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‘Survivor’ Runner-Up Woo – ‘I Thought They’d Vote for Kass to Spite Me’

May 23, 2014

'Surivvor: Cagayan' (CBS)

NOTE: Check out our interviews with “Survivor” winner Tony Vlachos and runners-up Spencer Bledsoe and Kass McQuillen. And, be sure to follow me on Twitter (@gordonholmes) for immediate updates.

Gordon Holmes: I’m not an expert on women. Any woman I’m ever dated will tell you that. But I’ve got to believe that if you say you’re going to propose to someone on national television, you have to do it.
Yung ‘Woo’ Hwang: Have I popped the question? I have not. I’m still waiting for the opportune time. But when that time comes around it’s going to be a beautiful day.
Holmes: Do you have to win a million dollars first?
Hwang: Absolutely not. But, sometimes it’s necessary to take care of yourself before you jump into something major like that. I want to make sure I have all my ducks in a row.
Holmes: That’s very commendable.
Hwang: Thanks!

Holmes: So, last night Probst asks who would’ve voted for you if you’d taken Kass to the end. What’re you thinking about when all of those hands shot up?
Hwang: Man, Gordon…Probst asks, “Did Woo make a million-dollar mistake?” And you’ve got all your family and friends watching. And all the hands raised. You don’t even need to turn around, you just feel the vibration. It put chills up the back of my neck. I made the decision based on what’s going to get me to the million dollars. It didn’t go my way. Hats off to Tony.

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Holmes: Did you think at the time that Kass could have possibly beaten you if the jury knew you went back on your word to Tony?
Hwang: I think if I was lined up with Kass and she had taken me, I think I had a good shot. But taking Kass was a move that I didn’t think the jury would respect. I didn’t make any critical major moves. I didn’t think they’d respect that. I thought they’d vote for Kass to spite me.

Holmes: Spencer called you a dog and said Tony was the master. That couldn’t have been fun to hear. Do you think some of that was residual resentment from the clue incident?
Hwang: Yeah, I’m sure that had something to do with it. But I think he was also bitter. I made a decision that wasn’t in his favor and that probably hurt his feelings and he grew some resentment toward me. I think it was a culmination of my Ninja Stealth Mode and not following through on some of the moves I was considering. But, kudos to him. It’s a game and he’s a major player.

Holmes: We don’t get to see much that doesn’t involve gameplay. That’s why it was so cool to get to see the great moment with you at the school.
Hwang: I appreciate that very much. What a cool experience. When I got called to do the show I felt very blessed. Right there I felt like I accomplished a lot. But being an ambassador for “Survivor” and getting to give back to the country, the Philippines, was something I will cherish forever. Forever. It was one of the greatest experiences I was ever involved with. To walk in the classrooms and hand them things that can help them better themselves educationally…wow.

Holmes: Alright, word association time. Let’s start with Trish.
Hwang: A loving, hilarious mom.
Holmes: Kass?
Hwang: Wonderful, a very genuine person.
Holmes: Lindsey?
Hwang: A cool chick. She’s like a bro-chick. She can pound a couple of beers with you, give you a high-five.
Holmes: Tony?
Hwang: A passionate individual.
Holmes: Tasha?
Hwang: She’s a beast. Athletic.
Holmes: Sonic the Hedgehog?
Hwang: Ninja Stealth Mode…Woo Hwang!
Holmes: Spencer?
Hwang: He has a great future. Smart kid. He has a lot of drive.

Holmes: I enjoyed you because it looked like you were having a blast out there.
Hwang: Gordon, you’re playing this game…and you’re on the set with the man. The four-time Emmy award-winning man, Jeff Probst. Just to beon the same stage with Jeff…I couldn’t be any happier. And making a fire, getting dumped on by rain, and you see Jeff and he brings you back to life. I was taking every day as I do with my life. I live in the moment and make the best of it. I move forward with a smile on my face.

Holmes: The hardcore fans like to talk about the best this and the worst that. Taking Tony last night is probably going to put you on the Worst Moves Ever list. Going forward, how do you come to peace with that?
Hwang: I’m never going to regret anything I do in life because I think everything happens for a reason. That’s not a cliché. Everything you do will dictate the course of your life. My decision was based on me feeling like I’d be able to beat him. It didn’t work out in my favor. But, people are saying, “Hey Woo, you’re an inspiration to my children. I want to be like you.” And “I’m going to go out on my next missionary trip and be like you.” Being able to touch people’s hearts is like a million bucks.

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‘Survivor’ Castaway Kass – ‘I’m Lacking the Social Skills…I Admit That’

May 23, 2014

'Survivor: Cagayan' (CBS)

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Gordon Holmes: You told your husband that your strategy if you got to the end would be to point out that when men make big moves they are applauded and when women make big moves they are vilified. Do you think this would have swung people you had personal issues with like Trish or Morgan?
Kassandra McQuillen: I’m not sure those particular people would have been won over. Because sometimes hate blinds people to logic. I would like to believe those players who pre-game said they were going to play and blindside and the usual stuff would have taken a look at themselves. They’d say, “You’re right. I said I was going to do this stuff and you did it to me. And I called you a bitch. But because Tony did it I call him a great strategist.” So, I would have owned my game and made that argument. The jury obviously didn’t reward integrity. It would have been great to see what would have happened. But, the Ponderosa effect was pretty strong.
Holmes: I saw that…and it was tough to watch. People weren’t talking to you. And I’m a big believer that it’s a game, and let’s all shake hands when it’s over. But, feelings get hurt. Were you able to mend fences at all?
McQuillen: I’ve talked to everyone except Morgan. She will not acknowledge my existence. And that’s fine, she’s a few years out from high school and is still living in that world. The people at Ponderosa were terrible to me. I still sympathize with them. It’s hard to go out of the game. But I look at it as; I got to play “Survivor” which is something I always wanted to do. How does Kass get on “Survivor”? It’s crazy.

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Holmes: Your highest profile move was the jump after the merge. Something like that is going to make you a lot of enemies. I was asking people in their exit interviews and it sounded like you were never able to win people back over.
McQuillen: I did speak with Spencer and Jeremiah, they asked if we could work together. But people were so mad and so blindsided, they didn’t speak to me for days. Tasha did not speak to me for six days. I wanted to talk to her, we were tight. I wanted to explain why I did what I did. And I wanted to work with her again, but she wouldn’t speak to me. And a day in “Survivor” is like a year in your life. You’re giving up your game if you’re not speaking to people. And if you get blindsided like I was on day three, you can say, “That sucks and I don’t want to play with you kids anymore.” Or you can suck it up and start playing. You can say, “I’m not going to trust you, but I can use you.” I wish that Tasha and I would’ve been able to communicate. By the time she came around I had already solidified a gameplan to go with some brawns.

Holmes: Jeff Probst said he’d be interested in bringing you back. Strategically, I thought you were rock solid. Socially, you weren’t able get those jury votes back after the merge blindside. If you go back, what did you learn that can be useful?
McQuillen: Well, I’m lacking the social skills. I admit that. If I were to play again I would try to participate more in small talk. I’d be more vocal in the daily life. I was very quiet around camp. Strategically it’s all in my head anyway. I also think when I set foot on the island and saw my tribe, there were two groups that immediately bonded. Spencer and Garrett and Latasha and J’Tia. That left me with David. It was an uphill battle for brains. My god… (Laughs) Terrible tribe, but a great tribe. I love all the people.
Holmes: The best worst tribe ever!
McQuillen: (Laughs) Doomed from the start. We had no minions. We had six people who wanted to run the game. It was a disservice to have a tribe of all strategists.

