XFINITY Binge-Watching Guide: HBO Favorites Wrapping Up



“A Lannister always pays his debts,” is one of “Game of Thrones” most popular sayings. And now that we’ve enjoyed the epic awesomeness of Season 6, we too must pay with 42 weeks of a “Game of Thrones”-free existence.


Sorry, I’m not dealing with the upcoming season finale very well.

Fortunately, there’s still tons of TV to binge-watch this summer. Here are some of our faves…

GameofThrones  Veep
 1. –“Game of Thrones”One of the biggest and best shows of this generation ends its sixth season on Sunday the 26th. Make sure you’re caught up before the lemon cake hits the fan during the finale.
 2. – “Veep”: Who will be the President of the United States when this season’s epic storyline wraps up?
SiliconValley RayDonovan
   3. – “Silicon Valley”: The season has turned around a little bit after a weird middle. Here’s hoping for a strong finish.
 4. – “Ray Donovan”: Showtime’s summer hit returns Sunday the 26th. Catch up on the previous seasons online and watch the season 4 finale early.
OddMomOut Outlander
  5. – “Odd Mom Out”: – Not only do we have all of last season and this season’s premiere, but we also have the next two episodes. What ’em early!  6. – “Outlander”: Why aren’t more people talking about the second season of “Outlander”? I think it’s just as strong as the first.

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