to sleep in a shelter out of the rain on night one. Know your audience.
  16. Kimmi: When people like Jeremy and Andrew talk about keeping the tribe strong they are talking about voting off people like Kimmi. Fortunately for Kimmi by voting out Bad Aras the lunatics on Ta Keo may have insured that she won’t see council before a potential swap.
  16. Joe: Sorry, one-man-show Joe. In my book you are never safe. Even with the numbers and an idol in your pocket and a handwritten note from Jeff Probst in your pocket.
 17. Shirin: See Varner. Foreshadowing from previews. Varner made a couple comments about her being a mile-a-minute talker and not slowing down and being GOGOGO the whole time. That probably means she’s doing what she did when the tribe swap last season happened, and talking a ton and annoying the (expletive deleted) out of the others. Please don’t go home, Shirin. But, I am now worried.
 17. Peih-Gee: Poor Peih-Gee. By no fault of her own she found herself the RC to Abi’s Abi. I mean, how could Peih-Gee, a designer of fine, hand-crafted jewelry, be expected to resist the temptation to steal a $9 fake gold bracelet?
  17. Stephen: That bro-liance is going to be tough to crack. Who doesn’t have a solid reason to stick with it? Stephen needs a tribe swap in the worst way.
 18. Jeff: I hate to do this, I do, because I love Varner and I want him around forever. But because of his performance at Tribal last week, the “scenes from the next episode” (where it seems like this dude is getting annoyed with Shirin and Spencer and the “young folk”), and going against his agreement with Terry and the old schoolers, he’s put himself in either a great position or a horrible one. I’m going with horrible one. You don’t make power plays at the first Tribal. You don’t do that. That’s how you get voted out. I think he’s a loose cannon, and that either means he’s next or the ones he’s targeting are.
 18. Abi-Maria: I’d be willing to wager that we hear Abi utter her catchphrase “You’re dead to me” during this week’s cold open. The problem for Abi is that she might already be dead to her fellow Ta Keo tribe members.
 18. Kass: The next challenge is going to come down to that puzzle that gave Tina Wesson fits in “Survivor: Blood vs. Water,” so it’s not a slam dunk for Bayon. If the people who aren’t in the bro-liance are in an anyone-but-me mood, Kass could be on her way out.
  19. Kass: She wasn’t even on the show last week? Come on, give America what it wants. Also it’s painfully obvious her tribe isn’t losing but one can hope, right?
 19. Kass: Kass.
 19. Abi-Maria: The big question will be; Jeff Varner made his bed. Will he lie in it? If Peih-Gee/Kelley, Shirencer, and Jeff decide to stick together, Abi is a really easy vote.

‘Survivor’ Castaway Vytas: ‘I Should Put More of Abi’s Stuff in Peih-Gee’s Bag’

September 24, 2015

"Survivor: Second Chance" (CBS)

Quick Note: We’re going to be bringing you all kinds of “Survivor” fun this season including episode recaps, exit interviews, and Power Rankings with Jenn Brown and Max Dawson. Be sure to follow me on Twitter (@gordonholmes) for up-to-the-minute news and info.

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The sad truth about the special fan-selected season of “Survivor” was that somebody was going to be the first person to lose their second chance.

Unfortunately, it was our favorite yoga instructor in the squiggly underwear.

I caught up with Vytas Baskauskas the morning after his elimination and asked him about the tribe’s division, Abi’s bracelet, and Peih-Gee’s sneaky attempt to sneak flint into the game..

Gordon Holmes: I need to make a confession.
Vytas Baskauskas: Oh no.
Holmes: When I visited your camp, I thought it’d be funny to put Abi’s bracelet in Peih-Gee’s bag.
Baskauskas: (Laughs)
Holmes: I feel terrible.
Baskauskas: As it unfolded, I remember seeing that and thinking, “I should put more of Abi’s stuff in Peih-Gee’s bag and make some drama.” That’s something Tyson (Apostol) told me, “If you’re in a really bad spot in your tribe, start putting stuff in other people’s bags. It’ll drive them nuts.”
Holmes: You’d think Abi would know that trick because her ex-boyfriend Pete (Yurkowski) did something similar in Philippines.
Baskauskas: You’d think. But this was a complete accident. And there was so much drama around it. Braceletgate was real for about an hour. She was running around, “Where’s my bag?!”

Editor’s Note: Gordon didn’t really put Abi’s bracelet in Peih-Gee’s bag.

Holmes: Speaking of bracelets, I heard that Peih-Gee had somehow tried to smuggle flint into the game on a piece of jewelry.
Baskauskas: As part of her wardrobe, she’s a  jewelry designer, she had worked flint into a piece of clothing. It was like a decorative adornment. Production didn’t catch it. So, when we hit the beach, she was like, “Hey guys, I have a flint. Let’s make a fire.” Production was like, “Um…nope. You’re not allowed to have that.”
Holmes: She should’ve worked a spear-gun into her outfit so you could have caught some fish or something.
Baskauskas: Or a cheeseburger.

Holmes: I talked to Varner before the game and he broke out this whole pre-game alliance he had with Deitz, Wiglesworth, and Shane Powers. It also sounded like you were going to be a part of it. What happened to cause Varner to turn on all of you?
Baskauskas: I tried not to pre-game a lot. The person I talked to the most was Shane Powers. We’ve been friends since before he was even on “Survivor.” I’ve known Shane for ten years. We went to breakfast and talked about it. But Shane had done a lot of pre-gaming with Varner and Dietz and a lot of people. Terry and I had sent a text or two, so I knew we’d be OK. But, I never talked to Varner, and watching him on Twitter and social media, I didn’t really understand who he was. And when we got to the beach, we talked and it seemed like he was a part of the alliance. Terry and Kelly said, “Hey, Varner’s with us for sure.” They had pre-gamed with Varner. And I took their word for it.

Holmes: During the vote, Shirin said that you had claimed that you were only out there to have fun and she didn’t buy it. Was that a ploy to seem like less of a strategist?
Baskauskas: I said that to a couple of people in pre-game. But I had a blast my first time. I was with my brother, it was such a cool experience. And that was my goal; I want to win, but if I don’t win I want to have a great time. I did try to downplay my strategic play. My whole plan was to lay low. You’re a villainous dude, lay low. And thirty minutes after hitting the beach, I hear my name being thrown out. It’s tough to lay low when people are gunning for you. I had to change it up on the fly. It didn’t work out for me.

Holmes: They didn’t show this last night, but during Tribal Varner turned to Peih-Gee and said something like, “Are you voting the way you told me you were going to vote when we were in the ocean.” Did you think Wentworth and Peih-Gee were swing votes, or did you know that meant you were in trouble?
Baskauskas: I knew that Peih-Gee, Wentworth, Shirin, and Abi were all going to write my name down. I knew I was going to get a bunch of votes. It sucks because going straight to Tribal from the challenge…I wasn’t able to get a sense of what was happening. I thought Varner was the swing vote, Spencer completely fooled me. But yeah, when Varner said that, I thought I was in big trouble.
Holmes: So Spencer was the one that you thought was your sixth vote?
Baskauskas: Yeah, I thought I had Spencer. He completely fooled me. Varner, I knew with what he said at Tribal that he flipped too. I thought we had six. I wasn’t completely blindsided. I knew going in that I had four votes and it’d come down to the other two. I just didn’t get them. Hindsight, I should’ve rallied Peih-Gee to our side. We had great conversation. We connected a lot. We have similar pasts.

Holmes: The editors had some fun at your expense last night with the juxtaposition of you and Joe doing yoga. What was your take on what was going on there?
Baskauskas: Shirin’s back hurt. Kelly Wiglesworth was helping her out with some yoga and she said, “C’mon, Vytas…show her some moves too.” And I said, “Sure.” It’s tough to watch that stuff. They put it together in a way that made me look creepy. But hey, I did it. We signed up for it. I got a laugh out of it. I went from cool yoga instructor to creepy in 30 seconds.

Holmes: Did you guys have any idea that Kelley had found the idol?
Baskauskas: No clue. She did a good job of hiding it. She did tell a pretty good lie about why she had to wear her shorts to the challenge. Most of us were wearing our underwear. I thought it was a cool twist.
Holmes: I heard her explanation for wearing the shorts, we don’t have to explore it further, but it was very clever.
Baskauskas: (Laughs) We don’t need to say anything more about that. Totally something I didn’t think twice about.

Holmes: Word association time. Let’s start with Spencer.
Baskauskas: He was playing hard.
Holmes: Kelley Wentworth?
Baskauskas: She’s trying to show America who she is. She didn’t do anything her first season.
Holmes: Kelly Wiglesworth?
Baskauskas: Yoga girl. Yoga partner.
Holmes: Deitz?
Baskauskas: Captain Deitz. I love Deitz.
Holmes: Varner?
Baskauskas: Wild card. I don’t think he knows his own strategy yet.
Holmes: Abi-Maria?
Baskauskas: Insane Abi.
Holmes: Woo?
Baskauskas: They didn’t show that his foot got cut, that’s why he wasn’t in the loop. He was sitting at camp the whole time. Hurt-foot Woo.
Holmes: Peih-Gee?
Baskauskas: Old-school player with a new-school alliance.
Holmes: Let’s finish with Shirin.
Baskauskas: I think she’s just jealous I wasn’t flirting with her, I don’t know. She was out to get me from the moment we hit the beach. I should have known from her season, watching what happened with the men. The men were really mean to her. I think she had a little trauma around that. She came to our beach gunning for the guys, me and Terry. I didn’t realize how much she’d effect everyone’s opinions. Good on her.

Holmes: After Tribal, Probst said you were the type who could come back and run the table. How do you feel about a third chance?
Baskauskas: I love “Survivor.” But as soon as that happened I said, “That sucked.” I was really disappointed. But, I got goose bumps during the premiere. It was exciting. If they ask me back I’d have a hard time saying “no” to it.

Any Questions? Drop me a line on Twitter: @gordonholmes

‘Survivor: Second Chance’ Episode 1 Recap – Behind-the-Scenes Edition!

September 23, 2015

"Survivor: Second Chance" (CBS)

Quick Note: We’re going to be bringing you all kinds of “Survivor” fun this season including episode recaps, exit interviews, and Power Rankings with Jenn Brown and Max Dawson. Be sure to follow me on Twitter (@gordonholmes) for up-to-the-minute news and info.

Another Quick Note: I was on hand for the filming of this first episode, so be on the lookout for special Behind-the-Scenes Tidbits from my time in the Cambodia.

Alright, enough of that business…let’s get started.