Holmes: The past few years they’ve been letting the players tweet during the game. What has your experience with that been like?
McQuillen: I never had Twitter before. I have better things to do. I think Twitter is the playground for the hateful. It’s a place where people can come and say whatever they want. I don’t know what kind of person you are if you’re sitting at a phone looking up a reality contestant so you can call them the c-word on Twitter.
Holmes: Yikes.
McQuillen: You have to keep perspective that the people who are saying these things…it’s a projection of who they are sitting in their mom’s basement obsessing over a TV show that’s on once a week. I’ve receive a lot of hate, I’ve also received a lot of love. I’m getting tweets from women who are very happy with my gameplay and that I’ve called people out on the double standard. I was approached by two women…who are older than me at 41, if you can believe that.
Holmes: Oh, you’re so ancient.
McQuillen: Hey, 40 is the new 70 on “Survivor.” Right?
Holmes: Did Jeff offer a walker at a reward challenge?
McQuillen: Yeah! Gosh, I’m surprised they didn’t come out and dye my grey hairs. It’s funny out there; you don’t think you’re old. But you go on “Survivor” and all these people say, “You could be my mom.”

Holmes: Well, I saw a 41-year-old pull off one of the most impressive come-from-behind wins I’ve ever seen on “Survivor” last night. That has to inspire the oldies out there.
McQuillen: That was great. I gave those boys a head start.
Holmes: That was very giving of you.
McQuillen: “Fifteen minutes, I’m gonna give you boys.  Then I’m coming for you.”
Holmes: (Laughs)
McQuillen: And if that final puzzle had a few more cogs…
Holmes: I don’t think people appreciate how generous you are.
McQuillen: (Laughs) No. I’ve got to get to the puzzle, that’s the problem.

Holmes: We weren’t expecting a family visit at final four. Next thing you know, your husband is on your beach. What’s going through your mind at that point?
McQuillen: Jeff had told us we weren’t getting one when we were down to six.
Holmes: He’s the worst.
McQuillen: He said, “Maybe it’s not in the cards.” So we gave up on it. And then that boat pulled up. Spencer’s sister got out first, and I saw someone in clean clothes who was pale. I thought, “That is not a producer.” (Laughs)
Holmes: (Laughs)
McQuillen: I definitely think it showed that I’m a person. I did that challenge and he was talking to me the whole time. Jeff and everyone else had written me off. That was great. And to wear that necklace and to be there with my husband to see it was wonderful.
Holmes: So the lesson here is; Jeff Probst is the worst.
McQuillen: He’s a bit of turd.

Holmes: Alright, word association time. Let’s start with Tony.
McQuillen: Bumbling.
Holmes: Sarah?
McQuillen: Wow…I like her outside the game. Confident.
Holmes: Morgan?
McQuillen: Immature, entitled.
Holmes: Spencer?
McQuillen: Evolving.
Holmes: Woo?
McQuillen: Kind-hearted.
Holmes: Latasha?
McQuillen: Fierce.
Holmes: Trish?
McQuillen: Jealous.

Holmes: You’re sooooo old at 41 years old. What do you take from this experience? When you get to be our age you’re pretty set in your ways.
McQuillen: I don’t think it changes anything. It’s a great story to tell my grandkids someday. I’m a fan. I always wanted to play. It’s a small part of your life. I’m not going to be some career “Survivor” person. I don’t run around hashtagging myself and making t-shirts. I love the game, I loved playing the game. And I feel very proud to be on this season which was a great season.

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‘Survivor’ Castaway Spencer – ‘I Had a Goal to See the Right Person Win’

May 23, 2014

'Survivor: Cagayan' (CBS)

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Gordon Holmes: You…damnit…you…
Spencer Bledsoe:
Holmes: I get your bio and you’re such a little…
Bledsoe: (Laughs)
Holmes: It’s all, “Yeah, I’m like John Cochran, but I don’t suck.” And, “Everybody else is gonna get their butt kicked because I’m so good at chess.”
Bledsoe: (Laughs)
Holmes: I’m thinking this kid is dead in the water. And then, you go on and become the fan favorite. What the heck is your problem? What’s wrong with you?
Bledsoe: It’s pretty ironic, right? I think you thought it and saw it. Casting thought it and saw it. And most sane people who were reading that bio thought it and saw it. Like my mom said, I was setting myself up to be the first one out. I had no idea what I was getting myself in to. So, I guess the benefit of that is I can only surpass expectations.
Holmes: (Laughs)
Bledsoe: And luckily I did.
Holmes: Was this all a ploy to punk Jeff Probst…wait do kids still say ‘punk’?
Bledsoe: (Laughs)
Holmes: To troll Jeff Probst?
Bledsoe: No. I would never troll Jeff Probst.
Holmes: Cause that I can support. I’m on board with that.
Bledsoe: I would never troll Jeff Probst. That said, Jeff Probst is definitely fun to mess with. During casting I found it really fun to rile him up and antagonize him. We had a lot of healthy sparing matches.

Holmes: You are a “Survivor” super fan. So am I. My first season that I went out for was “Survivor: Gabon.” I remember when I was on the way there, I was really concerned that I would see something that would make me hate it.
Bledsoe: Like being disillusioned with it?
Holmes: Exactly. Like if Probst was a jerk, or I’d find out it was totally fake. Did you have that concern?
Bledsoe: There were so many other things that I was worried about, so I wasn’t concerned. Luckily, that wasn’t something I needed to worry about. It’s not fake. Jeff Probst is not a jerk. He has a temper, but he’s a nice guy overall. “Survivor” is as real as you think. It was in no way a letdown getting to live it out.

Holmes: Back when Jefra was thinking about flipping, you had an idol that nobody knew about. That could have tipped the scales over to your alliance. Why didn’t you make that move?
Bledsoe: I think it was a moment where I saw the opportunity coming and going and in “Survivor” that happens a lot. I think in that moment I assessed the situation and said it might be risky to act. And I underestimated the risk of not doing anything. I wish I had been quicker on that gut instinct that was to come clean and share the idol.
Holmes: Do you see that moment in your dreams? Do you wake up in a cold sweat?
Bledsoe: (Laughs) Yeah, that and the final four immunity challenge. I see those in my nightmares.

Holmes: I talked to Jeff last week and he said you’d be someone they’d definitely be interested in bringing back. What do you take from this experience that you can apply next time?
Bledsoe: Instincts would be first and foremost. When you have a thought bubble come by, act on it. I was worried about taking a risk. I don’t think I fully realized that not only are risks necessary. But if you don’t seek out the right risks that you’re going to end up with the risk of doing nothing. So, taking more calculated risks. Also, focusing on the short term. In that obnoxious bio I said I could see my win ten moves in advance. What I should have been doing more is focusing on the next three days. And I wouldn’t take it to the extreme and have an “anyone but me” strategy like Sandra (Diaz Twine). But some people plan too far in advance.
Holmes: We also need more chess analogies.
Bledsoe: Yeah! The only good one was I told Tony that we were all his pawns.

Holmes: As a “Survivor” fan you must’ve loved the final two.
Bledsoe: Yeah, but part of the benefit of a final two is when people know there’s a final two. Because then they can’t make these final-three deals and just go securely to the end. I think the final two being a surprise took away some of its draw.
Holmes: Because instead of having a fourth person on the outs, they should be thinking about who they can trust in their three. I thought you played it as best as you could. Did you think at any point Tony was going to turn on Woo and keep you?
Bledsoe: Yeah, it felt a little like I was making something out of nothing, and part of that was because of Tony’s clever bluff that he could use his idol at final four. But, at the time I thought he was considering it. I thought it make sense. But, in retrospect, I’m not sure if he was giving it too much serious consideration. I think that while I thought it was a no brainer, I think Tony had a more accurate read on Woo and that he could rely on his sense of loyalty to take him to the end. That’s something I didn’t see coming.

