How I’d Book Money In the Bank

How I Think Money In the Bank Will End
The popular theory has Punk winning the world title, but dropping the belt to a Money In the Bank Winner (probably Alberto Del Rio). This sounds about right. As Chicago is booing the crap out of the ending, they’ll be able to pretend it’s because people are upset that the hated Del Rio is the champion, while they’ll be booing because Punk won’t be leaving with the title. Also, this allows them to avoid the “Fire Cena” stipulation.

Now let’s take a look at how I’d do it…

How I’d Do It
OK, I think that good booking should benefit everybody. So, going into this mess, there are a few things we want to accomplish.

1. CM Punk is the hottest thing to hit wrestling in a long while. They should protect his heat at all costs.
2. John Cena should remain a top face. If Punk is going to take a break, they need the audience to still be into Cena.
3. The crowd doesn’t have to go home happy, but they do have to go home intrigued.

Earlier in the evening, Alberto Del Rio would win the Raw Money in the Bank briefcase and Daniel Bryan would win it for Smackdown.

During the World Title match, Cena and Punk would have a back-and-forth battle with Cena finally getting the win after his 40th Attitude Adjustment (OK, that’s an exaggeration, it can be only three). However, as Cena is celebrating and the audience is preparing to riot, the Titan Tron shows that Punk’s foot was on the rope and McMahon had knocked it off. Cena goes ballistic. Punk just laughs, knowing McMahon was going to try to screw him. Cena begs the ref to restart the match, but the ref knows McMahon will fire him if he does.

Cue Daniel Bryan’s music.

Bryan makes his way to the ring with his briefcase in tow. He looks like he’s going to hand it to the ref, but instead hands it to Punk. Punk hands it to the ref, GTSs Cena and wins the World Championship.

The evening ends with McMahon livid, Punk celebrating, and Cena defeated, but at least he tried to do the right thing.

The next night on Raw, McMahon claims that the Money in the Bank briefcase is non-transferable, therefore Punk’s victory doesn’t count. Yeah, it’s a Dusty finish, but it accomplishes three things…

1. Punk remains the hottest thing in wrestling. He’ll be able to return as the uncrowned champion.
2. Cena can maintain his do-gooder status and feud with Del Rio over the title.
3. Bryan can take Punk’s place as the bane of McMahon’s existence until Punk returns.


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