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TCA 2016: Mariah Carey Discusses ‘Mariah’s World,’ Calls ‘American Idol’ an ‘Abusive Experience’

August 3, 2016
Mariah Carey (AP)

Mariah Carey (AP)










Superstar singer Mariah Carey (and a throng of shirtless male dancers) paid a visit to E!’s Television Critics Association panel Wednesday afternoon to discuss her upcoming eight-part reality event, “Mariah’s World.”

During the 30-minute presentation, the legendary diva discussed her time on “American Idol,” her ex-husband Nick Cannon, and more…

  • The show will document Mariah’s first tour of Europe in ten years.
  • She doesn’t think “Mariah’s World” is a reality show because it’s more of a documentary.
  • Mariah’s children are featured in the series and she believes they should have their own show because they’re so funny.
  • Her goal was to make the show a lasting piece of work for her fans and eventually her kids to appreciate.
  • Mariah doesn’t know what Nick Cannon thinks of the project because they’re not together anymore. She said Nick was around during the filming but doesn’t know if he’ll make the final cut.
  • When asked for something that will be revealed that people don’t know about, Mariah admits to being a bit of “jokestress.”
  • Mariah referred to her time on “American Idol” as “the most abusive experience.”
  • When Mariah is traveling, she binge watches “Scandal.”
  • Mariah claimed that she doesn’t “throw shade.” But she does speak her mind.

“Mariah’s World” will premiere Sunday, December 4, 2016 at 9pm ET on E!.

TCA 2016 – Starz: Lee Majors Joins ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead,’ 2 More Seasons of ‘Power’ & ‘American Gods’ Details

August 1, 2016
'American Gods' (Starz)

‘American Gods’ (Starz)










A highly anticipated title, a returning cult favorite, and one of today’s biggest hits were featured during Starz’s Monday morning presentation at the 2016 Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour.

Batting first with a chainsaw mounted prosthetic arm was “Ash vs. Evil Dead”

  • Executive Producer Rob Tapert thinks this season will give the audience everything they liked in the first season, just turned up a notch.
  • Star Bruce Campbell (Ash Williams) promises that the gore-dispersing machine has been updated to provide much more blood.
  • Dana DeLorenzo (Kelly) says you know it’s going to be a gross day when everything is covered in plastic. She then goes on to describe the “blood cannon” that covers them in grossness. She refers to this as a “typical day at the office.”
  • Campbell admits that he likes playing Ash because he’s such a “troublesome hero.”
  • Lucy Lawless (Ruby) thinks that Bruce can make a line 8-to-9-times funnier than when she reads it.
  • Campbell describes having Lee Majors (Brock) play his father as “perfect casting.”
  • Ray Santiago (Pablo) thinks that his character and Dana’s character are becoming members of Ash’s family.
  • Majors wasn’t very familiar with the movies, but he watched and enjoyed the series and found it very funny.
  • Michelle Hurd (Linda) thinks it’s difficult to balance between comedy and horror.
  • Campbell would not comment when asked if we would see a young Ash. He did say there would be two major Easter eggs for fans of the franchise.
  • “Ash vs. Evil Dead” will return October 2nd, 2016.

Next up, was the Starz smash “Power”

  • Executive Producer Courtney A. Kemp says they have no choice but to ramp up the intensity. She asks her team, “What’s the craziest thing that can happen?” Her favorite thing is to read Twitter and to see that people are yelling at their screen.
  • Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson (Kanan) thought it was odd that people thought he was going to be the lead of the show due to the marketing, but it’s really Omari Hardwick’s show.
  • Hardwick (James) called the move to Sunday a step into the “Big Boys’ league.”
  • Lela Loren (Angela) doesn’t think the show was cast toward a demographic, but more to capture what New York is really like.
  • Kemp didn’t want the show to encompass one race because that’s not what the world is like. She’d like to incorporate other races into the cast.
  • Naturi Naughton (Tasha) says we can expect her character to become more independent and a businesswoman.
  • Joseph Sikora (Tommy) loves playing a character that has evolved into a boss and is facing a tragic ultimatum.
  • Hardwick thinks the show is great because it’s a “bromance gone wrong.” He’s been calling Kemp and begging her to put him back with Sikora. Kemp responded that the characters should be feeling the same way they do.
  • Kemp doesn’t think the show being renewed for two seasons spoils the “Ghost Must Die” angle.
  • “Power” airs Sunday nights at 9pm ET on Starz.

And finally, we heard about the adaption of Neil Gaiman’s book “American Gods.”

  • Bryan Fuller (Executive Producer) was very aware of race when casting because the book was so culturally specific.
  • Michael Green (Executive Producer) was warned not to “(expletive deleted) it up” because the source material is so beloved.
  • Fuller wanted to be sure to show how all of the gods came to America because it’d be a way to include more female characters.
  • Author Neil Gaiman was a big part of the adaptation process with Green and Fuller often going to him with questions.
  • Fuller quipped that it should be “North American Gods” because it was filmed in Toronto.
  • Fuller said that Gillian Anderson is welcome to do any production he works on and she jumped at the chance to be a part of “American Gods.”
  • Green said that the show focuses on forgotten mythology.
  • Green thinks when people discuss religion, it immediately seems divisive, but they hope their series will encourage discussion.
  • Fuller believes he and Green have a respect for religion.
  • “American Gods” will air in 2017 on Starz.

TCA 2016: Louis XIV Comes to Life in Ovation’s Epic New ‘Versailles’

August 1, 2016

‘Versailles’ (Ovation)










The historical fiction drama “Versailles” was the star of the show at Ovation’s Monday morning presentation at the 2016 Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour. Over the course of the event we learned…

  • Series creator David Wolstencroft was very happy with how accommodating the French government was in the filming of the ten-part series.
  • George Blagden, who stars as Louis XIV, wasn’t thrilled about wearing five layers of clothing in Paris over the summer. But it helped him get into character.
  • Alexander Vlahos, who plays Phillippe ‘Monsieur,’ wanted his character to be the opposite of Louis XIV, so when choosing costumes, he wanted the opposite colors.
  • Blagden admitted to not knowing much about Louis XIV when he accepted the role.
  • Wolstencroft pointed out that while there are elements of fiction in the series, that they are doing their best to tell the most honest version of what happened at the Palace of Versailles.
  • Vlahos discussed Phillippe being “bi-polar” and very challenging to play. He described how the character will make love to his boyfriend, kiss his wife, then get dressed and go off to battle.

“Versailles” will premiere Saturday, October 1st, 2016 on Ovation

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