Holmes: Before the season starts, everyone is asked which former player they’re like. Most people say Parvati Shallow or “Boston” Rob Mariano. But after your speech last night, apparently you’re David Murphy from “Redemption Island”?
Bledsoe: I was like David Murphy meets Erik Cardona or something. I think if you’re a fan and you’re in the position to care about who wins, why not try to influence it? People might say it’s not the role of a juror, but I had a goal to see the right person win.

Holmes: I have an interview with Kass later on that I anticipate will be very lively.
Bledsoe: Yeah. You can bet on it.
Holmes: So what is real-life Kass like?
Bledsoe: Wow…real-life Kass. Kass is introverted. She’s very much in her own head and sometimes you don’t know what she’s thinking because of that. You have to dig and make an effort to get to know Kass. I think Kass is probably a much nicer person than a lot of people think. I think she has a lot of really good qualities. I think she gives a good first impression. When I first met her I really liked her. She’s an interesting lady. I think circumstances just really brought out the worst in her as far as day-to-day living and some of her more villainous qualities coming out.

Holmes: Word association time. Let’s start with Trish.
Bledsoe: Sweetheart.
Holmes: Morgan?
Bledsoe: Misunderstood.
Holmes: Jefra?
Bledsoe: Feisty.
Holmes: Woo?
Bledsoe: Loyal.
Holmes: Kass?
Bledsoe: I’ll say confused.
Holmes: Latasha?
Bledsoe: Fierce.
Holmes: Tony?
Bledsoe: Sharp.

Holmes: As “Survivor” fans we like to talk about the best this and the worst that. Woo’s move to take Tony to the end has got to been seen as one of the worst ever, very reminiscent of Colby Donaldson taking Tina Wesson to the end of “Survivor: The Australian Outback.”
Bledsoe: Oh yeah.
Holmes: Where do you think it ranks?
Bledsoe: Worst move ever? I would say…it’s way up there. Maybe top five. I can’t remember how big of a goat Keith (Famie) was perceived, but it has to rival that.
Holmes: Keith was viewed as quite the villain, but he didn’t do much wrong. That was back in the days where Richard Hatch was a bad guy for starting an alliance. Because that’s so evil.
Bledsoe: Yeah, evil alliances, which are now the lifeblood of the game.

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‘Survivor: Cagayan’ Winner Tony – ‘Hey Russell, This Is How You Win the Game’

May 22, 2014

'Survivor: Cagayan' (CBS)

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Gordon Holmes: Here is your winner…and NEW ‘Survivor’ champion…
Tony Vlachos: (Laughs) (Makes excited llama noises)
Holmes: (Laughs) Congratulations, buddy.
Vlachos: Thank you, I appreciate it.
Holmes: What’d I say? I said I didn’t want to talk to you until after the finale.
Vlachos: And here I am!
Holmes: Here you are a million dollars…heavier? That doesn’t sound right…
Vlachos: Ah…it sounds good. (Laughs)

Holmes: Last night when Woo made the…big decision…do you think he knew he giving you the win or did he think the loyalty play would be able to sway the jury?
Vlachos: You know what, Gordon…I was out there with the guy for 39 days, and there were times where his real life came out and dropped in there. And lucky for me that was one of those moments. He couldn’t distinguish his real life from the game. And, honesty and integrity is what Woo is all about. He didn’t realize that it was just a game and he shouldn’t have stuck to that. It was just luck. I just got really lucky.

Holmes: Kass had done such a job of poisoning the jury. He had to have known that taking her would have been a slam dunk for him. Was he saying that it was worth it to keep the million to keep his honor?
Vlachos: I don’t think he looked at it that way. I’m sure any reasonable person wouldn’t have made the move if they’d looked at it that way. We heard that people like Spencer thought Woo was following Tony. So, I rode that a little bit. I told him the jurors don’t respect him because he hadn’t made any power moves. This is your last chance. I explained something to him that could have been feasible to someone like Woo. I think I pushed the right buttons at the right time.

Holmes: I thought you had it in the bag as soon as he chose you, but the jury was giving me some serious second thoughts. What’s going through your mind when it seems like you’re staring down the barrel of a bitter jury.
Vlachos: I said, “Ohhhh snap.” (Laughs) I can’t argue with these people. I’ve gotta sit here and put my sourpuss face on. I’ve got to look sad. I’ve got to be apologetic. I just sat there and took it. But that’s what I pitched to Woo, I told him there were a lot of bitter jurors out there. So he thought, “Maybe this is the right move to take Tony.”
Holmes: I’m not sure what the rules are with the winnings and all, but are you allowed to buy Spencer a drink? Because I think you owe him one.
Vlachos: I think I owe him a lot more than that.

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Holmes: Trish had a very emotional moment when she asked if it was worth it to swear on your father’s grave. You said it was.
Vlachos: You know what, Gordon? Going into the game that wasn’t my strategy. When I swore to Trish about my family, and my kids, and especially my deceased dad, my heart was in the right place. It really was. That’s what I was telling Jeff. My emotions were running high out there. That’s why it’s so believable. Not because they’re gullible, but because I was genuine when I made those promises. Now what happened at the end of the night was, I can not keep that promise. And you saw with LJ where I had to come up with some scheme where he had to break the promises first. That’s why I lied about Woo having the idol. Once LJ told me he was a threat, I made it sound like he wanted to turn on the alliance first.

Holmes: I can’t imagine what it must be like going from the filming of “Survivor” to nine months after and not knowing if you’re going to win the million. Was that driving you insane?
Vlachos:  You know me, I’m a patient kind of guy. (Laughs)
Holmes: (Laughs)
Vlachos: You can only imagine. Every time I watched the show, especially toward the end. Every time I mentioned the construction worker thing they’d show the jury. And I’m thinking, “Oh my goodness. I think I’m done.” It was nerve wracking. It was tough, but it was all worth it.

Holmes: I’m going to give Rob Cesternino credit for this, because I think that’s where I heard it first; odd numbers are where you should make big moves because you need less votes. Were you thinking that way? Because the odd votes were LJ, then Jefra, then Trish…
Vlachos: It just happened to be like that. There’s nothing textbook about “Survivor.”  You go in there with a paper strategy, you’re going to lose the game. Everything has to be situational. I was making the moves I had to make at the time I had to make them.

Holmes: The social media aspect is very new to “Survivor” and nobody has really owned it the way you have. You have the #teamtv and the comic illustrations. What’s it been like being such a big presence online?
Vlachos: Everything I do, I try to go big with it. I was trying to have fun. I get a lot of backlash. Listen, don’t sit there and knock my game. You don’t know what it’s like to play a game with such high stakes. Anything goes. You’re not trying to play the most honest game, because that doesn’t work on “Survivor.” So, a lot of people tell me I’m a bad cop because of the Sarah thing, and people can have their opinions. It’s a natural instinct for people to not root for the aggressors. You’re not going to root for a lion hunting down a gazelle.
Holmes: Well put.

Holmes: You were compared to Russell Hantz on a few occasions. I’ve disagreed with this because while you’re both very aggressive, Russell didn’t have a problem kicking people when they’re down, while you seem more personable. What’s your take on that comparison?
Vlachos: I love the way Russell played the game. He played an aggressive game. His mind was always in the game. That’s the game I wanted to play. The difference is how we are as people. Russell had a social game, but he’s not a personable person. He’d say, “I’m gonna crack you and I’m going to send you home.” I’m not like that. Look at the end result. I won over a likable person like Woo. There’s no way you’re going to give me a million dollars after I’ve backstabbed you if you didn’t like me and respect me as a person. That’s the difference between Russell and I.
Holmes: Also, one of you is running around with a million-dollar check.
Vlachos: Oh man. (Laughs) That’s the truth.  Russell takes his cheap shots at me. I say “Hey Russell, you know so much about playing the game, so how come you never won it?” I guess now I can say, “Hey Russell, this is how you win the game. You’ve got to be a good person. And you’re not a good person so you’re never going to win.”