We meet up with our brave Second Chancers as they are taken by truck thought the Cambodian wilderness.

Kelly Wiglesworth tells us that it’s been tough living with the knowledge that she was a single vote away from a million dollars. Look out, Sue. The rat is back!

Next up, Andrew Savage says the only bad thing in his life is that he didn’t win Pearl Islands. The only bad thing?! Pooooooor, Savage.

As the truck drives through a village and then through epic Cambodia temples, Spencer tells us that his XFINITY Power Rankings experience has him ready to win. OK, he said his maturity and his ability to not treat people like chess pieces, but I’m pretty sure he meant his XFINITY Power Rankings experience.

Kimmi thinks the Angkor Wat temples are a perfect metaphor for having been through damage while remaining standing. Hands up if you thought Kimmi would say the first profound thing this season. Hey, you in the back with your hand up…you’re lying.

The players are now walking through the majestic temple. Kelley believes she should have voted out her dad in San Juan del Sur and this is her second chance. Admirably, Kelley manages to watch her language during this entire confessional.

Ciera wants to be fearless like she was at the end of “Blood vs. Water” when she voted out her mom. I considered starting a drinking game for every time Ciera voting out Laura is mentioned, but I love all my readers and don’t want any of them dead.

Tasha says the members of her church thought she didn’t lie and backstab enough the last time she played. Well, she is from St. Louis.

Next up, Varner assures us that he isn’t quitting a challenge for peanut butter ever again. Thankfully, Jenna Morasca never made the same promise.

As the contestants pile into four boats, Joe says he’s bummed out that his father didn’t get to come out for the “Worlds Apart” loved-ones visit. Meanwhile, every woman in America is psyched he doesn’t have a wife or girlfriend that would’ve filled that role.

Kass confesses that she was a little bit of a troublemaker during her season as the boats make their way through a Cambodian village. Kass calling herself a little bit of a troublemaker is like Probst saying he occasionally wears blue.

Abi admits that throwing coconuts at Mike Skupin’s head was a mistake. I disagree. It’s safe too assume Mike was going to get some kind of head injury eventually.

Finally, Jeremy says that Val’s elimination distracted him during his game. Too bad she didn’t leave behind her forty immunity idols.

The boats finally make their way into the ocean where they’re greeted by your friend and mine, Mr. Jeff Probst.

Probst points out that they’ve all never won. He’s nice enough not to call them failures.

Joe is psyched to be playing with Terry who is someone he’s patterned his game after. Joe dreamed of a ride in the Waaaaahmbulance?

Kelly is introduced and everyone claps. She says she’s been thinking of that final Tribal every day. Maybe if she had a TV she’d have other final Tribals to think about.

Behind the Scenes Tidbit: Probst threw the buffs at the cast and some of them landed in the water.

Probst tells them that they will raid his boat for supplies, then use a raft to try to retrieve a bag of rice that is 100 yards away. The catch is there’s only one bag of rice, first tribe there gets it.

He gives them the high sign and they all jump into action.

Behind-the-Scenes Tidbit: Shirin was the last one out of her boat.

Behind-the-Scenes Tidbit: Spencer nearly squished a chicken when he fell onto the raft.

Behind-the-Scenes Tidbit: Deitz left the big boat to go back for his sandals. I thought he was crazy.

When both tribes started rowing toward the rice, Wiglesworth was like, “Screw this” and started swimming ahead. Woo joined her.

Joe saw the two of them in action and jumped into the water to give chase. He managed to pass Kelly, but not Woo. Woo snags the rice for Ta Keo.

Behind-the-Scenes Tidbit: Woo got some serious cuts on his feet during all the excitement.

This gives Probst the chance to finally say something about…

39 Days, 20 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog…

Let’s take a look at these tribes…

The Bayon Tribe (wearing pink)
Andrew – Pearl Islands
Ciera – Blood vs. Water
Jeremy – San Juan del Sur
Joe – Worlds Apart
Kass – Cagayan
Keith – San Juan del Sur
Kimmi – The Australian Outback
Monica – Samoa
Tasha – Cagayan
Stephen – Tocantins

The Ta Keo Tribe (wearing teal)
Abi – Philippines, 35
Jeff – The Australian Outback
Kelley W. – San Juan del Sur
Kelly W. – Borneo, 37
Peih-Gee – China
Shirin – Worlds Apart
Spencer – Cagayan
Terry – Panama
Vytas – Blood vs. Water
Woo – Cagayan

We meet up with Ta Keo as they’re paddling to their beach. Woo compares it to getting his first black belt. His first one? I’m going to start being careful with what I say about Woo.

They get to work on their MASSIVE hut. Well Terry, Kelly, Spencer, Woo, and Vytas do. Kelly hopes people notice that she’s a hard worker.

Terry lets us know that he’s going to step up his social game. If people walk off, he’s going to know something’s up. He takes Spencer aside and tells him this his kids told him to trust him. Spencer is very thankful that Terry’s kids didn’t see Spencer’s Cagayan pre-game video.

Later on, Abi is freaked out because she can’t find her bracelet.

Meanwhile at Bayon, Ciera thinks everyone is in good spirits. Even Tasha and Kass seem to be getting along.

Behind-the-Scenes Tidbit: Kass ate a really hot pepper and tried to get Tasha to eat one. I don’t know why I thought that was so funny.

Keith is surprised he made the cut, but he isn’t settling for fourth place this time. Yes, I’ll be shocked if he comes in fourth again, too.

Keith and Jeremy go for a walk and seem to bury the hatchet. Jeremy’s hoping to work with Tasha, Savage, Keith, and Joe.

In other news, Savage’s daughters love them some Joe. Well, they’re only human.

In a weird bit, Stephen looked very frustrated as Savage chopped down a tree. Poor Stephen feels very out of place. This is followed by a very embarrassing montage. Give him a break! He’s a know-it-all, not a build-a-shelter-it-all!

Behind-the-Scenes Tidbit: I overheard Ciera telling Stephen and Kass that she was close with Vytas, but Hayden Moss called her and warned her that he couldn’t be trusted.

Behind-the-Scenes Tidbit: Kass told Stephen and Ciera that she wants Spencer out first. Not surprising.

Back at Ta Keo, Vytas is making buddies with all of the ladies. He subtly tells Peih-Gee that she’s beautiful and he makes Blood vs. Water jokes with Kelley. Shirin doesn’t buy it, though. She blows up the Terry/Vytas connection in front of Jeff and Spencer. They want to get Kelley and Peih-Gee on their side.

Jeff is acting like things are moving too quickly. Really? This guy even offered me a final-four deal.

Bracelet-gate continues as Abi finds her missing jewelry in Peih-Gee’s bag. As you’d imagine, Abi isn’t happy about this. Peih-Gee tries to smooth things over, and it seems like they make peace.

Meanwhile at Bayon, Joey Amazing starts a fire because of course he does.

On the other end of the spectrum, Stephen is caught looking for an idol. Oh, Stephen.

Jeff is in bad shape the next morning. He asks Peih-Gee who the alliances are and she sees it as the shelter people vs. the beach people. The shelter people are the old schoolers and the beach people are the new schoolers. Jeff doesn’t want to turn against his people, but that seems like the way it’s going. They talk about first boots and apparently Shirin wants Vytas gone.

Behind-the-Scenes Tidbit: Peih-Gee tried to sneak a flint bracelet into the game.

Behind-the-Scenes Tidbit: Woo and Shirin had an adorable moment where they were taking selfies with a piece of wood.

Next up, we see Kelley doing some idol hunting of her own. Fortunately for her, she has more success than Stephen. Unfortunately for her it’s just a clue. She’ll have to get the idol at the next challenge.

Back at Bayon, Joe is leading his adoring followers in yoga. Oh great, now America is pregnant. Tasha gets in a good line where she calls it “Joe-ga.”

On the flip side at Ta Keo, Vytas is showing Shirin some very awkward-looking poses. Kelley’s not into it. She wants him gone too. Vytas asks Abi if she wants to try, but she shoots him down. This worries Vytas.

Immunity Challenge Time: It’s a return to Kelly Wiglesworth old stomping grounds as “Quest for Fire” makes a comeback. The two tribes will start on a platform. They’ll dive into the water and push a raft to shore. Along the way they’ll light torches. Once they’re on the beach they’ll carry the raft while continuing to light torches. They’ll place the raft into a special raft holder, then one member from each team will create a pole using pieces of wood. They’ll have to reach with the pole through a gate to retrieve a key. The first tribe to open their gate and start their tribe’s fire wins immunity and a fire-making kit.

Behind-the Scenes Tidbit: We knew Kelley had the clue and were watching her like a hawk.

Survivors are ready, and they go. Ta Keo jumps out to a lead when Keith has trouble lighting the torches.

Kelly goes to work on creating a pole. Bayon eventually catches up and Joe takes pole duty. He gets his pole together quickly, claims the key, and wins immunity for his tribe.

Kelley was able to retrieve the idol without anyone seeing.

Behind-the-Scenes Tidbit: That’s not true, I totally saw Kelley snag it.

Quick Note: Anybody who follows my pre-game rankings knows that I suck at predicting things. But, I called this one. I said it doesn’t matter who gets to the gate first, Joey Amazing will blow through the gate and win it. The dude practiced it in his backyard before “Worlds Apart.”

Kelly feels terrible after the challenge. But everyone tries to reassure her that it’s OK.

Behind-the-Scenes Tidbit: Apparently Vytas nominated Kelly to build the pole.

With all the excitement over, Probst drops a bomb . He tells them they won’t go back to camp, they’re going right to Tribal.

Behind-the-Scenes Tidbit: TV doesn’t do justice to how freaked out they were when they weren’t sent back to camp.

That night at Tribal, fire totally equals life, bro.

Woo thinks there’s an old school vs. new school division in the tribe. Terry agrees with him.

Peih-Gee doesn’t want to make the same mistakes she made last time.

Abi says she could’ve been a firecracker over braceletgate, but she counted to ten and didn’t murder anyone’s face.

Vytas wants to beat Deitz because his brother did in Panama.

Kelly says she doesn’t know what’s going on, but Varner disagrees. He thinks everyone knows what’s up.

Woo thinks the vote is critical and he doesn’t know who to vote for.

Behind-the-Scenes Tidbit: Woo really didn’t know. He was desperate.

Abi thinks there’s a male thing going on.

Kelly thinks she’s picking up on some cues and knows which way to vote.

Probst thinks there’s an elephant in the room, and Varner agrees. He doesn’t want to screw up the vote.

Behind-the-Scenes Tidbit: Varner gave Joey Amazing a new nickname, “One-man Show Joe.”

