Scenes from a Barnes and Noble

My alliance partner and I were going over some business matters at the local Barnes and Noble when we noticed a stack of books (pictured to the left) on the table next to us.

It’s hard to tell from my crappy camera phone, but the titles included “Toxic Men,” “Emotional Freedom,” “The One-Way Relationship,” and “Why Does He Do That?” Never before had such a selection of titles painted such a clear picture of the mood the person must’ve been in who was reading them.

Is it wrong for me to judge this book (reader) based on their covers? Probably.

After all, I’d hate for anyone to make judgments on me based on the book I was thumbing through…


3 Responses to “Scenes from a Barnes and Noble”

  1. James Says:

    Also Staring at the Sun: Overcoming the Terror of Death

    “Yalom demonstrates how the fear of retirement, concerns about changing jobs or moving to another city, or changes in family status (such as the empty nest) are rooted in our deepest, most inescapable fear: of death. Yet, he says, this anxiety can prompt an awakening to life and help us realize our connections to others and our influence on those around us. “

  2. Amy Says:

    When I make a wine and cat food run at Publix I know that the cashier and the others in line silently judge me. I try to make sure they can all see my wedding ring and I try to mention that I only own one cat.
    You never know the circumstances that brought that pile of books together.

  3. penpusherpen Says:

    hmm, wouldn’t it have been wonderful to be able to ask , but we have a barrier which forces us not to, thank goodness. …and I know what you mean about ‘crappy’ mobile camera photo’s. I take them all the time ..and hope they come out ok…. my one and only camera has been retired, and no replacement is yet on the cards…so my mobile is the only thing I can use when I need ‘hard’ evidence of something…. 😉

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