‘Survivor: One World’ Castaway Interview – Kat Edorsson

Kat Edorsson (CBS)

It’s easy to take knowledge for granted when you’re watching “Survivor.” We know Kim is running the show because she looks right into a camera lens and tells us.

Kat Edorsson didn’t have the same luxury. She thought she was in charge of things at Tikiano beach all the way up until Jeff Probst read her name four times.

I spoke with the blindsided beauty the day after her elimination and got her take on Troyzan’s inspirational aside, her quirky characteristics, and Kim’s hurtful words…

Gordon Holmes: You seemed really upset after last night’s blindside. Can you walk us through what you were feeling?
Kat Edorsson: During that moment I didn’t have words to express how upset I was. During the walk back I was babbling to myself, I was just so upset. That was the biggest blindside. I had no idea it was going to happen. I just felt so hurt.
Holmes: But I thought blindsides were fun and exciting.
Edorsson: (Laughs) They’re not fun and exciting! I want to make that completely clear. I was completely blown away. In the game you have to trust somebody and the only part that was naïve about my experience is that I trusted my alliance with my whole heart instead of keeping my eyes open. What we said always went so I thought it was completely OK.

Holmes: When you were voted out you mentioned that you would be perceived as the most naïve person to ever play, and earlier you had expressed concern that you’d be perceived as a follower. Were you more worried about the perception of the jury or of the viewing public?
Edorsson: It was more of how America was going to view me. When I came out to play “Survivor” I had all of these goals as to how I wanted to be perceived. And the entire time, I felt like I was making all the moves. I felt like it was all me, that Kim was following me. I wanted to make sure that America thought I was doing a great job and making all of these strategic alliances. I thought I was a leader. I didn’t think the jury would ever see me as not a good player.
Holmes: And how did things like, pardon my bluntness, farting on other players or crawling toward your cousin play into America’s perception of you?
Edorsson: (Laughs) That’s just me. That’s 100% Kat. I took the experience and I went with it. I was never afraid to show who I really was. I love to laugh, and the best part about me is if you’re not laughing with me, you can laugh at me.
Holmes: I think it’s very cool that you own that. What’s the reaction been like from the fans?
Edorsson: I have a lot of love. OK…from the Kim fans I’ve received a little bit of negativity and some of the Troy fans. They’re really strategic players. People that have been watching the game for 12 years, they’re very into the strategic part of the game and they didn’t think that I was very strategic. They thought I was just being ridiculous and that hurt my feelings because I was very loyal to my alliance. I made those decisions like everybody else did in my alliance.

Holmes: What do you think the motivation was behind Troyzan’s “Do it” pep talk. Were you close enough that that meant something to you, or was he trying to make a statement?
Edorsson: That meant something to me. We had a very close bond. It’s funny because my closest bond in the game was with Kim and Troy. I have a great alliance with these women, but Kim and Troy both really believed in me. They were like a part of my family. And Troy really wanted me to win. He wanted to vote for me. I know he had great intentions behind it.

Holmes: What was your relationship like with Chelsea?
Edorsson: Chelsea was always picking on me. I think she was a little threatened by the relationship that I had with Kim. And every time it was me and Kim, I think Chelsea got a whiff of that. Kim said this was her final three (with Kat and Alicia), which was the truth. We made that alliance on day three. Inside our five I always had my three. Even when Alicia went to Manono, I still protected her.

Holmes: Was it weird listening to Kim say that she wanted to take you to the end because she thought you were the kind of person who’d blow the million dollars in a year?
Edorsson: Kim said that?
Holmes: Yes, to her sister.
Edorsson: I didn’t actually see that part. When I was watching it I was having a moment to myself.  I’m pretty sure I heard it, but I didn’t want to believe it. That really does affect me. It really hurts to hear things like that. If I don’t have anything else, I have common sense. That really just bothered me. I felt I was belittled when I’d watch Kim and Alicia say stuff like that and when Chelsea said I didn’t deserve to be in the final three.

Holmes: Alright, let’s do some word association. We’ll start with Sabrina.
Edorsson: Intelligent.
Holmes: Troyzan?
Edorsson: Incredible.
Holmes: Chelsea?
Edorsson: Ugh…there are things I want to say, but I’ll say “hero.”
Holmes: Tarzan?
Edorsson: Very strange.
Holmes: Really?
Edorsson: (Laughs) Yes.
Holmes: Christina?
Edorsson: What game are you playing? Clueless.
Holmes: Alicia?
Edorsson: I want to say “margarita!” Firecracker.
Holmes: Let’s finish with Kim.
Edorsson: Genius.

Holmes: Troyzan seemed to be staring holes through you guys from the jury stand. What was going on there?
Edorsson: (Laughs) He was so angry. He looked like he was going to kill Kim.
Holmes: And of course, Kim’s an old lady, right?
Edorsson: (Laughs) I feel so bad for calling her old! Actually, I called her an “old hag.”

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