‘Survivor: South Pacific’ Pre-Game Interview: Stacey Powell

Name: Stacey Powell

Age: 44

Current Residence: Grand Prairie, Texas

Occupation: Mortician

Tribe: Upolu

Gordon Holmes: I understand that your inspiration in life is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Is it possible to have his kind of integrity in a game like “Survivor”?
Stacey Powell:
Martin Luther King is an inspiration to me in reference to the game in trying to bring people together. There are so many of us, and a lot of diverse people. And we have to learn to live together and try to know one another’s culture. We have to try to get a feel for how the person’s culture really is so we can understand one another.

Holmes: “Survivor” is a game that usually features a bit of lying. Is that something you’re comfortable doing?
Yeah, I’m prepared to be deceptive. I’ll do it in a really sly, conniving way. A very generous, laughing way. (Laughs)

Holmes: A lot of people were frustrated last season with the way Boston Rob (Mariano) led the Ometepe tribe. Are you concerned that an all-star could wield that kind of power this season?
Rob was the pimp and they were his little hoes. They ate right out of his pimp hand. They did just as he wanted to.  And it wasn’t only women, men ate right out of his hand too. So, I don’t care who they are, but they’ve got to go.

Holmes: Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve been surrounded by strangers and had to work together as a team?
My job. I work with totally strangers each and every day. Every type of culture, every type of race. We have to come together with that family at that time. Getting to be a team is something that I’m used to.

Holmes: Any plans for the big check they’ll hand you when you win this thing?
When I win the million, my plan is to pay off my home. That’s my first priority. And be able to bless people who’ve been a blessing to me.

Holmes: How do your kids feel about their mom playing “Survivor”?
My children are so happy. They know this is the best experience that their mom can do. And for myself, I’m doing something for me. I’ve always done everything for my children, but this is for me. My son is graduating in a few weeks, and he’s so proud of me.

Holmes: Have you been sizing the other competitors up?
(Laughs) I’m ready to get the game started, don’t talk the talk unless you can walk the walk. And when the challenges start, we can separate the strongest from the weakest.

Survivor: South Pacific” premieres Wednesday, September 14, 2011 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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