‘Survivor: One World’ Power Rankings – Dawn Meehan’s Finale Encore

Dawn Meehan (CBS)

In honor of “Survivor: One World’s” men vs. women theme, XFINITY TV’s “Survivor” guy Gordon Holmes captained a team of “Survivor: South Pacific” guys against a team of “Survivor: South Pacific” gals.

In an odd twist, the Power Rankings imitated life and the women’s team ran away with the game. In fact, the men were mathematically eliminated with three weeks still left to go.

So, the executive “Survivor” Power Rankings committee decided that the Power Rankings should continue to imitate “Survivor,” and the women were forced to compete against each other until one sole Survivor was left standing…er…ranking.

That sole Survivor, with a perfect record of four wins and no losses, was Dawn Meehan.

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However, in one of the most controversial moments in Power Rankings history, the men pulled some strings and were allowed to randomly pull names from a “Survivor” Hall of Fame coffee mug on behalf of the women’s team. It was one of the few victories the men were able to achieve.

In an effort to right this wrong, the executive committee has offered the new champion the opportunity to ultimately defeat the coffee mug with one final rankings showdown.

We had a chance to speak with Dawn before the rankings took place…

Gordon Holmes: First of all, congratulations. How does it feel to be a Power Rankings champion along with such legendary names as Charlie Herschel, Tamara “Taj” George, Matthew “Sash” Lenahan” and Gordon “The Hurricane” Holmes”?
Dawn Meehan: I’m honored to be a Power Rankings Champion (great company). I can hardly wait for the annual luncheon!
Holmes: As you should be, it’s very luxurious. Now, you’ve had some harsh things to say about the “Survivor” Hall of Fame coffee mug in the past. Is it nice to finally get a chance to put it in its place?
Meehan: As for my attitude towards the mug … I’m not usually one to curse, but that hunk of ceramic makes me wanna swear like a sailor. What the $#%^ is up with that mug? I just hope the “Survivor” Gods are with me come Sunday night and I can put that guy back in his place (the cupboard).

The Rules: The two combatants will rank the players based on how they think they will finish the game.  (Well, Dawn will rank them, the coffee mug will just have names drawn at random.) Each correct placement is worth one point. The person with the most points will win.

Note: There is no weighting for the two finalists who don’t win. They are considered tied no matter how many jury votes they receive.

Got any advice for Dawn? Drop her a line on Twitter.

The ‘Survivor’ Hall of Fame mug still doesn’t have a Twitter account.

1. Kim’s in A League of Her Own this season. There’s no doubt in my mind: she’s taking home the million dollars. (And girl, you’ve earned it.)


Other Finalists: I love both Chelsea and Sabrina–and I think some members of the jury do, too. I just don’t think either one of them will earn enough votes to beat Kim.

4. I think Christina’s had an unbelievable run … but I don’t think she’s going to make Final 3. (She should be proud though—she definitely OUTLASTED her competition. Wow!)
5. Unless Alicia can win immunity, she’s definitely next to leave the game. Last week’s reward challenge confirmed it: Kim, Chelsea, and Sabrina are locked as a Final 3.

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