‘Survivor: South Pacific’ Power Rankings – Week 6

Quick Note: Andrea and I have a deal where when she wins, I’ll lead the next week with an Albert photo and when I win I’ll lead with a Mikayla photo. In the case of a tie we’d use a picture of Elyse. Since Elyse is out of the game, it only seemed fitting to use a picture of Brandon Hantz wearing a bra. Yes, I’m aware that there are some things you can’t unsee.

The Rules: Each week our two combatants will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the two players will earn. For example, if Sophie is voted out this week, Andrea will receive 2 points and Gordon will receive 4 points. Also, each player will pick who they think will win at Redemption Island. If they choose correctly they will receive a bonus point. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: South Pacific” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

Last Week: A perfect game from both sides as Andrea and Gordon both had Mikayla in spot thirteen and Christine winning Redemption Island. The current score is Team Boehlke 75, Team Holmes 78.

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teamboehlke . TEAMHOLMES
Current Score: 75

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. Current Score: 78
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#1 Coach: I didn’t think I’d see the day where I put a returning player on top of the rankings, but here we are! Sure, there was a little disturbance in the S.A.C. when Albert and Sophie voted to keep Mikayla against his wishes. However, we saw that Coach has the majority of his alliance-mates in order. At the very least he has C.R.E.B. intact, which IS a thing (it’s a cellular transcription factor, duh) and there is a good possibility that things will be patched up with Sophie and Albert. Oh, and he has an idol. . #1 Keith: Now that things have settled down a bit over at Savaii, it looks like Keith has moved back into his position as stud who’s super safe until mergeville. And if Elyse is to be believed, he and Whitney have a bit of a showmance going on. Could Keith and Whit (I agree, they need a nickname) go the distance and pull a Boston Rob/Amber? Doubtful. But he’s good for now.
#2 Sophie: I honestly feel Sophie isn’t getting the credit she deserves in the Albert-Sophie alliance. I think she is doing more than just nodding her head and batting those baby-blues. Speaking of, have you seen her eyes? Incredibly fierce eyes. I believe Sophie is a silent assassin and although she voted against the numbers in her tribe this week, she is savvy enough to get back in with the crew. . #2 Jim: Yeah, yeah…Jim’s running things over at Savaii beach. Big deal. What impresses me is, both Elyse and Semhar have said how grossed out they are by the fact that Jim has dated his former students. HE’S NEVER HAD ANY STUDENTS! Best of all, he’s not making up lies that make him look awesome (ala Russell Hantz, Katrina fireman/dog rescuer), he’s making up lies that could make him look like a decent dude if he’s ever found out. Hilarious.
JIM . albert
#3 Jim: I have a love/hate relationship with Jim. First, he makes my life really easy by creating this 3+2 alliance and thus the Power Rankings are super simple. Then, he does this awesome blindside and messes up 3+2 and makes my rankings of Savaii close to impossible. He seems to be the only one dictating moves at this point, so I deem him safe this week. I hate/love you, Jim! . #3 Albert: Everyone’s making a big deal about the Upolu Five breaking up. I don’t buy it. Sophie and Albert could have easily turned Brandon against Coach if they wanted to by mentioning the immunity idol. I think it was just a disagreement where they decided to let Rick make the final call. I think they’ll stick together for a while longer.
#4 Rick: Well, here’s a classic rags to riches story! Mustache man goes from invisible to making huge decisions. Mustache spoke at the duel and I swooned. Then he spoke later in the episode and I bit my fist. It’s probably because I’m biased and totally Team Alphie (sounds better than Sophbert, right?) but I actually think he made the right decision for himself to not piss of Coach. . #4 Sophie: Like I said with Albert, I think things are fine with her and Coach. However, they will have to be wary of how loyal Brandon and Edna (and apparently Rick) are to the Dragon Slayer.

Quick Note: Sophie dropped me a line to let me know that she didn’t like how her Power Rankings photo had a white background. So, I added some disgusting, half-chewed pork.

