‘Survivor: Cagayan’ Power Rankings – Who’s Most Likely to Win?


'Survivor: Cagayan' (CBS)

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The Rules: Meh…no more rules. Ciera and I just ranked the people based on who is most likely to win if they get to the end.

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 1. Tony – There is a small element of luck involved in the game of “Survivor.” And Tony got very lucky. Finding 3 immunity idols is very rare and holding the power in the majority of the game is very rare. But he also showed major manipulating skills, social skills, and lying skills. He made big moves, and some very smart moves. He definitely has the best resume built up to win this game. But are people going to vote for the person who played the best game? Or the person they like the best? You just never know what kind of jury there’s gonna be.
  1. Spencer – If Spencer gets to the end, he’s a millionaire. Even with Tony’s amazing resume of big moves, people will respect that Spencer’s head was on the chopping block for weeks and that he had to win a million straight immunities to get to the end.
 2. Spencer – Well if I were in the jury Spencer would definitely have my vote. He has had his back against the wall for most of the game, he’s shown some definite social strategy and seemed to be very likable, won some immunity challenges, found an idol, AND it helps that the jury is made up of all his friends. Spencer’s struggle is not going to be getting the votes to win the million, it’s going to be getting to that final spot.
  2. Tony – The Jersey cop found idols by the bucketful, made mega moves, and maybe most importantly…had a blast doing it. I’m a big believer that you can lie your face off in the game as long as you own up to it at Tribal. If Tony comes clean, the only person that can beat him is Spencer.
  3. Woo – In my opinion Woo has not shown much strategic depth… yes he’s laid low and seems to be fairly likable but I’ve found him somewhat boring, and kind of unaware of the game…but that’s just me. If Woo makes it to the finals the only shot he has of winning is if the jury is bitter and is voting for “the nice guy”, or if him and Kass are the final two.
  3. Woo – Woo’s only shot at taking home the big prize is if he’s sitting next to Kass. If he’s sitting next to Spencer, he’s facing the king of the underdogs that everyone on the jury likes. If he’s facing Tony, he’s going to look like Tony’s puppet.

  4. Kass – Kass is least likely to win…because she flipped on her brains tribe early on, pissed some members of the jury off, hasn’t won an immunity challenge, and never seemed to call any of the shots. I just don’t see her having much of a jury speech either.
  4. Kass – How ironic is it that Kass wants Tony to be her Russell Hantz, when she is the one who paired smart strategies with a disastrous social game? Overall, I think Kass is our most likely runner-up. And odds are she’s about to learn that you can win over angry jurors, but you can’t win over jurors that actively dislike you.

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