‘Survivor: One World’ Power Rankings – Dawn Meehan vs. Jim Rice

Jim Rice vs. Dawn Meehan (CBS)

Jim Rice vs. Dawn Meehan (CBS)

In honor of “Survivor: One World’s” men vs. women theme, it has been decided that XFINITY TV’s “Survivor” guy Gordon Holmes should lead a team of “Survivor: South Pacific” guys against a team of “Survivor: South Pacific” gals.

Kicking off the second round for the gentlemen will be Jim Rice. While stepping up to the plate for the ladies will be Dawn Meehan.

The Rules: Each week a representative from each team will create separate Power Rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the two players will earn. For example, if Troyzan is voted out this week, Dawn’s team will receive 6 points and Jim’s will receive 8 points. At the end of the season, the team with the most points will be named the “Survivor: One World” Power Rankings Challenge Champions.

Two Weeks Ago: Christine Shields Markoski and John Cochran both pitched perfect games as they correctly guessed that Bill would be the next person to be eliminated. The current score is now Team Salani 46, Team Manono 34.

Wanna Play? Tag Gordon (@gordonholmes) in your own Twitter Power Rankings. If you do better than the male team does you’ll get a special shout out in next week’s Power Rankings.

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Current Score: 46

Got any advice for Dawn? Drop her a line on Twitter.

Current Score: 34

Got any advice for Jim? Drop him a line on Twitter.

1. Kim’s got the idol. She’s on a solid alliance (Nu-Salani = Kim, Chelsea, Sab, Kat, Troy and Jay). And, she’s physically/mentally prepared for the individual immunity challenges.  Kim’s safe this week. 1. I love seeing you at the head of your tribe, but watch out. The head of the snake is what a lot of people aim for.  The first post-merge vote dramatically impacts the rest of the game.  I’m not sure which way it will go, but I have a feeling you’ll be on the right side of alliances.
2. Chelsea-The-Chicken-Handler (AKA Chelsea-The-Fish-Spearer) is playing one great game. She’s strong, but not too strong. She’s in the majority, but not calling the shots (leaving a target on her back). I think Chelsea has the potential to go Final 3, so long as she remains aligned with the Nu-Salani. 2. You really haven’t pissed anyone off, and haven’t made the mistake of getting close to one particular guy.  I think you are very safe this week.
3. I’m wondering just how many nights Sabrina went to bed thinking, “Why, oh why, did I give the idol to Colton?” Talk about a strange turn of events. At the start of the game, I felt like Sabrina had the most influence on Salani (pre-swap), but now that Kim has the idol, I’m not sure Sabrina has AS much control over her alliance. However, she’s definitely still tight with Kim and Chelsea, and I think she’s got the ability to do well in individual immunity challenges, so I think Sabrina’s sitting pretty (and strong) at the merge. 3. I think you and Jonas are in the best positions right now to win the game, but if a guy alliance takes hold, and they try to pick off the women, you would go before your right hand Chelsea. Take that as a compliment!
4. I love Kat. Given that she’s in the Nu Salani majority (Kim, Chelsea, Sabrina, Jay, Troy), I think she and her appendix are safe this week. 4. I was so glad to see you get off the chopping black, and I think you learned some valuable ‘Survivor’ lessons in the process.  I think you’re safe for a few rounds until the others realize that if they let you make it to the final 3, you’ll win unanimously.  It’s the same reason there was no way my competitor this weekend, the awesome Dawn, would have ever made it to the final three.  Should/would have taken the $1M in a landslide.
5. I bet Jay’s happy he abandoned his original PYT alliance with Matt, Michael, and Bill—because he’s in a great place now that the tribes have merged. Jay’s got options! He’s tight with Chelsea, Kim, Troy, and Sabrina (Nu-Salani) AND on good terms with Michael, Jonas, Tarzan, and Leif (the original All-Boy-Manono). Jay’s not going anywhere this week. 5. The merge came at a great time for you.  I’m hoping to see you do something other than just let the game come to you, but I’m not holding my breath. I’m also predicting a Jay-Kat showmance. Jaykat..ugh…
6. I think Troy is emerging as a potential front-runner in this game. Did you see when Nu-Salani won that Reward Challenge last week—how Troy called his tribe mates up to the top crate to celebrate the victory? Hello FORESHADOWING. Not only is Troy tight with Nu-Salani, he’s also on good terms with the original All-Boy-Manono tribe.  If I were playing this game, I’d be thinking about voting Troy out. The sooner, the better. He’s likeable and strong—a powerful combination for the back-half of this game. 6. For the sake of humanity, please do not procreate with Jay. Here you go, Kat… http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/procreate
7. Watching last week’s episode was painful for me: Christina was on the receiving end of a whole lotta garbage. But she proved that she can OUTLAST pretty much anything. And for that alone, I hope Christina figures out a way to align with Kim, Chelsea, Sabrina, Kat, Jay, and Troy. That’s the kind of karma I like. But even if she doesn’t, I think Christina’s safe this week. There are bigger fish to fry—I mean, boot—at the merge. 7. I still like you, but you gotta watch the mouth if you want to make it deeper in the game.
8. Even though Leif is not part of the Nu-Salani alliance, I think he’s safe this week. Why? Because I don’t think the other players see him as a threat to go on an immunity run OR break up alliances. 8. I think you’re in a great spot right now.
9. Alicia’s not going home this week. But, I think her cranky exchanges with Christina and allegiance to Colton will eventually bite her in the booty. 9. You’ve definitely improved your lot in the game by flying under the radar the past few weeks, but if someone wants to gun for you, all they have to do is remind people that you stole from the girls’ pile on day one.
10. Jonas was my pick to win ‘Survivor’ this season—but after that rough tribe swap and Colton’s evacuation from the game, I think Jonas may be one of the first few jury members. (Which will be a major bummer, right? Tell me you weren’t looking forward to seeing him prepare some ‘Survivor’ sushi?) 10. You are one weird dude.  I don’t think anyone will target you right away, but I don’t think you’ll be around much longer.
11. I heart Tarzan. He’s such a character. And if I were playing with him, I’d consider keeping him for the long haul—because he’d be a great person to go up against at the Final Tribal Council (imagine the neologisms!). But the All-Boy-Manono tribe isn’t aligned. And the new Manono tribe isn’t aligned. So, unless this week’s Immunity Challenge is last week’s Reward Challenge, Tarzan’s in a rough spot. 11. You made it to the merge, and now it is time for you to take out revenge on Alicia for all the vile things she has said.  BUT, if you don’t choose the right alliance, you’ll be the first to go.
12. O Michael, Michael! Wherefore art thou, Michael? No, really. Where is Michael? I mean, we’re talking about a guy who stole a pickaxe from the women and dunked Leif under water in a challenge. How can he NOT be running this game—or at the very least, be in a majority alliance at the merge? Unless Michael goes on an immunity run, he’s going home. He’s the classic “potential threat” that just has to go. 12. I think Christina will flip to whatever alliance is willing to vote you out.  Personally, I’m going to love seeing you go.  You’re only real hope in this game is that someone realizes that they should take you to the end because there is no way in hell you could get enough votes to win.

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