Behind-the-Scenes Tidbit:Varner also stopped Tribal to make sure Peih-Gee was voting the way she had told him in the ocean.

Voting Time: Woo votes for Abi, Abi votes for Vytas, Vytas votes for Abi, Kelley votes for Vytas, and the rest of the votes are secret.

Probst tallies and returns. We’ve got one vote for Vytas, one vote for Abi, one vote for Vytas, one vote for Abi, one vote for Vytas, one vote for Abi, one vote for Vytas, one vote for Abi, one vote for Vytas, and  the first person voted out of “Survivor: Second Chance” is…Vytas.

Behind-the-Scenes Vote Breakdown…

Abi voted for Vytas and said she had to stick to the plan. Woo voted for Abi because he was voting with the majority. Wentworth voted for Vytas because someone had to be first. Vytas voted for Abi and said he wanted to play with her. Wiglesworth voted for Abi and said Abi needed to work on her social skills. Spencer voted for Vytas and said that he learned that Varner is a crazy person. Shirin voted for Vytas and said she didn’t believe it when he said he was just playing for fun. Jeff voted for Vytas, but his comment was too quiet to hear. Peih-Gee voted for Vytas and said she tried to talk everyone out of it. And, Dietz voted for Abi but was worried because of the “Varner Bomb.”

Verdict: I just can’t get excited for a season when Stephen’s in major trouble. Seriously though, I love me my returnee seasons and can’t wait to see more of the tribe dynamics.

Who’s Going to Win? I’m not sure what Varner’s thinking here going against his pre-game buddies. But he’s my pick to win and I’m sticking with him.

Any Questions? Drop me a line on Twitter: @gordonholmes

‘Survivor’ Host Jeff Probst Breaks Down the ‘Second Chance’ Premiere

September 23, 2015

"Survivor: Second Chance" (CBS)

Quick Note: XFINITY TV sent me deep into the Cambodian wilderness to bring you all kinds of “Survivor: Second Chance” goodness. So, be sure to check back for exclusive interviews, photos, and behind-the-scenes tidbits. And, follow me on Twitter (@gordonholmes) for up-to-the-minute news and info.

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Gordon Holmes: That Tribal…I’m still not sure what I just saw.
Jeff Probst:
It was a doozy and it made me super happy. Everybody contributed to what you just saw.
I’ve seen a few of these in person, and I’ve never seen anything like what we saw with Varner. He literally stopped the show to ask Peih-Gee if she was going to do what they discussed in the ocean. It seems like he just changed his mind mid-stream…no pun intended.
I’m not certain what happened. I’m not sure what the tribe divisions are. But, based on Woo, I would say that Woo and Terry and Vytas were together with somebody else. They’re now going back to camp thinking they’re in trouble because it was a four-to-six vote. I’m not sure who the fourth person was.

Note: I watched Tribal on a monitor, Jeff didn’t have a chance to check the tapes yet.

Holmes: The fourth vote was actually cast by Kelly Wiglesworth. Do you think Varner was worried about a tie?
Probst: I think Varner was probably in the middle. He was deciding what he was going to do, so he was checking in with Peih-Gee and he wanted to make sure they were doing what they had discussed earlier.

Holmes: In pre-game, Varner said he had a pre-game alliance with Terry and Kelly. Here we are three days in and he’s already voting against them. Is this proof that pre-game alliance don’t work?
Probst: It’s hard to say, but Parvati Shallow, a great “Survivor” player, told me one time that pre-game alliances are a terrible idea because you’ve now committed to somebody before you know what the play is. And, that’s the best take on it that I’ve heard.
Any chance this is some kind of Keyser Soze move to throw people off of their scent and Varner will get back with Kelly and Terry?
(Laughs) I don’t know. Varner could be playing some kind of a long game and playing people. It’s a good question, but I don’t know. I’m really excited for Varner to be back. He’s a very clever guy.
He was great tonight.
He was fantastic.

Holmes: It didn’t seem like Vytas was blindsided. Why didn’t he scramble more?
Probst: It’s hard to know if he was truly not blindsided. All of these guys are good enough that they’re going to say, “It could be me.” I think if you’d asked him to put money down, Vytas would have said he’s not going home tonight. I think otherwise he would have been talking. I think he heard his name, but he thought he had Woo, Wiglesworth, Deitz, and Varner. I think Abi was the one who really thought she was going home.

Holmes: It’s gotta make this worse to have this on the heels of the fan vote.
Probst: Yeah.
What do you think would hurt more; losing the fan vote or being first out?
Oh, it’d be worst to not get here. Being on the list is one thing, it’s like you’re nominated for an Oscar. Getting in is like winning. He made it. People wanted to see him again. I did think Vytas said it well in his confessional, “Somebody has to be first.” And Vytas has to know if he gets another shot he could turn it around and win.

Holmes: Shirin had an odd laughing fit.
Probst: I don’t know what happened with Shirin. It was fascinating.
But then you mentioned her going home and it stopped being funny.
Yeah, she had three distinct moods. She has, “Let me set up what it’s like to play.” Then she’d lose her mind for a moment over something that wasn’t funny. Then the color drained from her face when she realized they might be talking about her. That’s why Shirin is great. She really wears it on her sleeve. She’s very sharp. She knows how to tell a story. And she’s really good at choosing which part of her personality to tell a story with. That’s why she’s so complicated and confusing. She really can get excited about watching monkeys fornicate.
“Monkeys fornicating” seems cold. Monkeys making love is a little classier.
That’s a good point. That’s because you’re in love.
That’s true.

Holmes: This is the first time I’ve been to Tribal and had no idea what was going to happen. Do you think the move to ship them here immediately after the challenge had something to do with that?
Probst: Oh yeah. It really screwed them up. I think even though Peih-Gee said you should be prepared for that, you could tell the uncertainty was worrisome. I didn’t get to check in with anybody, and just because somebody at Tribal gives you a nod, you don’t know if they’re playing you.

Holmes How did you feel about the marooning?
Probst: I liked it a lot. I felt the energy, I felt the emotion. I like how happy they were to be here. I liked Shirin being the last one out of the boat. I like it when someone is last.
And you like calling it out.
I have to! And I liked that Deitz had to go back to get his sandals. I love that Kelly outswam a raft with nine people on it. I loved that Woo and Joe raced for the rice. Woo proved he’s here to play.

Holmes: We’ve been talking non-stop about second chances, but what’s yours? If you were granted some kind of cosmic do-over, what would it be?
Probst: Oh man, that’s a long list. The one that comes to mind is in the very first season at the final Tribal Council, I had this line that I was determined that I was going to say, which is, “Conflict reveals character.”  But instead I say, “Character reveals characters.” And our editors didn’t catch it or didn’t know what I had meant to say. And if you go watch the final Tribal, I say this line that means nothing. That one always haunts me because it makes…no…sense! And nobody has ever brought it up to me.
Holmes: And now that you have, it’ll be a meme.

Holmes: The next challenge is the A-frame challenge we ran a few days ago. Keeping in mind that Vytas is now gone, who do you think wins it?
Probst: It’s a big puzzle…it’s a tough puzzle.
And Joe is amazing.
(Laughs) Joe is amazing. But they’ve both got some good puzzle solvers…Spencer is good. Shirin is better than we’ve seen. I’m going to go with Bayon again.
And who goes home after that Tribal?
Wow…Deitz, Woo, and Wiglesworth were on the wrong side of the vote, but Jeff is a tricky player. Is he locked in or is he going vote by vote? He might come back and say, “I got rid of who I want to get rid of, now let’s play.” Terry seemed old school, Kelly seemed old school. Jeff seemed like an old-school guy who was willing to listen to the hip hop and dance. That’s a terrible quote.
It’s late.
(Laughs) So, I don’t know.

Holmes: Great marooning, a close challenge, and an odd Tribal Council. How are you feeling about this premiere.
Probst: Not just an odd Tribal Council, but a Tribal where the audience isn’t going to know what’s going on. They’re not going to know who’s going home. They’re going to feel pretty much like we did. Woo’s concerned, Abi’s concerned, Shirin’s concerned, Terry’s concerned, Varner asks questions and shuts it down. Based on what we’ve seen, I think it’s going to be a stellar premiere. Fantastic. I really do think it’s going to be an amazing premiere.

Holmes: I’ve been pushing the line “Tomorrow is your next second chance” for a few days now. When are we going to hear it?
Probst: Right. (Laughs) When am I going to say it? I’ll probably use it at some point. I think we’ll use that on a Tribal with a lot of emotion.
And if you could point and wink.
You’ve got it. And that was Dalton’s line, right?
No, it was the guy that ate the scorpion today and did so well.
She didn’t even…
Dan from ET?
Damn you.

Any Questions? Drop me a line on Twitter: @gordonholmes

My Patented Terrible ‘Survivor: Second Chance’ Pre-Season Rankings

September 23, 2015

"Survivor: Second Chance" (XFINITY)

Quick Note: I was live in Cambodia for the first three days of “Survivor: Second Chance.” My mission? To bring you all manner of outwitting, outplaying, outlasting goodness. So, be sure to check back after the premiere for an exclusive interview I conducted with Jeff Probst after the first Tribal Council. Also, we’ll have a full recap of the episode along with behind-the-scenes tidbits. Then, the next day we’ll have an interview with the first booted castaway. Follow me on Twitter (@gordonholmes) for all the up-to-the-minute news and info.

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Alright, here it is…my latest attempt at making sense out of the un-make-senseable.

The players you see below are not ranked by the place in which I think they will finish. They are ranked based on their odds of winning the whole she-bang. As many of you know, I am historically bad at this. So, if you base your office pool around my thoughts, I will not be held responsible.

Important Note: I know who goes home during the season premiere because I was huddled around a monitor in Cambodia when it happened. These rankings were written up shortly after the pre-game interviews and do not reflect anything that happened during the first episode.

