How I Finally Won My Father’s Approval

The relationship between a father and a son is always a landmine of misunderstood expectations and things not said. It may seem like a “Cat’s in the Cradle” cliche, but the day when a father can finally look at his son and see a man can be life-altering.

I finally experienced that moment this past weekend.

We were at a youth figure-skating event this past Saturday, waiting for my niece to compete, when my father couldn’t quite place the music a skater was competing to.

My dad asked, “What is this song?”

I didn’t miss a beat as I responded, “‘Music of the Night’ from ‘Phantom of the Opera.'”

He didn’t say it. But I’m sure he’s never been prouder of me than he was at that moment.

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2 Responses to “How I Finally Won My Father’s Approval”

  1. Lucas Hayes Says:

    For me, it was when I saved him10% by switching to geico

  2. Janet Says:

    Your father was proud of u for being at a figure skating competition? Your niece was thrilled to have u there!
    And jas loves uncle Carl

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