Nine Things You’re Guaranteed to Hear at San Diego Comic Con

It’s once again time for Hollywood’s heaviest hitters to descend upon the San Diego Convention Center in an attempt to win over the pale, sweaty masses. As a member (somewhat) of the entertainment media, I’ve been to quite a few of these fiascos. And while the franchises change, some things never do. So, for those of you who only ever experience this annual event on G4 from the comfort of your couch, here are nine things you’re guaranteed to hear at SDCC…

  1. “What makes this reboot different is…”
  2. “I hadn’t read the comic books before, but once I received the role I went out and bought every issue and now I love it.”
  3. “Sorry, we don’t have that in a XXXL.”
  4. “We thought about casting Nathan Fillion, but…”
  5. “Damn ‘Twilight’ fans are jamming up Hall H.”
  6. “I’m sorry, sir. Your comically large foam sword is blocking my view.”
  7. “You know that free piece of crap someone handed me at that booth? I’m trying to resell it for $50.”
  8. “What is this line for?”
  9. “We kept asking ourselves, how do we introduce this character to a new generation?”

Even More Whatnot…

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