  Fun Fact: Gordon has failed in fourteen attempts to pick a “Survivor” winner. The closest he came was picking Denise Stapley second in “Survivor: Philippines”  1. Jeff: The most dangerous person in the game of “Survivor” is the lovable scoundrel. Guys like “Boston” Rob Mariano and Tyson Apostol who can make cutthroat moves, while still keeping the jurors’ votes. I think Jeff Varner has the potential to be that kind of player.
  2. Kelley: Ciera stabbed her mom in the back, Kass flipped and flopped, Keith blew his alliance’s cover. Kelley is a blank slate. Most people don’t remember much about her. They don’t know that she’s smart, savvy, and willing to do what it takes to be remembered this time.
  3. Ciera: Ciera’s biggest problem is going to be if people want to boot her to hurt Vytas. If she can work around that, she’s going to be fine. She’s likable, smart, and a convincing liar.
  4. Kelly: Kelly’s still got it athletically, lots of people want to align with her, and everyone is underestimating her. Go back and read her pre-game interview where she claims to not watch the show and yet knows quite a bit about each player. She’s trouble. I’d love to see her take it.
 5. Andrew: I think Andrew’s in a really good spot. People think he’s super honest, but he’s perfectly willing to lie. If he can save that lie for the right time, he could set up his end-game and finally “outcast” the frustration over his Pearl Islands loss. (I hate myself for that last sentence.)
  6. Terry: In any other interview, if someone is lying to you, you call them on it. In “Survivor,” when Terry is telling you he doesn’t have pre-game alliances right after Jeff told you Terry was part of a pre-game conference call, you have to keep your mouth shut. It’s unfair for someone’s pre-game story to bleed into someone else’s. But oh man…did I want to. That being said, according to my Align/Malign game, everybody wants to partner with Terry. So, he’ll have a lot of room to maneuver.
  7. Monica: Monica who? She’s another Kelley who basically has a clean slate. If she can find her way into the numbers and bide her time until after the merge, she could be a big move or two away from the million.
  8. Abi-Maria: Abi-Maria is a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, wearing a buff. Outside of the game she’s delightful. Inside the game, she has Malcolm calling her “A dementor.” Apparently she was already getting revved up and being a little cray during the pre-game. I could see her getting to the end as the Secret Agent to someone’s “Boston” Rob.
  9. Jeremy: Jeremy’s plan to keep the challenge threats around isn’t necessarily a bad one. But writing people off because they remind you of people from your past season seems a little shortsighted. Keep your options open, Jeremy.
  10. Vytas: I went back and watched some “Blood vs. Water” recently and was mega-impressed with how Vytas played Laura Boneham. He’s got serious game, but that isn’t a secret. He’s not one of the super targets like Spencer or Joe, but he’s close.
 11. Shirin: The biggest knock against Shirin is that people found her annoying on her season. That’s a pretty simple thing for her to remedy. Like comedy, annoyance is very subjective. If she can read people and stay on their good side, she could stick around for a long time.
  12. Peih-Gee: This is a big season with big players and big challenges and big blah blah blah… I’d want to be the person hanging back and letting all those strategists and challenge stallions bang heads. Peih-Gee could easily be that person. She’s cool and clever.
  13. Keith: I’m betting this jury is going to be made up of people who respect strategy and people like Keith, Woo, and Kimmi are going to have a tough time winning them over.
  14. Spencer: Yeah, Spencer’s chances of winning are better than 0.0% this time around. But, they’re not that much better. Say you’re up five people to three and you’re picking people off. Spencer will always be the top person to get rid of from a minority alliance.
 15. Stephen: Watching Stephen in Tocantins was a joy. His performance in the memory challenge is the perfect example of brain over brawn (and I guess beauty…thanks for that, Cagayan). In a season where everyone is given a “Men In Black” mind erase just before the marooning, Stephen tears the game apart. But, he’s just too highly regarded for his own good. Hopefully he’ll take it as a compliment. Ironically, he’ll be seen as too much of a threat and be sent home quickly like the other guy that was the “Best Player to Never Win the Game.”
 16. Kimmi: See Keith.
  17. Tasha: Who would have thought that Tasha would rub so many people the wrong way during the pre-game festivities? Can she overcome the bad first impression? Maybe. But, does she even know about it? Having a good grasp on how people perceive you is vital to this game.
  18. Woo: Woo has proven he’s capable of getting to the end of “Survivor.” And given the chance, he’s not going to take a Tony with him when a Kass is sitting right there. But, if he gets to final Tribal this time, I don’t see the jury rewarding him.
  19. Joe: Number nineteen? Say it ain’t so, Joe! I love the guy. I wish we were neighbors and he could come over to play darts. But, the fact is there is never not a good time to send him packing. They don’t make alliances sturdy enough to keep someone like Joe safe.
  20. Kass: My dirty secret? I really like Kass, and I think she could make a run for it if people would give her a chance. The problem? Nobody’s going to give her a chance.

Any Questions? Drop me a line on Twitter: @gordonholmes

‘Survivor’s’ Jenn and Max Accept the ‘Second Chance’ Power Rankings Challenge

September 23, 2015

Jenn Brown and Max Dawson (CBS)

Quick Note: XFINITY TV sent me deep into the Cambodian wilderness to bring you all kinds of “Survivor: Second Chance” goodness. So, be sure to check back for exclusive interviews, photos, and behind-the-scenes tidbits. And, follow me on Twitter (@gordonholmes) for up-to-the-minute news and info.

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For as much as I hate the “Dirty 30” nickname, I do adore the “Worlds Apart” cast. And, now that the three-combatant barrier as broken last season with Josh and Reed, it made sense to do it again to include some of my favorite peeps. So, I’m proud to announce that Jenn Brown and Max Dawson have both stepped up to accept the “Survivor: Second Chance” Challenge.

The Rules: Each week our three combatants will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the three players will earn.  At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Second Chance” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

NOTE: Because I was in attendance for the first Tribal Council of this season, I know who was voted out. Therefore, the first round of the Jenn vs. Max vs. Gordon showdown will take place next week. But to hold you over, we’ve asked Jenn and Maxx to give us their thoughts on which player will be voted out first…

Any questions for Jenn? Drop her a line on Twitter: @jenncantdance
Any questions for Max? Drop him a line on Twitter: @fymaxwell
 1. Terry: He is amazing and I love him. Also he’s probably going to be at or near the top of my Power Rankings most of the time because I hope he wins…so get used to it, guys. (But really he’s a strategic player, well respected, strong, and put on a tribe with some other old-school players so I think he will be just fine for a while.)
 1. Monica: When all of the challenge beasts and scenery-chewing screen-time monsters have annihilated one another, who will be left standing? Calm, level-headed social gamers like Monica. Monica is one Second Chancer who’d benefit immensely from not changing a thing about the game she played her first time out. If she can once again install herself as the loyal lieutenant of her tribe’s leader and avoid direct conflict she’ll last a long time in this game.
 2. Keith: KEITH NALE! I love me some Keith. After Greg Buis he’s probably one of my favorite “Survivor” players ever. Down to earth, awesome to be around, and a nice dude. I see him going far.
 2. Stephen: During the “Second Chance” campaign a lot was made about how this Know It All’s knowledge of the game would make him an early target. I didn’t buy it then and I don’t buy it now. When the excitement of the marooning wears off and the monotonous reality of camp life sets in the members of the Bayon tribe will quickly realize that Fishy is exactly the sort of guy you want to be stranded on an island with. Loyal. Hard working. Conscientious. A great conversationalist. Stephen is not going anywhere for awhile.
 3. Jeremy: One of my favorites from 29. He got screwed on the jury, but was semi-avenged by Nat, so I’m thinking this go around he’s not going to let that happen again. My only concern is he is also a challenge beast, and that puts a target on him when he gets to the merge.
 3. Kelley: The biggest challenge that Kelley Wentworth will face in the first stage of the game is overcoming social-media withdrawal. Otherwise, unless there is a challenge that requires the castaways to drop a freestyle, Kelley won’t have to break a sweat until well after the merge.
 4. Andrew: This dude is on a tribe with Joe, Jeremy, Tasha, and himself. I don’t think there is any way they are losing the first challenge. The only real brawn person the other tribe has is Terry.  Savage is a beast and also super smart. I think he is going to be just dandy for a while, just like the three above him.  4. Woo: Everybody loves a puppy – at least until you leave that puppy home alone and he breaks into a cabinet and helps himself to some people food. Bad dog. No million dollars for you. Woo should be fine for awhile, provided he plays the loyal lapdog instead of the stealthy weasel.
 5. Kelley: Well she made no impression on me in 29. Hell, I hardly even remember her from 29. I have a bad memory. But she’s cute and on a tribe with some newbies and another chick with her same name, so maybe they’ll team up and be besties. However seeing as she was a pre-merge in her very recent season, she probably feels like she has a lot to prove and has had some time to figure out what she needs to do differently to stay around longer. I’m rooting for her.  5. Keith: By the time you start worrying about Keith Nale it’s already too late. During the first few days of the game Keith’s Bayon tribemates are going to appreciate his work ethic, his easy-going nature, and his challenge prowess. Fast forward three weeks and they’ll be kicking themselves for not getting rid of him when they had the chance.
 6. Jeff: This dude is hilarious. I hope he goes far. I wish he read the news for me every morning where I lived, but I can’t live in the humidity down south, so I will just have to hope he’s on for a while so I can hear him talk.
 6. Kelly: Do you even watch this show, bro?
 7. Shirin: I love Shirin.
 7. Jeremy: Mark my words: Jeremy and Andrew will be swinging their arms in unison by the end of the first episode.
 8. Tasha: Also a challenge beast. I don’t think she will be out first.
 8. Andrew: I refuse to call him Savage. I’m sorry.
 9. Joe: Joe is like a brother to me. I love him to death. He is a challenge dominator and on a tribe with two others that are just like him, only older. This puts him in a bad position, being the young gun with two older fellows with more life/people experience. I think he will be around til right before the merge. If they let him get to the merge I think it’s a big mistake, because he has the possibility of Mike Holloway-ing his way to the end.
 9. Terry: Captain America and Captain ‘Merica. Both faced seemingly insurmountable odds in the post-merge game. Both found hidden immunity idols. Both won five individual immunity challenges. The difference between these patriotic “Survivor” übermenschen? Strategy. Mike understood it. Terry didn’t. As a result, Mike has a million dollars, while Terry doesn’t. Fortunately for Terry it probably doesn’t matter at this point in the game. Just win, Terry, and if you don’t make a big speech about “keeping the tribe strong” while looking at Shirin or Peih Gee or Abi.
 10. Stephen: See “Spencer Bledsoe” but with more life experience.
 10. Tasha: Who did you have in your office pool as “Most likely to annoy everyone at pre-game Ponderosa”? Abi? Shirin? Kimmi? Who would have ever guessed that Tasha would take that distinction? A lot of people seem to have been put off by Tasha’s behavior in the week leading up to the start of the game. That said, given her superior athleticism Tasha should be good for awhile. I wouldn’t even be surprised to see her bro down with Andrew and Jeremy.
 11. Ciera: I have no opinion on her really. She won’t be a first boot but I can’t see her winning. Very middle of the road. Also, she voted out her mom. That’s not cool.
 11. Peih-Gee: The only thing that Peih-Gee could do to screw things up at this point is to link up with Shirin and Abi.
 12. Woo: Athletic, but also has a reputation with the castaways for being a weasel. I don’t see him making it far because of that, but he slipped through the cracks last time so I guess we will see.
 12. Ciera: Did you know that Ciera voted out her mom? No, really, she voted out her mom. Like, she cast a vote that had her mom’s name on it. At Tribal Council. On “Survivor.” And then her mom went home. Actually she went to Redemption Island. Yeah, Redemption Island. It was like Last Chance Kitchen, but worse. But yeah. She voted out her mom.
 13. Spencer: Spencer is a nice dude. But, he’s also like Max Dawson; analytical, and likes the sound of his own voice saying the words “Survivor.” If he makes it past the first couple Tribals he’ll be OK at the merge, but I can’t see that happening just yet.
 13. Jeff: Conference calls. Crotchframing. Neti pots. Hit lists. Untying knots. Holding children. Has any other “Survivor” contestant ever been more guilty of “too fast too soon”? Even if the rakish Varner were to be voted out first he still would leave a lasting impact on this season due to his aggressive pre-gaming.
 14. Kelly: She has had literally 15 years to think about how she came in second. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing for her. Honestly, I don’t know too much about her because the last time I saw her play I was eight. But I’m going to put her here because I don’t think she’s a first boot but not a winner either.
 14. Joe: Instead of text I wish I could just insert here the GIF Joe smiling from the opening credit sequence. Joe’s charm alone should be enough to get him through the first few votes. Unfortunately, his challenge skills should be enough to get him voted out after a tribe swap.
 15. Kimmi: See “Kelly Wiglesworth”
 15. Shirin: Shirin’s best play is to lay low and stay as far under the radar as possible for the first few votes. Do I think that she can do that? Not a chance. As was the case in “Worlds Apart,” Shirin is here to play, and it appears that many of her tribe mates want to play with her. Her choice of partners will seal her fate, much as it did her first time out. My advice to my former partner in crime: avoid aligning with the Max Who Doesn’t Suck at all costs.
 16. Monica: Doesn’t really stand out of the crowd for me. I don’t remember her at all from her first season.
 16. Vytas: Vytas’ name has been coming up a lot in pre-game press. So have words like “calculated,” “sneaky,” and “trouble.” As a yoga teacher, a college-level math instructor, and a newly-reformed bad boy Vytas is the definition of a “Survivor” triple threat. Sure, he’s dangerous. But would his fellow Ta Keo tribe members really go after Bad Aras this early in the game? Ta Keo would have to be crazy to write Vytas’ name down. Unfortunately for Vytas, Ta Keo ended up with most of this season’s crazy people.
 17. Peih-Gee: She’s super nice, but from her previous season can be super confrontational. I don’t think that bodes well for her, just like it doesn’t for Abi-Maria.
 17. Abi-Maria: Were Abi’s interpersonal conflicts with her Phillipines rivals products of cross-cultural misunderstandings or side effects of the world’s longest bout of PMS? Ta Keo is about to find out.
 18. Vytas: I’m not spelling that last name – Vytas has a target on his back from the start I think because of his betrayal of Aras from the last season. I can’t see anyone wanting to work with or trust him after he would do that to his own brother. I wouldn’t trust him, and if they go to Tribal I see him in the running for first boot along with Abi, Spencer, and Peih-Gee.
 18. Kimmi: Kimmi is light. Kimmi is joy. I would say Kimmi is my spirit animal but I’d be lying. Randy Bailey is my spirit animal. I’m worried, though. I’m worried that the first time Bayon loses an immunity challenge Savage and Jeremy and Tasha are going to target her as the tribe’s “weakest link.”
 19. Abi-Maria: Judging on her last season, I cannot see her making it far. She’s going to blow up at something completely minuscule and piss off everyone. In the running for first boot if they go to Tribal.
 19. Spencer: I can imagine Varner convening special conference calls for the sole purpose of talking about Spencer’s crotch framing. “Can you believe him? The nerve! He can’t keep his hands off it. Every time I go on the computer it’s like he’s trying to shove that thing down my throat.” With each additional mention of the lad’s nads Shane grows more incensed. “What are we even DOING talking about this $%$?” he screams into the shattered face of his iPhone. Wiglesworth remains silent. Is she even on the call still? Returning players vote for strategic purposes, but they also take into consideration screen time. No one in this cast gets more of that ego-sustaining substance than the reigning Mr. “Survivor.” That fact alone puts Spencer at grave risk of being the first voted out this season.
  20. Kass: I would love to see her as a first boot. But I can’t see it because I can’t see her tribe losing, but I also can’t see her making it far at all. She pisses off people (and seems to enjoy it, which I can’t fault her for). And just because I can’t see it happening doesn’t mean it won’t. So she’s here.
 20. Kass: Kass.

