‘Survivor: One World’ Castaway Interview – Leif Manson

Leif Manson (CBS)

If you’re a contestant on “Survivor: One World” and you have a Y chromosome, I have some bad news for you…

Your days are numbered.

I spoke to Leif Manson, the latest man to be given his walking papers by the Spradlin Six, the morning after his elimination to find out why Christina and Alicia didn’t take his offer, how he feels about Colton’s offensive comments, and the benefits of sleeping in a coffin-like box…

Gordon Holmes: You and Troyzan were doing your best to get people to vote for Kim last night. How close were you guys to finally getting someone to flip sides?
Leif Manson: He and I were definitely really trying to get as many people as we could on board with that plan. But, trying to convince anybody at that point was really tough.
Holmes: Alicia and Christina are clearly on the bottom of the female alliance. Why wouldn’t they go for it?
Manson: There’d be times where you’d see something in their eyes, but at other times…yeah. (Laughs)

Holmes: Christina is the one who always has me shaking my head. Last night I’m watching the auction and as soon as the challenge advantage comes up I’m thinking, “Just bid all of your money.” There’s no need to get in a bidding war, lock that thing down. But Christina didn’t go for it. Did she get any heat from the other women for that?
Manson: Oh yeah. Definitely a lot of the women were pushing for her to buy it. She was just very easily manipulated by the girls.

Holmes: We didn’t see much of your strategy when you were out there. What moves did you make that we didn’t see?
Manson: I was trying to make as many big moves as I could. I wish they would’ve shown a little more. I definitely feel like I was giving it my all all of the time. I was giving my all, especially in the games, I just wanted to win immunity every time and prove that I was giving it 100%. And the strategy…it was hard. It was hard to get strategies going with a lot of the people.
Holmes: Is it fair to say you were more into the adventure of the show than the actual gameplay?
Manson: Yeah. There were some points where I got a little too comfortable and I should’ve been playing the game more instead of thinking it was one big happy family camping trip.

Holmes: Last night Troyzan went off the deep end with his accusations and his ranting during challenges.

Manson: He was just going to go all out and try to get some things happening. He and I were completely on board with trying to get something else going. It was hard though, because once those women had their mind set on something, there was no changing them.
Holmes: Was it obvious that Kim was the kingpin?
Manson: It was really hard to tell…
Holmes: Sorry, the queenpin.
Manson: (Laughs) The queen of the women. It was hard to tell.

Holmes: One of the more uncomfortable moments this season was when Colton was using a lot of derogatory terms to describe you.
Manson: Yeah.
Holmes: And “Little Person” is the proper term, right?
Manson: Yeah, little person.
Holmes: As you’re watching that at home, what’s going through your mind?
Manson: As I was hearing what was being said behind my back, it definitely brings a whole other view of people. I just didn’t realize Colton could be that sinister. He really started turning into a monster.
Holmes: As a little person, did it mean a lot to you to go out there and show that you can be an asset around camp and hold your own in challenges?
Manson: Yeah. Going into the game I really had to prove myself to all of those people that I could do anything that they could do and I was going to be staying there for a while. I showed them that I’m not weak…I’m very strong.
Holmes: What kind of feedback have you been receiving from other little people?
Manson: It’s been amazing. Just so much positive output from the little people community. So many people have told me that I inspired them. That they just look at life in a totally different way. And they see that we can do anything that anyone else can do. It really makes me feel really good.
Holmes: Excellent. That’s good to hear.
Manson: It’s just been really great.

Holmes: Word association time. Let’s start off with Troyzan.
Manson: Amazing
Holmes: Chelsea?
Manson: Hmmm…yeah. I don’t have any words for her.
Holmes: Kim?
Manson: Sneaky.
Holmes: Sabrina?
Manson: An anchor.
Holmes: Tarzan?
Manson: Like my dad.
Holmes: Alicia?
Manson: Out there.
Holmes: Kat?
Manson: Blessed one.
Holmes: Christina?
Manson: Sweet.

Holmes: Alright, let’s jump back a second. When you said you had no words for Chelsea, was that in a positive way or a negative way?
Manson: Let’s just go with negative.
Holmes: Was something going on there that we didn’t see?
Manson: Her and I would butt heads. And I’m a tough person, but I really don’t like conflict. She definitely would push my buttons a lot.

Holmes: Vampires are huge these days what with the “Twilight” movies and “The Vampire Diaries.” Have you given any thought to marketing the coffin you had been sleeping in while you were out there?
Manson: Yeah! I wish I was able to take that home with me. (Laughs) It was one of the most comfortable beds I’ve ever slept in.

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