‘Survivor’ Castaway Trish – Kass ‘Really Thinks She’s Going to Win’


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I type up my “Survivor” recaps as I watch the episode. I want people to read them and get the exact emotions I’m feeling when I’m experiencing the show. If I make a wrong assumption early on in the piece, I don’t edit it out, because it’s how I felt at the time.

So, last night when Trish was voted out of “Survivor: Cagayan” it made sense that Spencer and Kass had won the battle for Woo’s vote and Tony had lost. That’s what I typed up in my recap.

Then the credits rolled and it was made clear that Tony had turned on his closest ally.

Where’s the edit button?

I spoke with the victim of the latest odd-vote blindside the morning after her elimination and asked her about Tony’s move, Kass’s social game, and Lindsey’s questionable quit…

Gordon Holmes: Trish, what the (expletive deleted) happened last night?
Trish Hegarty: (Laughs) I know…Tony bailed on me which is a bummer.
Holmes: Do you think that was based on showing solidarity with Woo or do you think he just thought you’d be too tough to beat in the end?
Hegarty: I think he thought that if he was standing next to me in that final two that he would not have beaten me against a disgruntled jury. I didn’t have any enemies in the jury. He was thinking that I was friends with them and they were really angry with him. It might not have been based on who played the game and been a popularity contest and he didn’t want to take that risk.
Holmes: Is it a final two this season?
Hegarty: A final three. Or whatever it is.

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Holmes: You and Kass had quite the exchange last night. Was this the first heated argument between the two of you?
Hegarty: I had done a very good job of maintaining my Irish temper throughout the entire game. There were many times where I wanted to lose it before then.
Holmes: What had she been doing that upset you?
Hegarty: She was an antagonizer. Spencer was very stressed out about college and she was really giving him a hard time and getting him stressed out about it. She would say things to me like, “You’re a goat. Nobody is going to vote for you. You’re not a physical threat.” She’s just very nasty. Any dig that she could get in that would upset you. She said, “I love to see people upset.” She probably feels that way 24/7, 365 days a year. She just likes to see people at their worst. And I’m the antithesis of that.
Holmes: Was it ever brought to her attention that jury member usually vote for people they like?
Hegarty: She was delusional. She thought she was this Russell Hantz. She thought that because she flipped and screwed all those people…she said in an interview, “I’ve done enough here. I don’t have to do anymore.” She thought because she made that move that she was going to win. She really thinks she’s going to win because she made that one move.
Holmes: Russell Hantz did make big moves, did get to the end, and he didn’t win.
Hegarty: Exactly.
Holmes: It was blurred so I couldn’t tell, but I think she gave you the middle finger as you were leaving.
Hegarty: I think she was trying to tell me that I’m still number one. (Laughs)
Holmes: Why would you do that to a well-liked future jury member?
Hegarty: Again, I wanted to be sitting next to Tony and Kass in the end because I knew Kass wouldn’t get votes. Anybody that ends up next to Kass wins. Nobody would give her anything.
Holmes: It sounds like people would give her something. Just nothing that she’d want.
Hegarty: (Laughs) Yes. Exactly! And, Tony played the game the hardest, but he also screwed everybody. I could tell by the jury’s faces that everybody was still really angry.

Holmes: Woo also voted for you last night. How close were you with him?
Hegarty: Woo and I were very close out there. We talked about life and his life and his family. But, I never really trusted Woo because of the whole Lindsey/Cliff thing. We were all out to play a game. We all wanted the million dollars. And I knew I was going to have to bail on who I was and screw someone. And I was never comfortable with that. So for him to screw me, I’m not surprised at all. I am surprised that Tony wrote my name.

Holmes: From where I’m sitting, if Spencer gets to the end, he’s a millionaire. At this point in the game, does everyone out there feel the same way?
Hegarty: I think everyone appreciated that way before the end. Spencer is a very smart kid. He’s extremely skinny, not that I have the right to call anyone skinny.
Holmes: (Laughs)
Hegarty: (Laughs) You wouldn’t have thought he was a physical threat, but he was an excellent athlete. He was very humble, he was a gentleman, and everyone liked him. If he gets there with Tony, he beats him all day long.

Holmes: Jefra said you had final three alliances with a lot of people. Is that accurate?
Hegarty: I was in it with Tony all the way. And LJ couldn’t go to the end with Tony. You knew they were going to turn on each other even though they were friends. Both of them wanted me on their side. And as soon as Tony realized that LJ was going to go my way, that’s when he wanted him off, because he didn’t want to compete for my loyalty.
Holmes: What other moves were you making?
Hegarty: I was with Tony and Sarah. And I was with LJ and Jefra. And that’s it. I didn’t have any other deals.

Holmes: Word association time. Let’s start with LJ.
Hegarty: Nice guy.
Holmes: Tony?
Hegarty: Character.
Holmes: Morgan?
Hegarty: Young.
Holmes: Woo?
Hegarty: Weasel.
Holmes: Spencer?
Hegarty: Fabulous. Can’t say enough about him. Every great adjective that you can come up with.
Holmes: Jefra?
Hegarty: The biggest sweetheart in the whole world. As pretty on the inside as on the out.
Holmes: Latasha?
Hegarty: Competitive.
Holmes: Kass?
Hegarty: No Comment.
Holmes: Cliff?
Hegarty: Full of himself.
Holmes: Let’s finish with Lindsey.
Hegarty: Insecure.

Holmes: Lindsey said she quit the game because she was worried she’d get physically involved with you. Do you believe that or do you think she knew her number was up?
Hegarty: I think she knew her number was up. I laid it out for her that she had one alliance and it was Cliff and he was gone. Nobody was joining their bandwagon outside of Woo. So, once Cliff went she had nobody. And she had been really cruel to all of us. I don’t think she thought she was going to go after me. Someone like Lindsey who puts tattoos from their earlobes to their ankles, she’s very intimidating. Nobody stands up to Lindsey. I’m not afraid of anybody or anything. And she knew that. I don’t think too many people call Lindsey out on her stuff. I think that was very scary for her.
Holmes: So the lesson is; don’t mess with chicks from Boston.
Hegarty: No, don’t mess with loose cannons from Boston. (Laughs)  Absolutely not.

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