‘Survivor: Second Chance’ Ciera: ‘Monica…Malign. Sorry, Mom’

September 22, 2015

"Survivor: Second Chance" (CBS)

Quick Note: XFINITY TV sent me deep into the Cambodian wilderness to bring you all kinds of “Survivor: Second Chance” goodness. So, be sure to check back for exclusive interviews, photos, and behind-the-scenes tidbits. And, follow me on Twitter (@gordonholmes) for up-to-the-minute news and info.

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Name: Ciera Eastin
Season: “Survivor: Blood vs. Water”
Finish: Fifth place
Why You Should Remember Her: Ciera became the only person in “Survivor” history to vote out a family member when she sent her mother Laura Morett packing.

Gordon Holmes: You have this huge advantage over most of these nineteen people you’re about to victimize. I’m of course talking about your XFINITY Power Rankings experience.
Ciera Eastin: My Power Rankings background is going to be pretty huge for me. I Power Ranked Kass, Spencer, Tasha, Woo…I analyzed their game pretty intensely.

Holmes: Another advantage is you’re one of the few people who has a mother who has played “Survivor.”
Eastin: My mom is so stoked. She’s incredibly pumped. She basically told me, if you don’t win, I’ll still love you. Thanks, Mom!
Holmes: As far as worst-case-scenarios go, that’s pretty solid. She played with Monica Padilla in Samoa.
Eastin: I think I maybe met her. I’ve never talked to her. I know she talks to my mom. My mom could’ve told her, “Ciera and you are tight.” I don’t know.
Holmes: You have your mom brokering a deal?
Eastin: She could have.
Holmes: That’d be the best, you’re getting on the plane and Laura’s like, “Have fun, and keep Monica till final five.”
Eastin: (Laughs) Mooooom, I don’t want to!
Holmes: Not that you shouldn’t.
Eastin: We’ll see.

Holmes: You were a “Blood vs. Water” contestant. You played with second, third, and fourth timers, now you yourself are a second timer. Did you learn anything from watching them?
Eastin: I feel like I have such a huge advantage being that I’ve played with second timers. I’ve played with three winners; Tyson (Apostol), Aras (Baskauskas), and Tina (Wesson). I’ve played with older players, Tina and Gervase (Peterson). I’ve played with more recent players, myself and Vytas. So, I feel like I’ve been well-rounded in the game and had some really great mentors. And I grew up with a mentor. My mom is Ms. “Survivor.” I learned so much my first season, I want to attack this second game with the same stride that I had at the end of my first season.
Holmes: When you drew rocks, that was a big deal. I think people know you’re smart and you’re not willing to settle. That seems like a good thing in life and a bad thing for a season of “Survivor.”
Eastin: I can’t really use the whole, dumb Ciera, I’ll do whatever you want me to do thing. I have this reputation as someone who does these crazy things. So, that’s going to be a challenge.
Holmes: But, it wasn’t crazy. You were coasting to a fourth-place finish and you risked going out immediately for a chance at the final three.
Eastin: It was smart.  So, I’m looked at more as a calculated player than someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. I’m going to have to break that somehow or get someone to believe that I want to work with them and let’s make these smart moves together.
Holmes: Does that make you an early target?
Eastin: If definitely makes me an early target. I’m hoping there are more annoying people here so I can slide by not being the most annoying. Maybe being helpful. And if I can’t, I’m going to have to pull some magic out of my hat. I think my struggle is going to be early in the game. It’s all about making it to the merge. And after the merge you have more freedom to make big moves for yourself. And just because I made big moves, you should really want to work with me because I’m really trustworthy.
Holmes: I think it was pretty clear that you were making the best move for your game. And as long as someone is working in the best interest of their own game, you can play with them.
Eastin: Yeah.  I think something I definitely have learned is the thing where, you can’t trust anybody, but you have to trust somebody. So many of these people who have won have had early alliances that were formed and made it to the end; “Boston” Rob (Mariano) and Natalie Tenerelli, Russell Hantz and Natalie White, Tyson and Gervase. Every season these people meet early and they stick together. I think you need someone like that. I’m hoping I have that natural selection with someone, then we pick our thirds and fourths and extras together.

Holmes: What’ve you been up to since your time on the show?
Eastin: I did my Power Rankings, that was really fun. I’ve been home with my kids and my husband and living life. Nothing really exciting. This is a highlight for me. I’m really fortunate that I’m not working a Monday to Friday job. I get to watch my kids grow…which is a full-time job.

Holmes: It’s not a surprise you’re back.
Eastin: I thought that. I thought they’d have me back, I just didn’t know when.
Holmes: Is it better or worse to be in this situation where there are 32 potential players and you had to be voted in?
Eastin: It makes it really sticky when we know who we could be potentially playing with before we go out. It does open it up for pre-game alliances. I honestly, and you’re probably going to hear this a lot and it’s a lie, I really tried to stay out of it. You just never know what’s going to happen. You don’t know the circumstances. Half the people that could’ve been able to play didn’t make it. If I made a big pre-game alliance with Brad Culpepper, and he’s gone? What a waste of energy. There’s just so many twists. And if you have to break a promise, that could come back to bite you in the butt.
Holmes: Sure…
Eastin: (Laughs) I obviously knew Vytas, but it wasn’t a thing where we talked beforehand. It wasn’t like, “You, me, final two.” It was more like, “You’re good with me, I’m good with you. Let’s see how it goes.” I’m hoping everybody did the same.
Holmes: Probably not.
Eastin: Probably not. But if they didn’t, when we get out there I can use it as an advantage. I can say, “I know these people have a pre-game alliance.”
Holmes: Oh, you know people have pre-game alliances?
Eastin: Well, I’m assuming they do. And even if I don’t, I’m going to say they do anyway.

