TCA 2016: Mariah Carey Discusses ‘Mariah’s World,’ Calls ‘American Idol’ an ‘Abusive Experience’

Mariah Carey (AP)

Mariah Carey (AP)










Superstar singer Mariah Carey (and a throng of shirtless male dancers) paid a visit to E!’s Television Critics Association panel Wednesday afternoon to discuss her upcoming eight-part reality event, “Mariah’s World.”

During the 30-minute presentation, the legendary diva discussed her time on “American Idol,” her ex-husband Nick Cannon, and more…

  • The show will document Mariah’s first tour of Europe in ten years.
  • She doesn’t think “Mariah’s World” is a reality show because it’s more of a documentary.
  • Mariah’s children are featured in the series and she believes they should have their own show because they’re so funny.
  • Her goal was to make the show a lasting piece of work for her fans and eventually her kids to appreciate.
  • Mariah doesn’t know what Nick Cannon thinks of the project because they’re not together anymore. She said Nick was around during the filming but doesn’t know if he’ll make the final cut.
  • When asked for something that will be revealed that people don’t know about, Mariah admits to being a bit of “jokestress.”
  • Mariah referred to her time on “American Idol” as “the most abusive experience.”
  • When Mariah is traveling, she binge watches “Scandal.”
  • Mariah claimed that she doesn’t “throw shade.” But she does speak her mind.

“Mariah’s World” will premiere Sunday, December 4, 2016 at 9pm ET on E!.


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