‘Survivor: South Pacific’ Pre-Game Interview: Rick Nelson

Name: Rick Nelson

Age: 51

Current Residence: Aurora, Utah

Occupation: Rancher

Tribe: Upolu

Gordon Holmes: Your bio here says you don’t like lazy people. A lot of people went a long way being really lazy last season. What would you have done?
Rick Nelson:
You have to weed them out. I’m going to do the best I can and try to do 110% when I’m around camp, but I’m sure you’ve been camping with people who don’t do anything, they don’t pull their weight. It doesn’t take long to want to get rid of them. Why keep them?

Holmes: Some people have issues lying during the game. Are you OK with it?
For a million bucks, I’ll lie all I have to. I mean, you’ve gotta. You’re going to step on toes no matter how you do it. But you’ve gotta do it in a way where you can come out and win a vote at the end. If you stick it in ‘em bad, it’s gonna be bad in the end.

Holmes: You’re an outdoorsman. Are you confident you can use those skills to become a go-to guy around camp?
I’m sure I could be, but I don’t know if I want to be to these people. I really don’t want to be the guy they’re coming to and asking, “What about this, what about that?” Cause they’re the first one gone. When things go bad, they’ll get rid of me.

Holmes: How many times have you applied to be on “Survivor”?
I’ve applied 14 times. The first time was “Survivor” eight. I’ve wanted to be on the show since the very first season. And I finally got enough guts to give it a shot. So, I started applying and actually got interviewed for “Survivor” nine and eleven and thirteen. Of course got turned down. Then I entered the Sears contest this time. Made the top ten, and thank you, America…I made it. Here I am, and I’m ready.
Holmes: I didn’t realize you were this year’s Sears contestant.
Nelson: I didn’t either until they brought me out to Los Angeles. (Laughs)

Holmes: You’ve been with this cast for a few days. What’re your first impressions?
Oh, I’ve already got one I want to make an alliance with as soon as we get there. We went to Survivor School and they taught us how to weave the leaves for shelters and baskets. I was weaving all these things and the one gal in here was doing the same thing. The rest of them were reading books and drinking sodas and hanging out. It’s been raining every stinking night and I want to be dry.

Holmes: What’re you going to do with that money when Jeff Probst hands you that big check in December?
That’s good. That’s positive. It might sound kind of corny, but I’m going to give 10% to my church right off the bat. And the rest is going to the Rick Nelson fund so I can pay my bills.

Survivor: South Pacific” premieres Wednesday, September 14, 2011 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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