Holmes: Does it concern you that you’re one of only two from your season while Cagayan has four and San Juan del Sur has three?
Eastin: I think it is a concern. You can even tell walking around people kind of giving each other looks and glances. You can see where the bonds are already made. It’s either going to be a hard thing to overcome or it’s going to be easy because there’s such a lack of trust. I think you have to expose the bad history.
Holmes: Who’s making faces at each other?
Eastin: Definitely the “Blood vs. Water 2” people. Jeremy and Keith and Kelley are all sharing the same crossword book. They’re giggling.
Holmes: Do you think they’re writing notes in the crossword puzzle?
Eastin: I thought that!
Holmes: They totally did that in “Ocean’s Eleven!”
Eastin: (Gasps) I’m going to have to get a hold of that. Mission number one.
Holmes: I’ll distract them.
Eastin: But yeah, they’re friendly. The Cagayan people are extremely cold to each other, which I think is a strategy. They’re very aware of where they’re sitting. And with Vytas, I’m trying to be friendly. Smile, but not overly friendly. Find a balance.
Holmes: If there are twists, what do you think they will be.
Eastin: Ugh…there will be twists. Because we’re all second-time players, they’re going to totally screw with us. I hope it’s not Redemption Island. I hate that. When you’re gone, just go. Don’t haunt me.

Holmes: Describe your day one.
Eastin: Day one I want to be looking for hidden immunity idols. It’s a little risky, but it’s unexpected because everyone’s in the mix meeting people. If I’m kind of keeping my eyes open, normally you can find them in more monumental spots.  And I’ll figure out who I mesh with. In my season, there were people like Katie (Collins) where I just knew.
Holmes: Dude, Katie is the best.
Eastin: She’s like the best, smartest person on Earth.

Holmes: What do you think of Cambodia?
Eastin: It’s so hot. The rain has been refreshing. They’re quick little twenty minute rains. And then it’s hot as (expletive deleted) again.
Holmes: How hot?
Eastin: As (expletive deleted).
Holmes: Wait, Abi-Maria is right behind us.
Eastin: We need to be quiet.
Holmes: Right.
Eastin: Don’t give away my game. She’s probably wondering why I was screaming (expletive deleted).

Holmes: Alright, we’re going to play “Align or Malign.” In my hand I have nineteen cards featuring your competitors. You’ll go through them and tell me who you’ll align with and who you’ll malign. Trick is, you only get eight aligns.
Eastin: OK.
Holmes: You’re the first person to play this game.
Eastin: Ooo…so  I have to set the bar high.
Holmes: That’s right. Don’t (expletive deleted) up the rest of my day.
Eastin: (Laughs)

Eastin: I have Vytas…but he’s such an in-betweener for me.
Holmes: One or the other.
Eastin: Malign. Cause I think he knows me too well and I think he’s going to be after me eventually. I have to cut him before he cuts me.

Eastin: Shirin…align. I think I can beat her in the end. She confessed that she was a millionaire at the end of her season.

Eastin: Tasha…align. I think she’s smart. I think she’s a good competitor and I think I can beat her in the end. I don’t think she’d do enough strategically or socially.

Eastin: Andrew…malign. He already kind of annoys me. He thinks he’s funny when he’s not.

Eastin: Peih-Gee…align. I like her. She’s one of those people where she seems trustworthy and she hasn’t played in a while, so I think I could outsmart her.

Eastin: Abi…malign. She’s crazy. She’s crazy cat. She’s already bizarre. Really cute, really fun. I don’t think I could live with her for 39 days. And she seems like a loose cannon.

Eastin: Kelly…she’s one of these people where she needs to go early or she needs to be my number one. She gives me crazy vibes. I feel like I need to align because you need to keep your enemies closer.

Eastin: Joe…malign. He’s way too likable. He just had a big season. I want him gone early. And if there’s a fan favorite, I don’t want him getting it.

Eastin: Kelley…she’s from the Pacific Northwest so I want to align with her. Same concept, I think I’d really get along with her. She could be my Katie.

Eastin: Jeff…malign. No, get rid of him. Same thing with Andrew. They are trying to be funnier than they are. And I don’t think they’re strategically smart to the game because they haven’t played in a long time.

Eastin: Monica…malign. Sorry, mom.
Holmes: (Laughs) First you vote her out, then you malign her buddy.
Eastin: (Laughs) She seems conniving. Like a flip-flopper.

Eastin: Kass…align. It’s similar to Kelly Wiglesworth because she’s one of those people you need to be best friends with or she needs to go early.

Eastin: Kimmi…malign. She doesn’t seem like she’s going to make it. Her head is in the clouds.

Eastin: I have all these good people left!
Holmes: You knew what nineteen names were in there.
Eastin: Unfair!
Holmes: You have nobody to blame but yourself.

Eastin: Stephen…align. He played with Tyson. He actually married Tyson and Rachel (Foulger). I feel like I can use that relationship. I can say, “Hey, Tyson told me I can trust you.” Even though Tyson never told me that.

Eastin: Keith, no…malign. Nothing special about him. I don’t think we’ll click.

Eastin: Woo…I’d bet a lot of people would want to align because the mistake he made taking Tony (Vlachos) to the end, I don’t think he’ll make that mistake again. I wouldn’t want to give him the second chance. Malign.

Eastin: Terry…malign. He was huge in challenges. I think he’ll be surprised that maybe he won’t be that great this time. And I think a lot of people will want to be in an alliance with him. I think he’ll be like an Aras where he thinks he’s going to win, but he’s really not.

Eastin: Spencer is my last align. We’re coming in on a similar boat. Recent seasons with big reputations on the line. And he’s younger than I am, so I think I can manipulate him. “They’re going to be gunning for us, let’s stick together.”

Eastin: Jeremy…malign. I don’t have a reason why. There’s nothing hugely special about him. He does seem a little sneaky. On the island he wouldn’t have a lot to say, but in his interviews he would. I don’t like that. Own it wherever you go.


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Survivor: Second Chance” will kick off with a special 90-minute premiere on Wednesday, September 23rd at 8 p.m. ET.

‘Survivor: Second Chance’ Stephen: ‘I’ve Publicly Said Bad Things About a Lot of This Cast’

September 22, 2015

"Survivor: Second Chance" (CBS)

Quick Note: XFINITY TV sent me deep into the Cambodian wilderness to bring you all kinds of “Survivor: Second Chance” goodness. So, be sure to check back for exclusive interviews, photos, and behind-the-scenes tidbits. And, follow me on Twitter (@gordonholmes) for up-to-the-minute news and info.

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Name: Stephen Fishbach
Season: “Survivor: Tocantins”
Finish: Finalist
Why You Should Remember Him: “The Wizard” orchestrated the show’s first-ever cross-tribe alliance but received no votes at the final Tribal Council.


Gordon Holmes: You do a weekly podcast with Rob Cesternino entitled, “The ‘Survivor’ Know-It-Alls.” How much are you regretting that “Know-It-All” nickname today?
Stephen Fishbach: (Laughs) So much. I think it’s only bad. It doesn’t give me any actual “Survivor” superpowers. Strategy is still the same for everyone. You get a majority in the numbers, then you vote somebody out. But, I think people have this idea because I’m a know-it-all and because I write for “People” that I’ve got some strategy superpowers and I’m going to work my voodoo.  There’s also this belief that I know a lot of people.
Holmes: Knowing it all would include knowing a lot of people.
Fishbach: But I don’t. I’ve heard a lot of people in their campaign interviews say that through the podcast I know everybody. I don’t know everybody. Maybe Rob does. He’s the one interviewing everyone.
Holmes: This is all Cesternino’s fault.
Fishbach: It really is! I think I’m coming in with a target because of all that stuff. And I’ve talked (expletive deleted) about half of them. I’ve said mean things about them.
Holmes: And the Wine & Cheese thing in New York? I assume that if someone on the East Coast has played “Survivor” that you’ve been in a group shot with them in Eliza Orlins’s living room.
Fishbach: Yes, from maybe like four years ago. If this was season 26, like Caramoan, I would probably know everybody on the season and be friendly with them. But I kind of stopped doing that because it’s exhausting. It was exciting to meet everyone out of gate, but then I was like, “Ugh…whatever…you’re all the same.” Now I don’t as much. I do the podcast, I do my blog, but other than that, I don’t do much with the “Survivor” community.

Holmes: I don’t feel like anyone else has this second story the way they do. Like with Kimmi, I remember what I remember from “The Australian Outback,” but I have no knowledge of her life since then. How are you going to combat that?
Fishbach: It’s almost like the opposite. I was the runner up to JT (Thomas), but nobody cares. The reason I’m here is because of the blogging and the podcasting stuff. Those are the fans that got me on and that’s why the producers still care about me. Random…runner up…gamebot from sixteen seasons ago or whatever.
Holmes: I love having the runner-ups on. I want people who’ve never had their torch snuffed. Risking that perfect record.
Fishbach: It is a big risk. If I fall on my face, how will I ever say I’m a know-it-all again.
Holmes: I don’t know, somebody else who’s a know-it-all…
Fishbach: (Laughs)
Holmes: He didn’t set the world on fire in his second go-round.
Fishbach: That’s true. I do have that.
Holmes: Head to head, you were a finalist, Rob was third place. Then Rob was out fourth. By my math, as long as you’re not third out, you’ve still got him beat.
Fishbach: Exactly. Although, he would have won in the finals.
Holmes: Definitely. I give him credit for getting me back into “Survivor.”
Fishbach: From that season?
Holmes: Absolutely. I was bored with it until he shook the game up. The way he was bouncing back and forth.
Fishbach: He really did change the game.
Holmes: Agreed. Probst and I did a thing a few years ago, a Mount Rushmore of “Survivor.” It’s actually where the idea for the “Survivor” Hall of Fame came from. I went with Richard Hatch because he invented alliances, Jonny Fairplay because he made it so the game begins before the filming starts, and Cesternino because he was the first person who wasn’t content with final four.
Fishbach: I never liked Fairplay’s game that much. When I watched Pearl Islands I was like, “What? Who cares?” It just didn’t seem that great. It was just because of that one lie?
Holmes: It was the fore thought to say to your buddy, “If I get to the family visit, we’re going to do this thing that could earn me sympathy.” It added a tool to his toolbox.
Fishbach: That’s interesting. Because his game was a fine game, but it wasn’t like he was some devious mastermind. That’s a great call.
Holmes: Well, I’m no know-it-all…
Fishbach: (Laughs)

Holmes: Let’s say we arrive on the beach on day one. I was voted out seventh on Marquesas but people remember me because I had great one-liners. How do you keep me from being scared to death of you?
Fishbach: I don’t know, man. I’m worried about it. Do I just act self-conscious about it? Do I hope there’s some cache to it? I think my best move is to go to some of these floaters, these women, there are a lot of huge dudes and a lot of small women. And the looks I’m getting from some of these women…it seems like…they’re a little scared of their future too. If I can pick them up and be like, “Hey, I’m Stephen Fishbach.”
Holmes: That does have some cache.  It would work on me.