Holmes: Word association time. Let’s start with Woo.
Vlachos: Honorable.
Holmes: Trish?
Vlachos: Sweetheart.
Holmes: LJ?
Vlachos: Threat.
Holmes: Jefra?
Vlachos: Sweetie.
Holmes: Latasha?
Vlachos: Beast.
Holmes: Cliff?
Vlachos: A man of stature.
Holmes: That is accurate. Spencer?
Vlachos: Brilliant.
Holmes: Let’s finish with Kass.
Vlachos: Llama.
Holmes: I’m going to be speaking to Kass in a little bit. Do you have any tips for me?
Vlachos: (Laughs) She’s delusional. Whatever she tells you, just humor her.

Holmes: You’ve been through a lot, you’re richer, you’re famous, you saved a life. Most important question though; where’s the Tyler Perry idol?
Vlachos: It’s right next to my baby’s crib. I’m waiting for Tyler Perry to call me so he can sign it.


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‘Survivor: Cagayan’ Finale Recap – Million-Dollar Mistake?

May 21, 2014

'Survivor: Cagayan' (CBS)

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Previously on ‘Survivor’: David never got out of the batter’s box, Garrett was gorgeous then gone, Butterfly Brice was bounced, J’Tia was J’Tossed, Cliff fouled out, Lindsey left, Alexis was aliminated, Sarah was stabbed in the back, Morgan was muted, LJ was 86’d, Jeremiah became a model jury member, Jefra was jettisoned, Tasha was trounced, and Trish was the latest Kass-ualty…

39 Days, 18 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog

Let’s take a look at our final four…

The Solarrion Tribe (wearing black)
Kassandra – Attorney, 41
Spencer – Economics Student, 21
Tony – Police Officer, 39
Woo – Martial Arts Instructor, 29

Things kick off after last week’s Trish shocker. Tony admits to voting out his buddy because she was too much of a threat to take to the end. However, he feels terrible because she hadn’t done anything to defy him.

Tony refuses to discuss the full power of the magic idol. But he hints that it guarantees him final three. Why stop there? Tell them that it gets you six extra votes and a duffel bag of Lunchables.

Quick Aside: No idea why my brain went to a “duffel bag of Lunchables.”

The next morning, Kass thinks that it was a mistake to get rid of Trish because everyone hated her. Really? Every exit interview says differently.

And then…it’s family visit time? What?!

Kass’s husband, Spencer’s sister, Tony’s best friend, and Woo’s cousin show up on the beach. Tony is very upset that his wife didn’t leave the baby behind to fly forever to get to the Philippines. Why, so he can swear on her in person?

Woo lets us know that the million-dollar win will allow him to propose to his girlfriend. What’s with waiting on reality TV wins to make big life decisions? I’m looking at you Team Brenchel.

Kass tells her husband that she’s going to make a play for the women jurors. She thinks that if she made the same moves as a man she’d be a strategist, but as a woman she’s regarded negatively. Normally, she’d have a point, but people of all sexes hate her because she’s mean to them.

Immunity Challenge Time: Players will be perched on a pole in the ocean. They’ll use a bucket to retrieve water. They’ll pour the water into a chute to get a key. Then they’ll take the key back to the beach to unlock puzzle pieces. First person to finish their puzzle wins immunity.

Kass might as well drop out of all of the challenges Richard-Hatch style. She’s everyone’s dream final two.

The challenge starts off and Tony is really uncomfortable with the length of the pole.

Oh, grow up.

He gets over his fear of heights and starts dominating. He’s the first one to retrieve his key. However, he won’t jump into the water because he can’t swim. Wait, what?! Who goes on the show without knowing how to swim?

Tony’s the first one to the puzzle, Spencer is right behind him. Woo eventually joins them.

Meanwhile, Kass has to climb down because her rope got tied up with her key. ‘Wacky Sax’ should be playing in the background.

She eventually figures it out and makes a go for it. She’s gets to the beach and blows through the puzzle and wins?! Meanwhile in Delaware, I’m picking my jaw up off of the floor.

Back at camp, Kass is psyched that she can get rid of Spencer and go to the final three with two brawns. Oh…final three you say?!

Tony, meanwhile, is bummed that he’ll never win a challenge. Dude…just wait!

Spencer takes Tony aside and tells him that he thinks there’s a final two. He figures it out because of how J-Pro didn’t say his usual final-three spiel. So smart.

He makes the argument that Tony will be a target at final three if Spencer is gone.

Meanwhile, Woo is stressed out because Spencer is still making moves. Also, Woo doesn’t remember how the final four tie breaker will work. Oh Woo…you’re so pretty.

That night at Tribal Council, Kass says that her husband’s voice helped inspire her to win.

Spencer doesn’t want to leave the game two days short of his dream. He also thinks Tony will be a target at final three if he’s gone.

He then says he’d take Tony to the end if he won final three immunity.


Probst thinks Woo hasn’t offended anybody. Dude, they call him “Weasel Woo.”

Woo claims that he’s been a player and that he’s had a part in all the big moves. Smart.

Kass thinks she has a better chance against Woo than Tony. Seconded.

To this, Tony replies, “Oh snap.”

Voting Time: Kass votes for Spencer, Spencer votes for Woo, and the rest of the votes are none of our darn business…until a little later.

Probst tallies and returns. You know how he does.

Before the votes are read, Tony shares the real rules of the idol, admitting that he’s going home if he has three votes. Such a good narrator.

We’ve got one vote for Spencer, one vote for Woo, one vote for Spencer, and the fifteenth person to be eliminated from “Survivor: Cagayan” and the eighth member of the jury is…Spencer.

Gah…heck of a game, Spencer Spencer the Pain Dispenser.

It’s high fives all around at camp, but they’re all bummed that there’s a final three. Well, Kass isn’t too bummed because she’s everyone’s pick to take to the end.

Later on, she tells Woo that she’s going to take him to the end if she wins. He says he’ll take her too. He then says he’d be stupid to take Tony to the end. Well, at least Woo is better at this than Colby.

Immunity Challenge Time: Players will race out into the world’s biggest maze in the search of medallions. Once they have them all, they’ll use cogs to create a contraption that will raise a flag. First person to raise their flag gets to take Kass to the end of the game.

The challenge starts off and there isn’t much to describe except for maze navigatin’. Tony and Woo are pretty much following each other. Kass is blazing her own path.

Woo is the first one out with all four medallions. Tony is right behind him. Eventually Kass joins them.

Woo finally figures it out to win immunity, literally a second in front of Kass. Wow. Epic challenge.

Kass seems really sad for someone who thinks she’s aligned with Woo.

Quick Aside: I’m going to give Kass credit for how hard she’s competed this episode. She really stepped up.

Another Quick Aside: Tony’s not so good at the puzzles, is he?

Back at camp, Woo and Tony go for a stroll. Tony tells Woo that he should go with the loyalty he learned through martial arts and take him to the end. Not bad.

Kass reminds Woo that Tony wants to get to the end with her because she’s beatable. She says he’s like Fabio from “Survivor: Nicaragua” because he hasn’t upset anyone.

“Survivor: Nicaragua”? Never heard of it.

She then says that Tony made the moves and the jury knows it. Solid argument.

Seriously, Woo’s best bet is taking Kass. We all agree on this, right?

That night at Tribal Council, Woo is happy to be in the final two. Thanks for the heads up on that one, Woo.

Woo also thinks Tony voted out Spencer because he was being loyal. That’s one way of looking at it.

Tony is glad that he stuck with Woo. He was loyal to Woo, he hopes Woo is loyal back.

Kass feels sick because she doesn’t have control over her own fate. She also thinks Woo keeping Tony could cost him the money.

Probst asks Woo to break down Tony and Kass’s pitches, Woo declines and says he just wants to vote.

