‘Survivor: One World’ Power Rankings: Christine Shields Markoski vs. John Cochran

Christine Shields Markoski vs. John Cochran (CBS)

In honor of “Survivor: One World’s” men vs. women theme, it has been decided that XFINITY TV’s “Survivor” guy Gordon Holmes should lead a team of  “Survivor: South Pacific” guys against a team of “Survivor: South Pacific” gals.

Hoping to bring the guys back from a huge deficit this week is John Cochran. He’ll be going toe-to-toe with Christine “Force to Be Reckoned With” Shields Markoski

Let’s check in with our two combatants before we get into this week’s rankings…

Gordon Holmes: We need you to stop the bleeding, John. We’re down by twelve points. Tell me you have some kind of Harvard-fueled strategy to get us out of this mess.
John Cochran: I think I’ve compiled the perfect Power Rankings here, Gordon. I pay very close attention to the show’s editing and story arcs in order to assess different players’ chances. This is some academic stuff, bro.
Holmes: That’s what I like to here. And you? Anything to say to your “South Pacific” buddies for giving you such a comfortable lead?
Christine Shields Markoski: Thanks, ladies!

Holmes: What’ve you two been up to since your time in Samoa?
Markoski: Up to? Up to my ears in laundry. Up to here with homework. All around, up to no good. 🙂 Ha! No, really, just had a great time with the fam. We traveled a bit when I got home. Hung out at the beach. My kids and hubby are beach bums. Read a lot! Just chillaxed before school started and now it’s just craziness. It’s all good, though.
Cochran: I’m back at law school, which has been a pretty jarring transition. I think I’m slowly finding my groove, though, and adapting to post-Survivor life relatively well.

Holmes: Are you enjoying “One World”? I thought it was off to a rough start, but has picked up now that we’ve had a chance to see the women win and the men scramble.
Cochran: I absolutely love the One World and men vs. women twists; they both seem like they might help undermine the sorts of things that often make a season predictable (alpha males dominating early on, Pagonging post-merge, etc.). It’s still too early to have any huge favorites, though.
Markoski: I think the idea is cool. There are certainly characters to enjoy. Although, none as entertaining as our very own Mr. John Cochran.
Holmes: Well, there’s no debating that. Was it nice to see the women finally get a win last week?
Markoski: It was magnanimous and overdue.

Holmes: Alright, the time for pleasantries is over. John, mercy is for the weak. We do not train to be merciful. Now put Christine in her place.
Cochran: Christine may have had an impressive run on Redemption Island, but guess what? Redemption Island is gone. Christine’s a temporary player, and I think we’ll see her time (and that of the women overall) running out very soon in these Power Rankings.
Markoski: I’ve kept my answers a bit short as I know John will be…how do I say? “Expansive with his answers.”  Unless Lin-sanity has gotten to him and he can’t think of anything else except basketball…(I’m hoping).

The Rules: Each week a representative from each team will create separate Power Rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the two players will earn. For example, if Troyzan is voted out this week, Christine’s team will receive 8 points and Cochran’s will receive 7 points. At the end of the season, the team with the most points will be named the “Survivor: One World” Power Rankings Challenge Champions.

Wanna Play? Tag Gordon (@gordonholmes) in your own Twitter Power Rankings. If you do better than the male team does you’ll get a special shout out in the Power Rankings and the respect of your family and friends.

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Current Score: 31

Got any advice for Christine? Drop her a line on Twitter.

Current Score: 19

Got any advice for Cochran? Drop him a line on Twitter.