Holmes: Worst case scenario, day one…your pants rip?
Fishbach: (Laughs) It’s happened before.
Holmes: I might’ve checked out some Tocantins on the flight over.
Fishbach: That was such a nightmare. I literally, when I was testing my pants, I was squatting to test crotch tensile strength.
Holmes: (Laughs) I was hoping at some point to get you to say “Crotch tensile strength.”
Fishbach: I’m happy you did.

Fishbach: What do you think I should do to play off the know-it-all thing?
Holmes: I don’t know if you can. If you say, “I don’t know people, Rob knows people.” It feels like the same thing I’d tell Coach (Wade) where if you deny a lie, even if you’re telling the truth, they’ll still think it’s a lie.
Fishbach: Totally.
Holmes: I think you’ve got to own it.
Fishbach: Yeah, you’ve got to own it.
Holmes: I think in South Pacific if Coach had owned up to his lies, even if he hadn’t actually lied, he’d have been much better off.
Fishbach: So, should I let them think I know people?
Holmes: Unless they think you’re the center of some big alliance. Everybody here knows somebody. The Cagayaners are rolling four deep.
Fishbach: That is the fear, that they think I have an alliance. And the twenty people on this beach, do I know them? Not really. Hopefully there’s something to that. It scares me. The theoretical argument in my head is; I think about strategy. I write about strategy. But to me, good strategy is strong alliances. Hopefully I can make that case.

Holmes: With the possible exception of voting out Taj (Johnson-George) I don’t remember a lot of chicanery from you and JT.
Fishbach: We came off pretty great…well until the end. We betrayed people.
Holmes: You were down in the numbers, you have to do whatever you can.
Fishbach: Yeah, we were down six to three.
Holmes: So, even though you’re viewed as super-smart, it’s not like you’re a crazy backstabber.
Fishbach: I’ve publicly said bad things about a lot of this cast, but I’m hoping once they meet me, they’ll think that’s just me talking about the game and I’m really a good guy. I am worried that I might’ve said something bad about Val (Collins) because of her two idol nonsense. It’s easy to forgive something someone says about you, but impossible to forgive something someone said about your wife. But…he couldn’t have thought the two idols was a good play. (Laughs)
Holmes: How could you have thought my wife pretending to have forty idols was a bad move?
Fishbach: Exactly. (Laughs)

Holmes: Did anyone approach you for a pre-game alliance?
Fishbach: Shane approached me. And he was approached by some folks here. But, I don’t want to say who.
Holmes: Why not? Nobody’s going to see this until August at the earliest.
Fishbach: Good point, I think Kass approached him. It’s scary when people are approaching each other and not me. And Culpepper approached me. Shane I would have considered, but Culpepper is a lunatic. He’s a crazy man. The funny thing is; he was so energetic and so gung-ho about our secret alliance. I was like, “Are you doing this with everyone?”
Holmes: It’ll be the Fishpepper alliance! C’mon!
Fishbach: (Laughs)
Holmes: I remember our pre-game interview during “Blood vs. Water” he had a lot of really crazy ideas. And I was like, “That’s interesting, but how about this instead?” And when it was over he credited me with getting him as far as he got. So, my advice can propel someone all the way to fifteenth place.
Fishbach: He can’t contain himself.

Fishbach: What do you think; is this the best cast, pound-for-pound in “Survivor” history?
Holmes: In what sense?
Fishbach: A normal cast, five people maybe tops are potential winners. “Heroes vs. Villains,” maybe nine people could win the game. Here seventeen of us are potential winners.
Holmes: It feels very low on the fodder side.
Fishbach: Exactly! I don’t know if there’s a Parvati (Shallow) here or a Tony (Vlachos,) someone who’s truly one of the great players. But, maybe this is their chance to shine. It feels like there are a lot of good, solid players.
Holmes: What could make it great is; on a regular all-star season your “Boston” Robs and your Russell Hantzs assume they belong here. Everyone here had to get in by a fan vote. To me, I’m thinking I almost didn’t make it, so I’m going to exhaust every possible avenue to prove I belong.
Fishbach: Totally, people are going to play hard. People like Spencer, Kass, Joe, Shirin…they were coming back no matter what. But me, Monica, Peih-Gee, Varner? We weren’t coming back. And that was proven by the fact that we haven’t been back.

Holmes: Who’s making eye-contact over at the contestant porch?
Fishbach: You know, you see it. I don’t know how much I’m supposed to do it. I want to smile, but I don’t want to be high-fiving. It almost seems less with smiles and how people gravitate toward each other. I see Jeremy and Savage stick together a lot. That to me is scary. They’ve got some bro thing, they’re both manly men. I don’t think they’ve spoken about it, but they’re muttering to each other all the time. That’s the kind of thing that alliances are made from.
Holmes: That happens every season.
Fishbach: Oh yeah, apparently the whole Carolyn (Rivera), Rodney (Lavoie Jr.), and Will (Sims II) alliance was made at Ponderosa. Rodney was making crazy eye contact. And, Coach fell in love with JT at Ponderosa.
Holmes: How could you not?
Fishbach: Yeah, with those pretty eyes? (Laughs)
Holmes: He’s only human.

Holmes: Does it concern you that you’re the only Tocantinian around so many Cagayers and San Juan del Surians?
Fishbach: It doesn’t concern me. They’re probably happy to have each other. Even Spencer and Kass, they lived together for over a month. That whole will-they-or-won’t-they thing.
Holmes: It’s like Monica and Ross.
Fishbach: Ummm…
Holmes: Rachel and Ross! Monica and Ross were brother and sister. That’s way different.
Fishbach: Hopefully not. I hope it gives them a target.

Holmes: You are secretly in shape.
Fishbach: Yeah, I’ve had a stomach bug, but we’ll see. I’m in shape, but I’m still the smallest guy here, basically. I’m 6’2”, 185 lbs. There are some giant dudes. My hope is to be better than the girls, well not Kelly Wiglesworth…or Wentworth. I’m not better than them.
Holmes: My favorite Stephen moment was the challenge where you figured out the memory puzzle.
Fishbach: Probst said something about using past challenges. I’m hoping it’s that one for me.

Holmes: If there’s a twist this season, what do you think it is?
Fishbach: The word twist is so weird. Was the extra vote a twist?
Holmes: I feel like anything over, win an immunity challenge or go to Tribal to vote someone out is a twist.
Fishbach: I could see Probst wanting Redemption Island. It’s a second chance for second chancers. I’d be so upset if there was a Redemption Island. I’m imagining the conversation in my head if there’s an early vote out like “Blood vs. Water.” If that’s my fate, I’m swimming home.
Holmes: That’s the fear?
Fishbach: That is my number-one fear. I’m dreading a pick ’em. I think that’s possible because of the way our wardrobes worked out. There are no color combinations. There’s gotta be something. Probst said they’re giving us a lot of room to play. I don’t know what that means. It feels like foreshadowing. One tribe? That would be ridiculous.
Holmes: Twists!
Fishbach: Do you know what it is?
Holmes: I know some things.
Fishbach: That’s exciting.
Holmes: Who’s the know-it-all now?
Fishbach: (Laughs)

Holmes: Alright, we’re going to play “Align or Malign.” In my hand I have nineteen cards featuring your competitors. You’ll go through them and tell me who you’ll align with and who you’ll malign. Trick is, you only get eight aligns.

 Fishbach: Vytas is the hardest one. He’s super strategic. He’s got great emotional intelligence. He would be a great partner in crime. He’d also be a terrifying adversary. I’m going to say align.

Fishbach: Monica…she’s like me. She’s from a random mid-season. She doesn’t have a lot of connections here. I think she’s the kind of person I’d want to align with because she isn’t going to be hooked in with one of the big guys. She’s going to be looking for someone to work with.

Fishbach: Peih-Gee…I’m going to say she’s boisterous. Watching her at Ponderosa I think she’s going to get annoying. I think a lot of other people want to align with her. So, I don’t want her. I’m saying malign.

Fishbach: Spencer…no brainer. He’s one of us. Got to align with Spencer.


Fishbach: Kelley Wentworth…same thing. The problem is she’s part of the San Juan del Sur shenanigans. But, I still say align. Send her through!

Fishbach: Jeremy…I think he’s a smart guy. He got burned. He also gravitates toward the women. He’s going to come out swinging. I say malign.

Fishbach: Woo…I don’t know if Woo and I are natural partners. I’m excited to be infected by his great karate energy. But, I don’t think he’s one of my core eight. Malign!

Fishbach: Savage scares me. He’s such a bro. He’s a natural leader, he’s physical. He can connect with guys’ guy. I don’t know if I’m going to connect with him. I think maybe he’ll pick up some of the women that I’d love to be with. I have to say malign.

Fishbach: Abi-Maria…another mid-season girl without a lot of connections. I say align. Abi has a lot of trouble speaking English, maybe a good person to have with you at the jury. Of course, that didn’t work out well for me last time with a guy who had trouble speaking English.

Fishbach: I actaully know Terry from just being a Survivor. I love him, I think he’s a solid guy. Straight shooter. I don’t think he has a lot of zig or zag in him. But I’d love to fist bump him after he destroys some challenge. So, I’ll say align.

Fishbach: Shirin…random, crazy girl. I love her. Strategic? Maybe. Definitely going to get under people’s skin. I think that could be a good goat quality. The only concern with Shirin is do I get Dawson’d? Will we be lumped in, “Oh, look at the two of them together.” That’s a fear for me, but align.
Holmes: Dawson’d?
Fishbach: (Laughs) Yeah.
Holmes: I’ll cosign that one.

Fishbach: Joe is a beautiful person, he radiates light. He’s also a (expletive deleted) giant. I didn’t know watching last season that he was so big. He’s 6’7” and made of steel.
Holmes: (Laughs) That may not be completely accurate.
Fishbach: Beautiful steel. I’m getting good eye contact vibes from Joe. I’d love to align with him. He’s a fine competitor and going to be such a huge target. Align!

Fishbach: Kass…I think we all know why we’re maligning Kass. She’s a flipper and I don’t think her flips are as strategic as she thinks they are. They’re a little erratic. So malign.

Fishbach: I love Tasha, she’s just not in the top eight. She’s a smart, strategic, physically sound competitor, which is a great reason to malign her. I don’t want her at the end with me.

