XFINITY Binge-Watching Guide: Season Premieres and Finales Are Coming


Seasons are ending, seasons are premiering…the circle of life continues. Fortunately, we’ve got full seasons of top shows ready for your preparation needs.

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ChrisleyKnowsBest OddMomOut
 1. – “Chrisley Knows Best”:  Our favorite guilty pleasure has it’s season finale this Tuesday.
 2. – “Odd Mom Out”: Enjoy every episode of this laugh-out-loud comedy before it comes back on June 20th.
OrphanBlack HouseofLies
   3. – “Orphan Black”:  This mind-bending series ends its fourth season this Thursday. And, we’ve got every episode online.
 4. – “House of Lies”:  The final episode of Don Cheadle Showtime comedy airs this Sunday. Think you can get through five seasons before then?
PennyDreadful GameofThrones
  5. – “Penny Dreadful”: Catch up on this creepy series before the June 19th finale.  6. – “Game of Thrones”: Everybody is going to be talking about the “Battle of Winterfell.” You don’t want to be a social outcast, do you?

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