#5 Brandon: I think it’s detrimental to keep Brandon so high in the rankings because I too am a man of my word and I also thinking smoking marijuana is going against your word and I’d rather put him this high even though from the beginning I wanted someone else high but I stick to my word. Does this make sense? Of course not, it doesn’t have to! . #5 Coach: Congrats, Coach. You won one last week. You get to keep your pocket Edna around for at least one more round. However, there is no more doubting who the power player on Upolu is. If your alliance breaks up, or heads into the merge down numbers, there’s going to be a huge target on your back.
#6 Dawn: In a world where nobody is really safe on Savaii, Dawn has done a great job proving herself valuable to the tribe. I don’t think Ozzy has it out for Dawn like he does any of the others, and Dawn seems to be tight now with Cochran and Jim, so if something crazy happens she could be safe. . #6 Whitney: Is it ‘Crazy’ to ‘Stand by Your Man’? Definitely not. No alliance is ‘Written in Stone’ in fact, many ‘Fall to Pieces.’ Worst case, she’ll still have a boyfriend ‘After the Fire Is Gone.’ (I’d like to thank Wikipedia for their help with that caption.)
albert . RICK
#7 Albert: Although I applaud Albert for playing for his own end game, it was Coach who got his way last week. While normally this could be a “dun dun dun” moment for Al, let’s not forget that he and Sophie know about the idol, which gives Coach incentive to patch things up.  Although he came close, close only showed that he’s thinking of moves but Coach is really the one in control over at Upolu. . #7 Rick: Rick! He speaks! He casts a vital swing vote! He…uh…he’s kinda boring. Although, it is funny that someone who was specifically anti-Coach during the pre-game interviews (and he had no idea that Coach was going to be returning) ended up siding with him.
#8 Whitney: Whitney went back to being “purple” this episode which gives me some hope she will make it past this round. However, with the beautiful train-wreck that is Savaii, there is literally no telling who is next to go. . #8 Dawn: Who’s had the best transformation so far this season? Coach. The change from pawn to prince has been fascinating. Second best transformation? Dawn. Remember her rough beginning? Is this the same woman who totally called out Ozzy last week during his hissy fit? Awesome. And all the Savaiians who have left the game seem to love and respect her. Put her in front of the jury and I can think of six kids who are going to get shiny new bicycles when their mom cashes a million-dollar check.
#9 Keith: Keith is starting to remind me more and more of a South Pacific Grant. He’s cool, collected, amazing at challenges and everyone loves him. Although I think he is safe for now, I think he will inevitably be blindsided down the road. I wonder if he will talk to Coach at the reunion. . #9 Brandon: OK, here’s some truth for you…never (as in EVER) tell your tribe to vote you out. I think you’re safe because you’re Coach’s boy. But you’re playing a dangerous game.
#10. Edna: Mikayla has a point. How DID Edna get this far? Girl must be doing something right. I mean, according to Mikayla’s logic, Edna is like 2 foot something, 65 pounds or something ridiculous — just a little pixel of a thing!  However I do believe that if Upolu loses she will be next to go because she was never in the C.R.A.B.S. and people like Brandon and Coach are men of their words, you know. . #10 Cochran: Cochran and Dawn are both in a good position IF they can make it to the merge. They’re not quite out of the woods yet though, as we don’t know when the merge will take place.
#11. Cochran: Cochran is just so cute and nerdy and I can’t wait to meet his mom, but I don’t know what to do with him! I can’t pretend he is running things. And since Ozzy has the idol and has apparently had something against Cochran from the beginning, I feasibly can’t put him any higher in the chance that Ozzy turns the tables on little ole Cochran. . #11 Ozzy: The previews are hinting that someone has asked to go to Redemption Island. Ozzy talked about this exact strategy in our pre-game interview. Does that mean he’s going to go? Maybe not, Savaii could win immunity, the tribe could decide that ousting Christine or Mikayla isn’t that important (as they’d be likely to switch to Savaii). Either way, this strategy is dumb. Can Ozzy beat Christine in a foot race? Yup. Can he beat her in Chutes and Ladders? Who knows.
#12. Ozzy: So the previews for next week say that a person asks to go to Redemption Island and it is the most strategic gamble in “Survivor” history. Ummmmmmm. Can anybody see anyone else besides Ozzy asking to be sent to Redemption Island at this point? . #12 Edna: Coach saved you last week. He can’t do it again this week without getting rid of one of his original five alliance. The Dragon Slayer can’t do that without going against his statement that the best alliances start early and ride it until the end.
Redemption Island Pick – Christine: Matt—errr, I mean Christine wins. Although I think Christine will eventually be de-Elroded, I don’t think Mikayla will be the one to do it. First of all, with challenges like shuffleboard it’s not like you have to be super skilled or strong. Second, when Sophie says “Christine is the worst person to come back” I sense foreshadowing. Goodbye, Mikayla, I too hope “Survivor” helps you with your modeling career. What—I’m being genuine! . Redemption Island Pick – Mikayla: Is it bad to bet against Christine’s hot streak? Totally. Do I need Mikayla to stay in the game so I have someone’s picture to use when I win the Power Rankings? Absolutely.

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