Voting Time: No votes are shown, cause there’s just the one. You know…for the drama.

J-Pro gets the vote…cause you don’t tally one vote. The sixteenth person to be eliminated from “Survivor: Cagayan” and the final member of the jury is…Kass.

OK, so Woo isn’t better at this than Colby Donaldson.

What’s the sound of a million dollars flying out the window? Wooooooooooooo…

Anywho, it’s all hugs and kisses back at camp. Tony should buy Woo something pretty when this is all over. Although, CBS rules might not let him.

Woo says he made that move because the jury will respect it. Yes, while they’re shaking their heads and smacking themselves on the forehead.

The next morning they’re greeted by the day 39 feast…and a clue. Tony snags the clue…and fortunately it doesn’t lead him to his 100th idol. It just leads to a mirror and a scale.

Later on, Tony tells us he hopes he can win so he can buy a pink chandelier. So, it’s a marriage vs. a pink chandelier. This show is weird sometimes.

Oh wait, Woo wants to help his disabled mother with the money. That’s much better.

That night at Tribal Council, we learn the jurors did not kill Kass.

Tony wants to tell the truth for all of the moves he made. He says it was nothing emotional, just strategy. He also thanks Woo for giving him the shot. Not bad.

Woo said it was a game of lies and he did his best to honor his codes of conduct. Oh…that’s never good. Everyone always thinks everyone lied. Own it.

Then, Woo says his mother was an inspiration to him through her heart attack. Am I a jerk for thinking that was a ploy for a sympathy vote?

Sarah bats lead off. She gives Tony grief for swearing on his badge. She then asks Woo who he’d vote for between Tony and her. Woo says he’d vote for her.

Jefra says she’s not bitter, but she wants Tony to own his game. She then rips into him. OK, so Jefra doesn’t know what ‘bitter’ means.

Tony says he didn’t backstab her because she was targeting him. He admits thinks he was a good player and half a villain. I can’t wait till he returns on “Heroes vs. Half-Villains.”

Morgan thinks it’s fitting she was on the beauty tribe. Aww…never change, Morgan. She wants to know how Tony kept men loyal without breasts. He says he offered people food and water and did everything he could to keep them.

I didn’t hear anything after “breasts.”

Morgan then says she respects Woo’s move.

Jeremiah doesn’t like that Tony swore on his wife and kids. However, he’s cool with it if Tony doesn’t have a wife and kids. Tony admits that he does. Doh…

Tasha wants to know how Tony kept people loyal. Tony says he explained all his big moves to his people. And if they lied to him, they were gone. He then says Trish never did anything wrong.

She then asks Woo why he aligned with Tony. Woo says he was the odd man out, so he had to adapt to the game.

LJ asks Tony, “Who are you?” Tony says he was afraid of LJ and that’s why he got rid of him.

Kass thinks Woo gave the power back to Tony after finally wrestling it away. Woo says he kept Tony because he’s trying to be honorable.

Kass thinks Tony deserves the money more than Woo does. Woo doesn’t think Kass deserved to be there.

Trish wants to know whose idea it was to blindside her. Woo says it was his because they couldn’t beat her.

She then goes right off on Tony. She says that nobody trusted him, they only trusted her. She then gets really upset because Tony swore on his father’s grave.

She asks if it was worth it to him to swear on his father’s grave to win a million dollars. He says, “Yes.”

Cold blooded, Tony.

Spencer finishes it up, telling Woo that he’s like a dog. He says that Tony was Woo’s master and that he had a shot to take the biggest goat in “Survivor” history to the end.

Woo says it isn’t honorable to take a goat. Spencer disagrees.

He doesn’t ask Tony any questions. He does, however, tell the jury that Tony played much harder than Woo. He also says Tony was responsible for all the big moves. He begs the jury to vote for Tony.

Ooo…Redemption Island flashback.

I’ve got to admit, this wasn’t the slam dunk I thought it’d be. Woo stayed the course with his honorable talk which I’m not a fan of. Tony fumbled a bit. He should have owned his villain-hood.

Voting Time: Spencer votes for Tony, Tasha votes for Woo…and no other votes are shown.

So…Tony 8, Woo 1? They would’ve shown more votes if it was closer.

We meet up with J-Pro back in Los Angeles. We’ve got one vote for Tony, one vote for Woo, three votes for Tony, and the winner of “Survivor: Cagayan” is…Tony.

Verdict: An amazing season stuck the landing with the right winner. I’ve got nothing else to say about it. Awesome.

Power Rankings Results: I totally won. Special thanks to Ciera Eastin for being a fantastic competitor this season.

Also: Check back tomorrow for exit interviews with Tony, Woo, Kass, and Spencer!

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‘Survivor: Cagayan’ Power Rankings – Who’s Most Likely to Win?

May 21, 2014

'Survivor: Cagayan' (CBS)

NOTE: XFINITY TV is the place to be for all sorts of “Survivor: Cagayan” back-stabbin’, torch-snuffin’ fun. Check back tonight for a full recap of the “Survivor” finale. Then, come back Thursday for an exit interviews with the new champion and the rest of the final four. Be sure to follow me on Twitter (@gordonholmes) for immediate updates.

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The Rules: Meh…no more rules. Ciera and I just ranked the people based on who is most likely to win if they get to the end.

Any advice for Ciera? Drop her a line on Twitter: @cieraeastin

Any advice for Gordon? Drop him a line on Twitter: @gordonholmes

 1. Tony – There is a small element of luck involved in the game of “Survivor.” And Tony got very lucky. Finding 3 immunity idols is very rare and holding the power in the majority of the game is very rare. But he also showed major manipulating skills, social skills, and lying skills. He made big moves, and some very smart moves. He definitely has the best resume built up to win this game. But are people going to vote for the person who played the best game? Or the person they like the best? You just never know what kind of jury there’s gonna be.
  1. Spencer – If Spencer gets to the end, he’s a millionaire. Even with Tony’s amazing resume of big moves, people will respect that Spencer’s head was on the chopping block for weeks and that he had to win a million straight immunities to get to the end.
 2. Spencer – Well if I were in the jury Spencer would definitely have my vote. He has had his back against the wall for most of the game, he’s shown some definite social strategy and seemed to be very likable, won some immunity challenges, found an idol, AND it helps that the jury is made up of all his friends. Spencer’s struggle is not going to be getting the votes to win the million, it’s going to be getting to that final spot.
  2. Tony – The Jersey cop found idols by the bucketful, made mega moves, and maybe most importantly…had a blast doing it. I’m a big believer that you can lie your face off in the game as long as you own up to it at Tribal. If Tony comes clean, the only person that can beat him is Spencer.
  3. Woo – In my opinion Woo has not shown much strategic depth… yes he’s laid low and seems to be fairly likable but I’ve found him somewhat boring, and kind of unaware of the game…but that’s just me. If Woo makes it to the finals the only shot he has of winning is if the jury is bitter and is voting for “the nice guy”, or if him and Kass are the final two.
  3. Woo – Woo’s only shot at taking home the big prize is if he’s sitting next to Kass. If he’s sitting next to Spencer, he’s facing the king of the underdogs that everyone on the jury likes. If he’s facing Tony, he’s going to look like Tony’s puppet.

  4. Kass – Kass is least likely to win…because she flipped on her brains tribe early on, pissed some members of the jury off, hasn’t won an immunity challenge, and never seemed to call any of the shots. I just don’t see her having much of a jury speech either.
  4. Kass – How ironic is it that Kass wants Tony to be her Russell Hantz, when she is the one who paired smart strategies with a disastrous social game? Overall, I think Kass is our most likely runner-up. And odds are she’s about to learn that you can win over angry jurors, but you can’t win over jurors that actively dislike you.

