“Survivor: David vs. Goliath” Episode 8 Recap: The Scribe Has Spoken?


“Survivor: David vs. Goliath” (CBS)

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Last Week: The merge came along and everyone was fed, the Goliaths were mad because of what Angelina said, and Elizabeth finally found a more comfortable bed.

39 Days, 20 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog

Let’s take a look at the tribes as they currently stand…

The Olakolak Tribe (wearing blue)
Alec, 24 – Bartender
Alison, 28 – Physician
Angelina, 28 – Financial Consultant
Carl, 41 – Truck Driver
Christian, 32 – Robotics Scientist
Dan, 27 – S.W.A.T. Officer
Davie, 30 – Social Media Manager
Gabby, 25 – Technical Writer
John, 38 – Pro Wrestler
Kara, 30 – Realtor
Mike, 47 – Filmmaker
Nick, 27 – Public Defender

Post-Tribal Shenanigans

Angelina is trying her best to do damage control after last week’s dumpster fire. She tells everyone that Elizabeth cornered her and forced her to spill the beans. Good story. Too bad nobody buys it.

Would it have been so bad to say, “Yeah, I was trying to woo a juror”? It’s already obvious you’re not keeping all of the info on lockdown. Now you’re a liar, too?

Palm of Their Hands

Nick and Davie go advantage hunting…wait…they’re that close? This is news to me. They eventually locate a piece of paper that features the palm tree logo that was displayed at the merge feast. So…it’s safe to say nobody picked up on the hint? Hilarious.

They figure out which tree the image is supposed to represent. Then, Davie makes a karate diversion while Nick and Carl retrieve the advantage.

No seriously. He literally stands on a rock and swings a stick around. It was amazing…

Nick and Carl pop it open and it’s the ever dangerous Steal a Vote.

Reward Challenge Time: The tribe will be split in two. The players will have to hold sandbags over their heads. Every few minutes, one player will have to leave the game and hand off their sandbag. If one person drops a sandbag, their team loses. The winning tribe will get a dozen delicious pizzas.

The teams are chosen by captains. Gabby went with Christian, Alison, John, Alec, and Nick. While Mike picked Carl, Dan, Kara, Davie, and Angelina.

Quick Aside: I’m way too classy to make a “holding onto their sacks” joke, so get your mind out of the gutter.

Another Quick Aside: This challenge involves raising your hands in the air, unfortunately it doesn’t also include waving them like you just don’t care.

Result: Team Gabby won when Dan dropped one of his many sandbags.

Mike’s Making Moves

Mike is not happy with how upset Gabby was at Tribal Council. He makes the point that her Tribal blow-up makes it seem like she doesn’t trust the Strike Force alliance.

Note to Self: Start designing a “Strike Force” bowling t-shirt.

Mike is really uncomfortable with the idea of letting the Davids back into the game. He approaches Alec with a plan to send Christian home next. Ah…so the most Davidish Goliath wants to target the most Goliath-esque David.

The Goliaths are on board with this plan…even Angelina…who’s more than a little perturbed that she had pitched this exact plan last week. She also doesn’t love the fact that they’re intending to use her as the decoy. There’s got to be some way to leverage this whole thing into getting someone’s jacket.

Immunity Challenge Team: The players will stand on a beam and hold a buoy with two poles. The last person standing wins immunity.

Result: This was a quick one with people dropping out right and left. Dan beat Angelina to take the necklace.

Pre-Tribal Politicking

So, it looks like the Goliaths are going to tell everyone that they’re voting for Angelina, but they’re really going to boot Christian.

John says he’ll be sad to see him go, and that it’ll be a #brochachoblindside. Hmm…that sounds like #famouslastwords.

In other news, Dan promises Angelina he’ll use an idol for her if Christian uses an idol. If I thought Dan only had one idol, I would not believe him.

Alec is not thrilled to lose a Strike Force member, and specifically he doesn’t want to lose Nick’s trust. So, he tells Nick what’s up.

Oy…how could that possibly backfire?

CUT TO: Nick telling Christian that he’s the real target.

And then it gets really interesting. Nick asks Davie if they should use the vote advantage. Which leads to Davie wondering if the stolen vote won’t be enough and if he should use his idol.


Tribal Time

This was a tame one compared to last week. The highlight being John saying…

Voting Time: Nick does not steal a vote…and no votes are shown.

JPro tallies and returns. He asks if anyone wants to play an idol…and Davie does! And, he plays it for Christian!

Oh wow…Angelina is rightfully losing it! She begs Dan to play his idol her for her…and he does!

Exclamation points!

Aww…someone finally gave Angelina a piece of clothing at Tribal.

Alright, we’ve got seven votes for Christian, two votes for Angelina, a vote for John, and the ninth person eliminated from “Survivor: David vs. Goliath” and the second member of the jury is…John.

#Brochachoblindside indeed.

Also, it seems like only Christian, Davie, and Nick were on the vote-out-John train. Interesting.

Verdict: Wow, that was a wild one. Although, I wish we’d had some inkling that Davie was so close with Christian and Nick before.

Also, look at all of these people sticking their necks out for others; Davie and Christian, Elizabeth and Lyrsa, Dan and Angelina…all signs of next-level thinking. Good job, guys.

  • Nick – You helped make that move happen and the heat isn’t on you. Let’s not forget this dude was almost the first one out. What a turnaround.
  • Davie – Shots fired, buddy. Well done. Your days as a background player are over.
  • Angelina – If you can be cool for a little bit, the game will find another target. Good job.
  • Christian – So, at some point you had to have had a conversation with Davie about that, otherwise, why vote for John?
  • Dan – It had to have KILLED Dan to use his idol to save Angelina, but it was the right move.
  • Mike – Your big move failed and it’ll come out that you were behind it.
  • Alec – It’s so unlike you to say something you shouldn’t. I’m shocked.
  • Kara, Carl, Alison, Gabby – I can’t give you full credit if you don’t show your work.

Power Rankings Results: Bradley Kleihege had John in spot two, I had him in spot five. So, the current score is Team Bradley 76, Team Gordon 86.

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