Fishbach: Varner…I thought he’d be an align, but there’s something about him. I think he’s going to be as scheme’y as hell. I think he has a lot to prove. He scares me. Malign!

Fishbach: Ciera…similar deal. She’s unreliable. She voted out her mom. Malign.

Fishbach: Keith…I love a country boy, as you know. But, is Keith going to be trying to play a strategic game? If he is, then how the (expletive deleted) do you read Keith? Malign.

Fishbach: Kimmi…you know. I love her, I don’t know how much game she’s got. Malign.

Fishbach: Kelly Wiglesworth, the original runner-up. I feel such a kinship with her. But, she’s such a bad-ass, I don’t think she’d love a nerd like me. So, I’ll have to malign her.
Holmes: It’s interesting that you’re maligning these people you don’t think you’ll click with, when nobody would have ever anticipating you and JT getting along so well. Years later you’re officiating his wedding. That’s one of the great things about “Survivor,” two people from different walks of life, like Richard Hatch and Rudy Boesch who become best friends.
Fishbach: Absolutely.
Holmes: You and Keith could be that new combo.
Fishbach: It’s true, but you can’t plan on it.
Holmes: You could officiate Keith’s wedding.
Fishbach: I’d love to!
Holmes: Did you do JT and Tyson’s wedding?
Fishbach: Yeah.
Holmes: Is this a Tocantins thing? You’re just going to go down the line?
Fishbach: Erinn (Lobdell) got married and I wasn’t invited. Joe (Dowdle) got married. These jerks.

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Survivor: Second Chance” will kick off with a special 90-minute premiere on Wednesday, September 23rd at 8 p.m. ET.

‘Survivor: Second Chance’ Kelly: ‘Can You Really Trust Any of These (Expletive Deleted)’

September 21, 2015

"Survivor: Second Chance" (CBS)

Quick Note: XFINITY TV sent me deep into the Cambodian wilderness to bring you all kinds of “Survivor: Second Chance” goodness. So, be sure to check back for exclusive interviews, photos, and behind-the-scenes tidbits. And, follow me on Twitter (@gordonholmes) for up-to-the-minute news and info.

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Name: Kelly Wiglesworth
Season: “Survivor: Borneo”
Finish: Finalist
Why You Should Remember Her: In the season of “Survivor” that first captured America’s imagination, Kelly went on an impressive individual immunity run (four straight wins!) and was the victim of Sue Hawk’s legendary “Rats vs. Snake” speech.

Gordon Holmes: You are “Survivor” royalty. Don’t roll your eyes at me…
Kelly Wiglesworth: (Laughs)
Holmes: Fifteen years later, we’re in Cambodia. Put me in your shoes.
Wiglesworth: I’m really excited to be here. Obviously it’s been a long time. I’m glad we’re in Cambodia. I feel very comfortable with the surroundings. It’s a lot like Borneo. It’s like a baby Borneo. It’s a little nicer. I’m definitely equipped to deal with this environment.

Holmes: What about the changes that have been made to the game over the years?
Wiglesworth: Everyone keeps saying, “The game has changed so much!” I don’t think so. As far as the structure with hidden immunity idols and Exile Island and Redemption Island…there’s a lot of new things. Things…or twists.
Holmes: We can call them things.
Wiglesworth: (Laughs) The actual game itself, that’s the same. You’ve got to make an alliance, hope it works out, and do what you’ve got to do to get to the end. That’s been the same since day one. We just weren’t as open about it. Now people are making alliances already. I’m sure everybody knows everybody. I’m sure there are several alliances happening already. It hasn’t changed, it’s just quicker.

Holmes: Have you kept up with the show at all?
Wiglesworth: No, I never watched it ever. I watched the first one and the last one. And not because of any reason other than I wanted to keep my experience pure for myself. “Survivor” was this big, amazing, wonderful thing I did. I wanted to keep it in that little bubble. I guess I didn’t want to see what TV made it look like. So, I never watched anything between one and the last one. Up until around three years ago I finally watched my show.
Holmes: How was it?
Wiglesworth: It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Not bad, they didn’t warp it into something else. I thought, “Oh, what if they make me look like a total jerk?” I think everyone has that fear of how you’ll be portrayed. But as far as the rest, I don’t watch any TV. I don’t own a TV.
Holmes: But how do you watch wrestling if you don’t have a TV?
Wiglesworth: I know, right? (Laughs) I miss out on all that stuff.
Holmes: I feel so bad for you.
Wiglesworth: But if I had a TV, that’s what I’d watch. Clearly. I do love wrestling.
Holmes: That’s my smart-ass response whenever someone doesn’t own a TV.
Wiglesworth: I’m not kidding.
Holmes: Wow, I’ve never had that thrown back into my face so well.
Wiglesworth: (Laughs) When I had a TV and I watched wrestling I liked the classics like the Road Warriors, the Nature Boy…
Holmes: I did not anticipate us bonding on this level.
Wiglesworth: (Laughs) C’mon, dude! I grew up in Las Vegas and they used to have those wrestling matches all the time. I went to it once when I was seven and it was the Road Warriors, it was Rowdy Roddy Piper, and Andre the Giant! I was so excited. I was running up and down the aisles screaming. My mom was like, “Whoa…you are really into this.”

Holmes: So, without a TV, do you know who you’re up against here?
Wiglesworth: I haven’t watched every single show, but I’ve studied a little bit. Who they are, what show they were on, what place did they come in. I have a general idea of who they are. People aren’t always the same in every situation.

Holmes: How do you think people perceive you?
Wiglesworth: Obviously people know who I am. They know what I’m capable of in the game. But…I don’t know…good question. People could see me as a threat as far as challenges and whatnot. Also, everyone kind of alludes, “Oh, you’re the original second chancer.” So, nobody wants to go to the end with me. They think the jury will give it to me. I’m hoping that people will want to play with me. I’m hoping they’ll see me as a weird oddity. Or an antique. (Laughs)
Holmes: Found in a glacier and unfrozen from days past.
Wiglesworth: (Laughs) Yeah!

Holmes: There’s always talk of pre-game alliances in returnee seasons. Have you made any?
Wiglesworth: I haven’t made any. I don’t know anybody, so I don’t know anybody to make any with. I’m not out in the mix. I can speculate. My thought would be there are a lot of people who were on the same show together. My initial thought was, “Sure, they’re going to align. They know each other.”

Holmes: Are you worried that you’re  the only player here from your season?
Wiglesworth: Well, I can assume that those people are going to be in an alliance together. But, they might’ve hated each other. It could be easy like, “Let’s break up that alliance.” Or, that’s a solid three-or-four people, maybe I should try to be in an alliance with them.

Holmes: Do you still have relationships with anyone from your season?
Wiglesworth: I keep in touch with Gervase (Peterson) and Joel (Klug). Gervase more than anybody. I don’t have internet where I live. Again, how do I watch wrestling? (Laughs)
Holmes: I’m sending you some DVDs.
Wiglesworth: (Laughs) It’s an hour-and-a-half drive for me to use the internet.
Holmes: Gervase had quite a run a few years ago. Did he give you any advice?
Wiglesworth: He didn’t. I didn’t ask him. But, I know he did really well.  I love Gervase like a brother. I was so proud of him. My mom watches, I wouldn’t call her a super fan, but she knows everybody. She helped me. I got some intel. But, I’m not a planner. I can’t strategize too far in advance. I think when you get too locked in, it just screws you up. Nothing ever goes according to plan. And can you really trust any of these (expletive deleted)?
Holmes: That should be the subhead for this season, “Survivor: Can You Trust Any of These (Expletive Deleted)?”
Wiglesworth: Exactly! You can’t. I think my strength in my game and my life in general is I don’t plan for anything. This thing happens, deal with it.

Holmes: Any guesses for if there are any twists…or things…this season?
Wiglesworth: (Laughs) I thought that they might add some random players into the mix. Maybe people we wouldn’t know of. Another thought was maybe they’d have us in pairs right off the bat. But, I think maybe they wouldn’t put people on the same show in the same team. I think we might be teams of three. Based on what we’re wearing there seems to be three distinct color groups. There’s a green, a blue, and a red. Possibly a Redemption Island…it is Second Chance. You never know, they’re sneaky.

Holmes: Alright, we’re going to play “Align or Malign.” In my hand I have nineteen cards featuring your competitors. You’ll go through them and tell me who you’ll align with and who you’ll malign. Trick is, you only get eight aligns.

Wiglesworth: Andrew…align. I just get a good feeling from him.

Wiglesworth: Terry…align. He beat my record for challenges. I get a good feeling from Terry.

Wiglesworth: Joe…he’s a tricky one. I’m going to go with align…because…I have a feeling Joe might want to play with me.

Wiglesworth: Spencer…align. I think Spencer wants to play with me too.

Wiglesworth: Jeremy…malign. He seems like a good guy, but he’s good at challenges.

Wiglesworth: Stephen…malign. He seems really sneaky and strategic.

Wiglesworth: Tasha seems like she wants to stir the pot and create a lot of drama. I’m not down with that. Malign.

Wiglesworth: Vytas…align. We’re both yoga teachers. I’ve got to give him the benefit of the doubt on that one.
The down-dog alliance.
(Laughs) Yeah. That works or “Namaste, bitches.”

Wiglesworth: Kelley…malign. She’s too super fan, watched every episode. All into the strategy. And there can only be one Kelly/Kelley.
No matter how many Es.

Wiglesworth: Kass…malign. Her nickname is Chaos Kass. Too much drama.

Wiglesworth: Peih-Gee…align. She seems like she’d be a good person.

Wiglesworth: Ciera…malign. Voting out your mom? That’s kind of harsh.

Wiglesworth: Varner…align. He seems like a good guy. It might bite me in the ass.

Wiglesworth: Abi…malign. Seems a little shady.

Wiglesworth: Keith…align. He’s a redneck. I am a redneck. I watched some of his season and he seems like a solid dude. If he gives you his word, I’d believe it.

Wiglesworth: Monica…malign. Seems sneaky.

Wiglesworth: Kimmi…malign. I sort of remember her from her show being really whiny and complaining a lot.

Wiglesworth: Woo…malign.  I don’t know anything about Woo. So, sorry dude.

Wiglesworth: Shirin…malign. The whole going naked , and talking about poop, and monkeys having sex…that’s going to annoy the (expletive deleted) out of me.

Any Questions? Drop me a line on Twitter: @gordonholmes

Survivor: Second Chance” will kick off with a special 90-minute premiere on Wednesday, September 23rd at 8 p.m. ET.

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