Don’t miss “Survivor: Cagayan” this Wednesday, May 21, 2014 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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It’s Time for ‘Survivor: Cagayan’ Finale Bingo!

May 19, 2014


Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday that I was predicting that Spencer and Tony would be the first ones eliminated from “Survivor: Cagayan.” And now here I am, prepping a finale bingo that features the two of them heavily.

So, cozy up in your spy shack…

Take your most comfortable karate stance…

Hide your clue in your pants…

And get ready for some chaos…

Cause it’s bingo time!


‘Survivor’ Host Jeff Probst – ‘It’s a Final Two…and They Don’t Know That Yet’

May 19, 2014

'Survivor: Cagayan' (CBS)

NOTE: XFINITY TV is the place to be for all sorts of “Survivor: Cagayan” finale fun. We’ll have the last round of the Power Rankings with “Blood vs. Water” competitor Ciera Eastin, Wednesday night we’ll bring you a recap of the last episode, and this Thursday we’ll have an interview with this season’s winner and the rest of the final four. Be sure to follow me on Twitter (@gordonholmes) for immediate updates.

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Gordon Holmes: There’s an old entertainment adage that says a show usually doesn’t peak until its 28th season.
Jeff Probst: (Laughs)
Holmes: Now that you’re here and you’re clearly having one of the best seasons ever, how does that feel?
Probst: We never thought we’d get here. And you and I have talked for years about that elusive 28. You patted me on my back…and on my (expletive deleted).
Holmes: I did what?
Probst: So, to actually get here now, it made the pain worth it. It made the wait worth it. And now I’m looking to that next elusive number, 68.

Holmes: Now that you’re beating “American Idol” in the ratings, tell me you’ve given Seacrest some grief about it.
Probst: I’ve actually not talked to Ryan at all about it. And in fairness, Ryan never called me once to say “Hey, we’re beating you.” (Laughs) I would never call Ryan to say that. I know what it’s like to be on a show and every morning you wake up and the first email we get is, “Hey! You’re great! You’re awesome!” or “Hey, we didn’t do so well. You suck.” And really, if you look at the ratings, it’s very rewarding to beat “Idol” from a show standpoint, because “Idol” has been such a dominant force for so many years. But if you look deeper in the ratings, it says less about us beating “Idol” and more about our audience isn’t going anywhere.
Holmes: Yeah, you guys have held that number for so long. Even changing nights.
Probst: In television, flat is the new up. And while our ratings don’t grow, they don’t go anywhere. It’s what I’ve been saying to you for at least five or six years, that our relationship with our audience is very rare, and very unique. And they feel that, they believe it when we say we make the show for you. We spend all year thinking about two seasons and casting. We think through it. And we’ve been very lucky that the last four season have been some of the best we’ve ever done.
Holmes: I would second that emotion. When we were out there for “Blood vs. Water” I was not liking the twists. Then when I saw it in action I had to admit I was wrong…which I hate doing.
Probst: (Laughs)

Holmes: But, I’m going to have to admit to being wrong again. I had Spencer ranked 17th out of 18 in my pre-game rankings. And you, my friend, said he had no chance of winning. How were we so wrong?
Probst: Gordon, I can’t think of anyone I’ve been more wrong about. I was so adamant with Spencer before the game. My deal with Spencer was, “Yeah, you’re very smart and you’re clearly a student of the game. And you’re not even that unlikable once you stop talking.”
Holmes: (Laughs)
Probst: “But, your arrogance combined with your lack of life experience…you just won’t have enough to get through.” I would love to think that Spencer heard some of that and that’s why he made the remarkable turnaround. I think it was day 15 that I said to myself, “I was completely wrong. That is an awesome young man. He’s playing his butt off. And when this is over I’ve got to let him know that he was right and I was wrong.” He’s a cool kid, I really like Spencer. Not only is he someone we’d invite back, but I enjoy going toe-to-toe with him. He’s not unlike you in that…
Holmes: (Laughs) OK, here we go.
Probst: He has very strong opinions and he can back them up. It doesn’t mean it’s personal. It’s just what he thinks.
Holmes: I thought you were going to say I’m not that unlikable once I stop talking.
Probst: (Laughs) No, I think Spencer beats anybody except Tony. That’s the one I’m not sure about. Because it’s a final two…and they don’t know that yet. Everybody always assumes they know everything about the game. And usually they’re right. And every so often they’re not. They figure it out in the final episode. Somebody figures it out. Somebody says, “Wait a second, something’s wrong here.” They start doing some math. And all of the sudden everybody starts to panic that the game they’ve laid out so beautifully for the last 37 days may be in trouble.

[iframe—Season-28-Finale-(Preview)/embed 580 476]

Holmes: What was the reasoning behind returning to the classic final two?
Probst: I don’t remember the reasoning…
Holmes: Is it because I’ve been whining about it for years?
Probst: No, well…part of it is that. I know you study the show and want us to try it again. I’m still on the final three for my own personal reasons. But it comes down to numbers. If we start a season with 20, you could make a guess that it’s going to be a final three. If we start a season with 18, there’s a chance we could do a final two. It depends, sometimes on something we didn’t anticipate happening. Like, if we lost three people due to medical injuries, we might have to change and go to a final two because we’ve run out of people. I don’t think that’s ever happened. But, we’re always prepared for it.

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Holmes: During Jefra’s exit interview, she referred to Tony as a “wannabe Russell Hantz.” Do you agree or disagree with her assessment?
Probst: No, I know where Jefra is going in that Tony plays a very aggressive game. But, maybe it’s just me, I don’t see Tony as unlikable. I see him as a villain that it’s fun to root against, and he may be too aggressive. And he seems to fly by the seat of his pants, although I’m sure he’d argue that it’s all very well thought out. But, I saw Russell as kind of a mean person. And I don’t think Tony is a mean person. He’s playing hard.

Holmes: I think Tony and Spencer are the favorites. But is there anything Kass can do at this point to win?
Probst: I think for Kass it comes down to…she has to be against the right person. If I were Kass I’d want to be against Tony. And I think she’s got a chance. I think it really does come down to your ability to sway somebody who’s probably 99% sure of what they’re going to do. She’ll have to call on those warrior skills. And get people to forgive her smirk. Which I think is half the reason people don’t like her. It’s her smirk. And I don’t even know if that’s something she’s aware of. If you vote someone out and you’re smiling, that’s salt on a wound. But, I do think she could win. The argument I would make would not start off with “I’m sorry.” I don’t get that at all. They get suckered by these faces in the jury who are over there making these mean faces. If I played I’d say, “I’ve been watching you guys for the last 15 days, and I know you’re mad at me and you want me to know that you’re mad at me. And now I’m going to ask you for something. We’ve all played this game together, it’s going to go down in history as a complete game. So, would you please vote the way you would have voted in a year? In a year you won’t be so emotional, and reason will take over. And I reason right now that I kicked all of your asses. And I did it so handily that it left a mark. So give me the vote, don’t give it to this idiot next to me.”
Holmes: (Laughs) It’s certainly unique.
Probst: We both know that every speech starts with, “I want to thank all of you for being a part of an amazing adventure.” Nobody cares, dude. No one cares!
Holmes: I’m a big believer in; just admit you lied. Even if you didn’t lie, say you lied.
Probst: Yes! Exactly!

Holmes: OK, how does Woo win?
Probst: What if Woo’s story was this; “I know I’m easy to look past. And I know I didn’t make big flashy moves. And I never yelled and screamed about my accomplishments. Well, let me tell you why; I am from the world of martial arts. And if I win a gold medal at the Olympics, I don’t jump up and down. I go hug the guy I beat. That’s how I’m raised. I hope you appreciate that I didn’t do what Tony did. I wasn’t like Kass and flipped people off. I didn’t make big gestures like Spencer. My heart was pumping for 39 days and I’m here, and you’re not. And I’m likable. You like me.” I think he’s got a shot.