1. This guy isn’t going anywhere. Nice guy, good at challenges, barely any camera time (except when the boys win a challenge and he gets hoisted in the air by a tribemate). 1. She’s part of the majority female alliance, she’s athletic, amiable, and not making any waves. I don’t see Kim going anytime soon, unless there’s a tribal swap and she’s left in the minority.
2. Safe. She’s even-keeled and possibly a calming force for the girls. I hope she is a quiet powerhouse. 2. It may seem weird for me to be throwing my support behind the woman who’s expressed her desire to punch tribemates in their faces and a willingness to idly watch her tribemates drown, but I think being the abrasive member of a majority alliance can be a good thing — her alliance will likely be scrambling to bring her to the end as a F3 goat. I think Alicia’s in it for the long haul, but I don’t think she’ll win.
3. Even after her “I’m cold and wet” (Guess what? You’re on “Survivor”) meltdown, I still think she’s sitting pretty within her alliance…for now. She may not be so lucky if (when) they mix up the tribes. I don’t think those guys are going to forget it was she that refused them the chicken. You know men and their stomachs. 3. Like Kim, Chelsea is athletic and seems well-adjusted. She showed some vulnerability last week during the rainstorm, but, as long as she keeps her emotions in check, I think Chelsea will go far.
4. Member of the Misfit (“Vampira”) Alliance. He’ll be OK for awhile… Where’s the sushi? 4. Sabrina was designated the “Salani” tribe leader during last week’s episode, which is really a mixed blessing. On the one hand, it shows that Sabrina’s tribemates think very highly of her and are unlikely to vote her out right away; on the other hand, being “leader” can also make you a bigger target in the event of a loss, just like the Project Manager on “The Apprentice.” Still, Sabrina’s gotten such significant airtime that I can’t imagine her story this season is anywhere near over.
5. Like Dawn, I’m going with the home team. I’m definitely on Team Sabrina. I’m hoping she can continue to handle this group of ladies and their “diverse personalities.” It’s not like school at all. It’s much easier to get a handle on a cafeteria full of screaming students than a group a starving, bedraggled survivors…..trust me, I know. I just hope Sabrina being the leader doesn’t come back to haunt her. But for now she’s safe and that’s good. 5. Jonas is an interesting guy to watch this season. Apart from being a member of the majority offbeat men’s alliance, he hasn’t done much, but the show repeatedly turns to him to provide narration and his own commentary. Is he the voice of reason in a sea of misfits and roosters? Not sure, but the show hasn’t given us any reason to believe he’s going to be a target anytime soon.
6.  Member of the Misfit (“Walk Among Us”) Alliance. He’s got the underwear thing going for him and the alliance – what more does one need?  6. We haven’t heard or seen much from Leif. When the men returned to camp from losing a challenge in last week’s episode, we saw Leif bashfully waving to the victorious women. Foreshadowing a cross-tribal alliance?! He’s safe for now.
7.  I hate to say it, but she’s safe. She got in with the young girl alliance right out of the box. Smart move. If they wanted to get her out they would’ve (should’ve – for our sakes at least) done so already. (I do appreciate that she lives by the motto “better out than in,” though.) 7. I’m starting to really like Troyzan. He’s been kind to the women’s tribe, he’s the greatest physical asset for the Misfits, and he seems to be on at least somewhat good terms with the roosters. If he comes to be known as the leader of the Misfits, though, he might have a target placed on him in much the same way Sabrina has.
8.  Member of the Misfit (“Nike A Go-Go”) Alliance. Well done telling the PYT (Love it, Dawn) alliance that you were down with them. 8. By voting off Nina before Kat, the women demonstrated that Kat is pretty safe within the majority alliance. I do get the sense, however, that she’ll be the first of the core 5 to go if she botches any more challenges. Her hoodie is absolutely adorable, though, right?
9. God saved the Queen…and he still has the idol. Member, ahem, Queen of the Misfit (“Astro Zombies”) Alliance. I love hearing this guy bitch…and bitch. I really do. Although I fear that once the idol is no longer in his possession it’s “Off with her head!” Also, he’s getting more air time than Cochran and that ain’t right. 9. A lot of people have compared me and Colton. We’re both superfans, we both hog an inordinate amount of the airtime, and we both wear pink shirts. I think that’s really where the similarities end, though. I envy Colton’s position in the game because, even though it initially seemed like he was an outsider, he managed to recognize that “outsiders” actually comprised a majority of his tribe! He seems to be in a great power position, although I don’t know how many more times he’ll be able to cry wolf about playing his idol before it’s flushed out.
10. Dude, you stepped in it. Where once you were part of the  PYT Alliance, you are somehow (and I think unbeknownst to you) now part of the  Misfit (“20 Eyes”) Alliance. Congrats. 10. I grew to appreciate Tarzan this week. He’s articulate, goofy, and just delightfully naive about “Survivor.” He’s in the majority alliance, which is great, but I can see his blunt “Can’t you see we’re strategizing?” statements becoming annoying to his fellow Misfits, putting him on the periphery of that alliance.
11. I’m not too sure how long Alicia will stick around. Let me explain how one’s mouth can get them into trouble. And there’s no Redemption Island to, well, redeem yourself. If she can’t control her tongue, they’ll cut her (and maybe, it). 11. Of the roosters, Jay seems to be the least vocal, and the most willing to adapt to the circumstances. He’s now an honorary member of the Misfits, but he has to hope something shakes the game up, or else he’ll just go after Bill and Michael are gone.
12.  Guilty by ‘ab’sociation. Is he as alpha-male as the rooster? I don’t think so, but now that there’s a vacancy…? 12. When Jeff asked the women if they would change the makeup of their majority alliance if they could go back in time — and Sabrina and Chelsea said “Yes,” — I can’t help but think that they were wishing they could incorporate Monica into their fivesome. She seems smart, tough, and athletic, but she’s on the outside! Doesn’t look too good for Monica.
13.  She’s not part of the young ‘uns. ‘Nuff said. 13. This rooster crowed way too early when he stole supplies from the women just minutes into the game. I’m not sure if he’ll ever be able to fully integrate himself into the misfit-run tribe, unless a tribal swap shakes things up soon.
14. I hate to put her here. Hate it, I tell you. She’s doing great in challenges and uses her brain. The only reason I have her here is because she’s age-challenged (I didn’t say the “O” word ’cause she’s not. I mean look at her!) I’m hoping that the young ‘un alliance realizes her worth and keeps her. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening. 14. If the women lose, Christina is gone. If she gets voted out, though, at least she can leave with her head held high that she’s the voice behind this season’s most memorable quote thus far: (“Because you’re WRONG, okay?! So SHUT UP”).
15. Wow, he’s excited, like, really, can’t-believe-he’s-on-the-show, bouncing-out-of-his-seat, just totally excited. Whew. The Queen doesn’t like excited, you know. You’re outie. 15. God knows I love Bill. His character reel is my favorite YouTube video of the year. Unfortunately, he’s incurred the wrath of Mr. Cumbie, and previews suggest there’s going to be a big blow-up between the two. Considering that Colton has been the more prominent character, I have to assume that Bill comes out the loser in this duel.

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