Things I Did on Vacation

The alliance partner and I finally took a non work-related, actual, honest-to-goodness vacation last month. I know, our friends and family were shocked too.

The location? An all-inclusive resort paradise located way to the south of Wilmington, Delaware.

While we were there, the following things happened…

  1. I got really lazy, really quickly. I can’t stand people trying to do things for me. Carry my luggage? I got it. Make me a sandwich? I have legs and hands capable to manipulating a mustard jar, I’ll do it. After one day on a sandy beach, I wasn’t going to move an inch for an incoming meteor, much less to get my own margarita.
  2. I never felt comfortable. My house was broken into a few summers ago, and I haven’t been comfortable being away from home ever since. Seriously, losing your stuff isn’t the worst, it’s the invasion of privacy. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Well, maybe whoever wrote the jokes for the 2011 MTV Movie Awards.
  3. I realized it’s a good thing that life isn’t all-inclusive. When your only reason for having your eleventeeth margarita is so you come out ahead on the bill, that’s trouble.
  4. I invented new meals. Not by myself, mind you. The alliance partner co-signed them. We enjoyed next lunch, pre-dinner, and dessert practice.
  5. I sucked in my stomach and flexed while going through the airport full-body scan. Yeah, I know that’s ridiculous, but at the same time I don’t trust that these faux-naked photos won’t end up on the Internet someday.

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One Response to “Things I Did on Vacation”

  1. Kevin Says:

    What exactly did you flex?

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