‘Survivor: Cagayan’ Episode 12 Recap – Chaos Reigns?


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Last Week: The accountant had trouble a-counting and was sent a-packing.

39 Days, 18 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog

Let’s take a look at the tribe as it currently stands.

The Solarrion Tribe (wearing black)
Kassandra – Attorney, 41
Spencer – Economics Student, 21
Tony – Police Officer, 39
Trish – Pilates Trainer, 48
Woo – Martial Arts Instructor, 29

Quick Note: Ciera got me her Power Rankings right under the wire…and they’re identical to mine. She had Tony in first, Trish in second, Kass in third, Woo in fourth, and poor Spencer in fifth. So, this episode is a push no matter what.

The fun starts off after Tribal and the rains are a comin’ down. Also coming down is Spencer’s respect for Woo. He calls him out on going back on their final-three deal. Kass has his back though, saying that everyone lies in the game.

Kass then lets us know that it’s smart to stick with Tony because he’s upset everyone. Yeah, but that strategy works best when you yourself haven’t upset everyone in the game.

Later on, Tony and Woo discuss who to take to the final three. Tony agrees with me that Kass couldn’t get any votes unless she was sitting with King Joffrey and an IRS agent.

However, he’s very concerned with how well Woo could do in front of the jury. As he should be, but Spencer is much more liked that Woo, and he’d have the underdog story.

Reward Challenge Time: Players will cover themselves with mud and then scrape the mud into a bucket. The person with the most mud after ten minutes wins 40 immunity idols.

Just kidding, they’ll get hot pizza delivered to the camp. No word on if those pizzas will have all the fixins.

The challenge starts off and there’s not much to describe except for…people in the mud.

The ten minutes ends and it looks like Tony has won. His bucket literally overfloweth. They don’t even measure it.

Oh wait! Probst does say all the fixins will be on the pizza! Dude never lets us down.

Tony’s allowed to share and he chooses “Anorexia.” Trish assumes that’s her and dubs herself “Malnu-trish-a.” Meanwhile, I’m starting to feel uncomfortable with the message we’re sending here.

Back at camp, Kass does her best Ed Grimley impersonation with the mud in her hair. I can respect that. She’s also psyched that Tony picked Trish because that shows how closely aligned they are.

While they’re enjoying their pizza, Tony admits to having both idols. However, Tony tells her that the power idol can be used at final four when it’s actually only good at final five. Oooo…smart. Although, that does seem a little unfair that they weren’t all told the rules of the idols.

Later on, Tony tells Kass that Woo told him that she was gunning for him. He says he’s cool with it and wants to take her to the end. He even swears on his mother and child. Kass immediately tells Woo that Tony said that he’d take her to final three. It’s almost like you can’t trust people on “Survivor.”

Tony doesn’t appreciate this, so he compares Kass to a llama and follows it up with a pretty solid llama impersonation.

I’m thinking it’s smart to keep Kass around, but don’t strategize with her at all.

Eventually, Woo starts to realize that Tony might not want to take him to the end. Spencer chimes in and says that getting rid of Trish would be a way to get rid of Tony’s power. Kass agrees. Trish overhears this and is not pleased.

Immunity Challenge Time: Players will race to complete a tethered puzzle. From there they’ll complete a ladder puzzle. From there they’ll complete a stair puzzle. From there they’ll complete a slide puzzle. First person to complete the slide puzzle wins themselves some immunity.


Tony is the first one through the braided puzzle. He’s followed by Trish and Kass.

Tony is also the first one through the ladder portion as he builds a solid lead. In fact, he’s finishing up the stairs just as Spencer gets up his ladder.

Spencer eventually joins Tony on the slide puzzle.

Fun Fact: Slide puzzles aren’t that hard if you know the trick of isolating sections.

Unfortunately for Tony, he doesn’t know that trick. Spencer passes him and wins immunity.

Back at camp, Trish wastes no time getting in Kass’s face. (Oh man, yes!)

Tony tries to make peace between the two, but Trish is all revved up.

Kass thinks that Trish looks like Skeletor with her bulging eyes. But Kass, Skeletor doesn’t have eyes. She must be thinking of Moss Man.

Tony, Woo, and Trish head out to talk strategy. Woo wants to know if Tony told Kass that he was going to take her to final three. Tony admits it, but only because he knew she was targeting him. Tony swears on his wife, kid, and deceased father that he’s with Woo.

Why do people buy into swearing on family members? What is a swear worth in “Survivor”?

Later on, Woo approaches Kass and Spencer and tells them that he wants to boot Trish. However, it seems like Tony overheard it.

What’s the big deal? Just give your regular idol to Trish. They’ll vote for her and he’ll still get to keep his final four idol ruse.

That night at Tribal Council, Kass calls Trish a wild, blue-eyed banshee.

Trish thinks that Kass is always the victim. She riles people up, then doesn’t back it up.

Spencer is loving life. As he should. He’s happy that they had to turn on each other sooner.

Woo thinks it’s three brawn vs. two brains. Oh yeah, I’d forgotten about that.

Tony thinks Kass is delusional. He then does a hilarious Kass impersonation.

Kass follows this up with a Tony impersonation. I support this strategy. This is fun.

Woo thinks they’re a messed up family where he’s the foreign exchange student.

Tony says he’s safe because he has a billion idols. He then produces two of them.

Voting Time: Spencer votes for Trish, Trish votes for Kass (and recommends a book on self awareness), and the rest of the votes are secret.

J-Pro tallies and returns. He asks if anyone would like to play an idol. Tony gives Jeff his idol even though he thinks he doesn’t need it.

We’ve got one vote for Trish, one vote for Kass, one vote for Trish, and the fourteenth person to be eliminated from “Survivor: Cagayan” and the seventh member of the jury is…Trish.

What the what?!

And, Kass gives Trish the middle finger as she’s leaving.


Verdict: Wow…just wow.

Rare misstep from Tony. He could’ve avoided that whole thing if he’d played the idol correctly.

EDIT: Hold the phone. Tony actually voted for Trish! Well now I really don’t know what to think.

Also, I usually don’t do the season rankings thing, I’ll leave that to “Entertainment Weekly’s” Dalton Ross. But this one has got to be teetering on the verge of the top five.

Power Rankings Results: Ciera and I both had Trish in spot two. And, due to the new rules, we’re doubling the points. So, the current score is Team Ciera 90, Team Gordon 103.

Who’s Going to Win? If Spencer gets to the final three, he wins. If not, it’s got to be Tony.

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