Holmes: Alright, I have a new game for us. I’m going to give you a statement, you tell me which of the final four it best applies to. So, either Woo, Kass, Tony, or Spencer. It’s like a lightning round…
Probst: OK.
Holmes: Which player will be cheered the loudest at the finale?
Probst: Spencer.
Holmes: Which player would you most like to have a beer with.
Probst: (Laughs) Spencer.
Holmes: Which player had the hardest time physically?
Probst: Good one…this four did really well. I’m going to say Spencer.
Holmes: Which player would you trust with your money?
Probst: Woo.
Holmes: Which player will get booed loudest at the finale?
Probst: Kass…wait…maybe Tony? Wait, lightning round…I said Kass…I’m going to stay with Kass.
Holmes: Which player deserves to be in the final four the least?
Probst: None of them. And this is not blowing smoke. You know I’m honest. I think this is one of the best final fours we’ve ever had.
Holmes: Which player is most likely to be asked back?
Probst: Man…three of the four. Tony, Spencer, and Kass are definitely on the list. And depending on how it finishes, maybe Woo too.
Holmes: Which player was the most different from when you met them at casting?
Probst: Spencer.

Holmes: When I interviewed Lindsey, she wanted to pitch you a boxing match between her and Trish at the finale. What are your thoughts on this?
Probst: No. (Laughs) I think Lindsey made a really wise move. I think she showed a lot of maturity that she was about to make a mistake in character and do something she would not be proud of.  People have asked why I let her off so easy, I don’t always give someone a hard time when they’re quitting. There’s always context. And I think Lindsey’s context was I’m afraid I’m going to say or do something I regret. I respect that.

Don’t miss the finale of “Survivor: Cagayan” this Wednesday, May 21, 2014 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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‘Survivor’ Castaway Trish – Kass ‘Really Thinks She’s Going to Win’

May 15, 2014

'Survivor: Cagayan' (CBS)

NOTE: XFINITY TV is the place to be for all sorts of “Survivor: Cagayan” back-stabbin’, torch-snuffin’ fun. We’ll have Power Rankings with “Blood vs. Water” competitor Ciera Eastin, every Wednesday evening we’ll bring you a recap of the most recent episode, and every Thursday you’ll be able to watch the previous night’s episode and read an interview with the eliminated contestant. Be sure to follow me on Twitter (@gordonholmes) for immediate updates.

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I type up my “Survivor” recaps as I watch the episode. I want people to read them and get the exact emotions I’m feeling when I’m experiencing the show. If I make a wrong assumption early on in the piece, I don’t edit it out, because it’s how I felt at the time.

So, last night when Trish was voted out of “Survivor: Cagayan” it made sense that Spencer and Kass had won the battle for Woo’s vote and Tony had lost. That’s what I typed up in my recap.

Then the credits rolled and it was made clear that Tony had turned on his closest ally.

Where’s the edit button?

I spoke with the victim of the latest odd-vote blindside the morning after her elimination and asked her about Tony’s move, Kass’s social game, and Lindsey’s questionable quit…

Gordon Holmes: Trish, what the (expletive deleted) happened last night?
Trish Hegarty: (Laughs) I know…Tony bailed on me which is a bummer.
Holmes: Do you think that was based on showing solidarity with Woo or do you think he just thought you’d be too tough to beat in the end?
Hegarty: I think he thought that if he was standing next to me in that final two that he would not have beaten me against a disgruntled jury. I didn’t have any enemies in the jury. He was thinking that I was friends with them and they were really angry with him. It might not have been based on who played the game and been a popularity contest and he didn’t want to take that risk.
Holmes: Is it a final two this season?
Hegarty: A final three. Or whatever it is.

Watch Every Episode of ‘Survivor: Cagayan’

Holmes: You and Kass had quite the exchange last night. Was this the first heated argument between the two of you?
Hegarty: I had done a very good job of maintaining my Irish temper throughout the entire game. There were many times where I wanted to lose it before then.
Holmes: What had she been doing that upset you?
Hegarty: She was an antagonizer. Spencer was very stressed out about college and she was really giving him a hard time and getting him stressed out about it. She would say things to me like, “You’re a goat. Nobody is going to vote for you. You’re not a physical threat.” She’s just very nasty. Any dig that she could get in that would upset you. She said, “I love to see people upset.” She probably feels that way 24/7, 365 days a year. She just likes to see people at their worst. And I’m the antithesis of that.
Holmes: Was it ever brought to her attention that jury member usually vote for people they like?
Hegarty: She was delusional. She thought she was this Russell Hantz. She thought that because she flipped and screwed all those people…she said in an interview, “I’ve done enough here. I don’t have to do anymore.” She thought because she made that move that she was going to win. She really thinks she’s going to win because she made that one move.
Holmes: Russell Hantz did make big moves, did get to the end, and he didn’t win.
Hegarty: Exactly.
Holmes: It was blurred so I couldn’t tell, but I think she gave you the middle finger as you were leaving.
Hegarty: I think she was trying to tell me that I’m still number one. (Laughs)
Holmes: Why would you do that to a well-liked future jury member?
Hegarty: Again, I wanted to be sitting next to Tony and Kass in the end because I knew Kass wouldn’t get votes. Anybody that ends up next to Kass wins. Nobody would give her anything.
Holmes: It sounds like people would give her something. Just nothing that she’d want.
Hegarty: (Laughs) Yes. Exactly! And, Tony played the game the hardest, but he also screwed everybody. I could tell by the jury’s faces that everybody was still really angry.

Holmes: Woo also voted for you last night. How close were you with him?
Hegarty: Woo and I were very close out there. We talked about life and his life and his family. But, I never really trusted Woo because of the whole Lindsey/Cliff thing. We were all out to play a game. We all wanted the million dollars. And I knew I was going to have to bail on who I was and screw someone. And I was never comfortable with that. So for him to screw me, I’m not surprised at all. I am surprised that Tony wrote my name.

Holmes: From where I’m sitting, if Spencer gets to the end, he’s a millionaire. At this point in the game, does everyone out there feel the same way?
Hegarty: I think everyone appreciated that way before the end. Spencer is a very smart kid. He’s extremely skinny, not that I have the right to call anyone skinny.
Holmes: (Laughs)
Hegarty: (Laughs) You wouldn’t have thought he was a physical threat, but he was an excellent athlete. He was very humble, he was a gentleman, and everyone liked him. If he gets there with Tony, he beats him all day long.

Holmes: Jefra said you had final three alliances with a lot of people. Is that accurate?
Hegarty: I was in it with Tony all the way. And LJ couldn’t go to the end with Tony. You knew they were going to turn on each other even though they were friends. Both of them wanted me on their side. And as soon as Tony realized that LJ was going to go my way, that’s when he wanted him off, because he didn’t want to compete for my loyalty.
Holmes: What other moves were you making?
Hegarty: I was with Tony and Sarah. And I was with LJ and Jefra. And that’s it. I didn’t have any other deals.

Holmes: Word association time. Let’s start with LJ.
Hegarty: Nice guy.
Holmes: Tony?
Hegarty: Character.
Holmes: Morgan?
Hegarty: Young.
Holmes: Woo?
Hegarty: Weasel.
Holmes: Spencer?
Hegarty: Fabulous. Can’t say enough about him. Every great adjective that you can come up with.
Holmes: Jefra?
Hegarty: The biggest sweetheart in the whole world. As pretty on the inside as on the out.
Holmes: Latasha?
Hegarty: Competitive.
Holmes: Kass?
Hegarty: No Comment.
Holmes: Cliff?
Hegarty: Full of himself.
Holmes: Let’s finish with Lindsey.
Hegarty: Insecure.

Holmes: Lindsey said she quit the game because she was worried she’d get physically involved with you. Do you believe that or do you think she knew her number was up?
Hegarty: I think she knew her number was up. I laid it out for her that she had one alliance and it was Cliff and he was gone. Nobody was joining their bandwagon outside of Woo. So, once Cliff went she had nobody. And she had been really cruel to all of us. I don’t think she thought she was going to go after me. Someone like Lindsey who puts tattoos from their earlobes to their ankles, she’s very intimidating. Nobody stands up to Lindsey. I’m not afraid of anybody or anything. And she knew that. I don’t think too many people call Lindsey out on her stuff. I think that was very scary for her.
Holmes: So the lesson is; don’t mess with chicks from Boston.
Hegarty: No, don’t mess with loose cannons from Boston. (Laughs)  Absolutely not.

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‘Survivor: Cagayan’ Episode 12 Recap – Chaos Reigns?

May 14, 2014

'Survivor: Cagayan' (CBS)

NOTE: XFINITY TV is the place to be for all sorts of “Survivor: Cagayan” back-stabbin’, torch-snuffin’ fun. We’ll have Power Rankings with “Blood vs. Water” competitor Ciera Eastin, every Wednesday evening we’ll bring you a recap of the most recent episode, and every Thursday you’ll be able to watch the previous night’s episode and read an interview with the eliminated contestant. Be sure to follow me on Twitter (@gordonholmes) for immediate updates.

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Last Week: The accountant had trouble a-counting and was sent a-packing.

39 Days, 18 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog

Let’s take a look at the tribe as it currently stands.

The Solarrion Tribe (wearing black)
Kassandra – Attorney, 41
Spencer – Economics Student, 21
Tony – Police Officer, 39
Trish – Pilates Trainer, 48
Woo – Martial Arts Instructor, 29

Quick Note: Ciera got me her Power Rankings right under the wire…and they’re identical to mine. She had Tony in first, Trish in second, Kass in third, Woo in fourth, and poor Spencer in fifth. So, this episode is a push no matter what.

The fun starts off after Tribal and the rains are a comin’ down. Also coming down is Spencer’s respect for Woo. He calls him out on going back on their final-three deal. Kass has his back though, saying that everyone lies in the game.

Kass then lets us know that it’s smart to stick with Tony because he’s upset everyone. Yeah, but that strategy works best when you yourself haven’t upset everyone in the game.

Later on, Tony and Woo discuss who to take to the final three. Tony agrees with me that Kass couldn’t get any votes unless she was sitting with King Joffrey and an IRS agent.

However, he’s very concerned with how well Woo could do in front of the jury. As he should be, but Spencer is much more liked that Woo, and he’d have the underdog story.

Reward Challenge Time: Players will cover themselves with mud and then scrape the mud into a bucket. The person with the most mud after ten minutes wins 40 immunity idols.

Just kidding, they’ll get hot pizza delivered to the camp. No word on if those pizzas will have all the fixins.

The challenge starts off and there’s not much to describe except for…people in the mud.

The ten minutes ends and it looks like Tony has won. His bucket literally overfloweth. They don’t even measure it.

Oh wait! Probst does say all the fixins will be on the pizza! Dude never lets us down.

Tony’s allowed to share and he chooses “Anorexia.” Trish assumes that’s her and dubs herself “Malnu-trish-a.” Meanwhile, I’m starting to feel uncomfortable with the message we’re sending here.

Back at camp, Kass does her best Ed Grimley impersonation with the mud in her hair. I can respect that. She’s also psyched that Tony picked Trish because that shows how closely aligned they are.

While they’re enjoying their pizza, Tony admits to having both idols. However, Tony tells her that the power idol can be used at final four when it’s actually only good at final five. Oooo…smart. Although, that does seem a little unfair that they weren’t all told the rules of the idols.

Later on, Tony tells Kass that Woo told him that she was gunning for him. He says he’s cool with it and wants to take her to the end. He even swears on his mother and child. Kass immediately tells Woo that Tony said that he’d take her to final three. It’s almost like you can’t trust people on “Survivor.”

Tony doesn’t appreciate this, so he compares Kass to a llama and follows it up with a pretty solid llama impersonation.

I’m thinking it’s smart to keep Kass around, but don’t strategize with her at all.

Eventually, Woo starts to realize that Tony might not want to take him to the end. Spencer chimes in and says that getting rid of Trish would be a way to get rid of Tony’s power. Kass agrees. Trish overhears this and is not pleased.

Immunity Challenge Time: Players will race to complete a tethered puzzle. From there they’ll complete a ladder puzzle. From there they’ll complete a stair puzzle. From there they’ll complete a slide puzzle. First person to complete the slide puzzle wins themselves some immunity.


Tony is the first one through the braided puzzle. He’s followed by Trish and Kass.

Tony is also the first one through the ladder portion as he builds a solid lead. In fact, he’s finishing up the stairs just as Spencer gets up his ladder.

Spencer eventually joins Tony on the slide puzzle.

Fun Fact: Slide puzzles aren’t that hard if you know the trick of isolating sections.

Unfortunately for Tony, he doesn’t know that trick. Spencer passes him and wins immunity.

Back at camp, Trish wastes no time getting in Kass’s face. (Oh man, yes!)

Tony tries to make peace between the two, but Trish is all revved up.

Kass thinks that Trish looks like Skeletor with her bulging eyes. But Kass, Skeletor doesn’t have eyes. She must be thinking of Moss Man.

Tony, Woo, and Trish head out to talk strategy. Woo wants to know if Tony told Kass that he was going to take her to final three. Tony admits it, but only because he knew she was targeting him. Tony swears on his wife, kid, and deceased father that he’s with Woo.

Why do people buy into swearing on family members? What is a swear worth in “Survivor”?

Later on, Woo approaches Kass and Spencer and tells them that he wants to boot Trish. However, it seems like Tony overheard it.

What’s the big deal? Just give your regular idol to Trish. They’ll vote for her and he’ll still get to keep his final four idol ruse.

That night at Tribal Council, Kass calls Trish a wild, blue-eyed banshee.

Trish thinks that Kass is always the victim. She riles people up, then doesn’t back it up.

Spencer is loving life. As he should. He’s happy that they had to turn on each other sooner.

Woo thinks it’s three brawn vs. two brains. Oh yeah, I’d forgotten about that.

Tony thinks Kass is delusional. He then does a hilarious Kass impersonation.

Kass follows this up with a Tony impersonation. I support this strategy. This is fun.

Woo thinks they’re a messed up family where he’s the foreign exchange student.

Tony says he’s safe because he has a billion idols. He then produces two of them.

Voting Time: Spencer votes for Trish, Trish votes for Kass (and recommends a book on self awareness), and the rest of the votes are secret.

J-Pro tallies and returns. He asks if anyone would like to play an idol. Tony gives Jeff his idol even though he thinks he doesn’t need it.

We’ve got one vote for Trish, one vote for Kass, one vote for Trish, and the fourteenth person to be eliminated from “Survivor: Cagayan” and the seventh member of the jury is…Trish.

What the what?!

And, Kass gives Trish the middle finger as she’s leaving.


Verdict: Wow…just wow.

Rare misstep from Tony. He could’ve avoided that whole thing if he’d played the idol correctly.

EDIT: Hold the phone. Tony actually voted for Trish! Well now I really don’t know what to think.

Also, I usually don’t do the season rankings thing, I’ll leave that to “Entertainment Weekly’s” Dalton Ross. But this one has got to be teetering on the verge of the top five.

Power Rankings Results: Ciera and I both had Trish in spot two. And, due to the new rules, we’re doubling the points. So, the current score is Team Ciera 90, Team Gordon 103.

Who’s Going to Win? If Spencer gets to the final three, he wins. If not, it’s got to be Tony.

Any Questions? Drop me a line on Twitter: @gordonholmes

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